Statement on the Passing of Fr. Norman Weslin, Founder of Lambs of Christ

Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue has been informed that long-time pro-life leader Fr. Norman Weslin passed from this life Wednesday evening. He was the founder of the Lambs of Christ, a group that engaged in peaceful civil disobedience at abortion clinics in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Fr. Weslin was arrested and was jailed dozens of times at abortion clinic sit-ins, also known as Rescues. He boldly placed himself between abortion-bound women and the abortionists’ doors while pleading for the lives of the pre-born. Many children were saved from abortion as the result of his sometimes controversial ministry.

“We mourn the passing of this great pro-life hero who lived sacrificially so others who he would never know could experience the gift of life. May God bless his eternal soul and richly reward him for his service,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation.

  • Anne

    Pray for us Father Weslin!

  • Rest Eternal, Fr. Weslin – you were a great warrior for the truth, and our loss is heaven’s gain.

  • Mary Adam

    As a one-time Lamb of Christ at Fargo, ND, (Eve, my jail name), I was very blessed to have known and served with Padre. He was so brave and never feared those who tried to put an end to his Mission to the unborn. God Bless you Father and let Perpetual Light shine upon you!