Spokane Planned Parenthood Workers Laugh as Suffering Woman Loaded into an Ambulance

UPDATE: 911 Computer Aided Dispatch Transcript indicates injured woman suffered abdominal pain and was transported.

Spokane Ambulance 01082015

By Cheryl Sullenger

Spokane, WA – While Planned Parenthood workers in Spokane stood nearby laughing, emergency responders loaded a patient into an awaiting ambulance and rushed her to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

The emergency took place at approximately 9:30 a.m. on January 7, 2015, which was known to be an abortion day at the Planned Parenthood office.

Mary Sorensen, who volunteers for Sidewalk Advocates for Life, told Operation Rescue that the Planned Parenthood workers deployed umbrella to prevent her from getting a good photograph of the incident.

“Astoundingly, they were laughing – laughing as they used those umbrellas to block our view,” said an incredulous Sorensen. “A woman is harmed, and they laugh?”

Nevertheless, Sorensen did get a photo of the ambulance near clear Planned Parenthood signage.

“All too many abortion patients have ended up on a slab in the morgue. We pray that this woman’s injuries were survivable and that somehow those responsible for her suffering will be brought to justice,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We appreciate Mary Sorensen’s quick thinking and action that provided documentation that is further proof that abortion in America is not safe and never has been. When women walk into a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, they run the very real risk of suffering a similar fate.”

This incident represents the first medical emergency at an abortion facility documented by Operation Rescue in 2015.

The patient’s status remains unknown.

The medical emergency at Planned Parenthood came as the City of Spokane was considering a new ordinance that will prevent pro-life sidewalk counselors from stepping into Planned Parenthood’s driveway to distribute literature to abortion-bound women. At a packed city council meeting on Monday night, the Council voted to enact the ordinance at the behest of Planned Parenthood and over the voiced opposition of pro-life activists.

“With the obvious dangers that await women at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, this ordinance only makes it harder for pro-life sidewalk counselors to inform women and offer them practical assistance. Unfortunately this means that women who might otherwise been helped will run the risk of ending up in the back of an ambulance or even on a slab in the morgue,” said Newman. “We urge the Spokane City Council to reconsider their decision and we encourage pro-lifers affected by this ordinance to sue to have it removed if they don’t.”

  • 40Helen60

    GOD will judge America for the murder of the innocent. Jesus said, these little ones see the face of GOD.. How can any woman even consider having a butcher take the very life of her unborn child? There needs to be thousands of women who have had abortions and survived,to come forward and go before their State Capital’s to tell their story . These men/women who have no conscience should see what a new born baby looks like after it’s been cut to pieces, butchered like a piece of meat, thrown in the garbage, etc; Those pictures should burn in their memories as long as they live. Thanks to Margaret Sanger, who said she wanted to kill all the Negro babies. *(Her words, not mine), over 60 million unborn, babies have been slaughtered. Women are dying everyday at the hands of butchers. These women’s deaths never get aired on TV in the news, or in the news papers. GOD will judge America for what she has done. Just like those who sacrificed their babies to Moloch in ancient times, by throwing those babies alive into fire.
    I don’t see any difference now and what happened back then. Don’t cry out for forgiveness when Almighty GOD cast these butchers into Hell. You will meet your just reward and there’s no coming back from the grave.

  • terrymengle

    This is a thoughtless move by the city council. They are not thinking of the lives lost. They are only thinking of how to make the murder easier for the murderers.

  • dze53

    This is sad news. Planned parenthood is the true offender in a real war on women. On multiple levels. The female babies, the mothers, the grandmothers. All victims of this holocaust. And then there are the male victims. Very sad.

  • Polly

    So, what able the freedom of information act, to get the City of Spokane to release info about who they transported, and the status of the injuries?

  • sez

    HIPAA rules would surely override FOIA requests for patient info. We should simply pray for everyone involved: that the patient recovers, and that the abortionists are enlightened and repent.

  • di from Oregon

    Insensitive as animals accept for maybe wolves who actually grieve when one of theirs is injured or dies.

  • di from Oregon


  • Nordog6561

    I would like to respond to your comment to me over at Mark Shea’s blog, but he’s blocked me from commenting.

    Apparently mocking Christians is okay, but mentioning that someone is mocking Christians is bad.

    Or something like that.

  • cranemaker

    How mean. That was very insensitive to jeer a helpless woman and her late son or daughter. The city counsel further compounds her suffering with an unconstitutional ordinance while PP escapes justice once more.

    Its time to sue that city!

  • ABOLISHabortionNOW

    ProLife Warriors do more than “simply pray.”

    Get the word out through all social media, wom, and get to your local 40Days for Life campaign, wear ProLife gear, leave ProLife brochures everywhere&anywhere possible, distribute these on corners, etc.!!