SOMETHING TO HIDE? Department of Emergency Communications Refuses to Release Public Information on Botched Abortion Call

Operation Rescue is considering a lawsuit to gain the information

Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue has received a censored copy of the 911 “CAD” transcript generated by an emergency call from Women?s Health Care Services on February 17, 2005. OR had requested the audio file of the 911 conversation as well but was denied by Emergency Communications director Diane Gage, citing that it contained ?confidential health information.?

The call to 911 Emergency Communications was made on February 17, 2005, at 10:54 AM by George Tiller, who was not on the scene at the abortion clinic at the time. Tiller requested an ambulance to transport a 30-year old female patient to Wesley Medical Center. Tiller reported that she was conscious and breathing, and that the evaluation to transport her was made by a “nurse or doctor.” “This is a transfer/interfacility case,” read the transcript.

Operation Rescue broke this story with eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence that another victim of a botched abortion at Tiller’s infamous late-term abortion mill had been rushed to the hospital.

A space with room for approximately six lines of text was redacted from the transcript. The information was removed, citing a rule that does not allow the release of “Medical, Psychiatric, psychological or alcoholism or drug dependency treatment records which pertain to identifiable patients.”

“The key words in that rule are ‘identifiable patients,'” said OR staff member Cheryl Sullenger, who made the request under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA). “The patient cannot be identified from this tape unless George Tiller mentioned her by name, which is highly unlikely given his extreme efforts to block the release of patient names to the attorney general in a child sex abuse investigation. And even if her name was mentioned, that information could be deleted and the rest of the audio file and written transcript produced without compromising the privacy of the patient. This is perfectly acceptable under the law.”

“We believe that Ms. Gage has most likely violated the laws of the State of Kansas by improperly citing KORA exemptions that clearly do not apply to these situations as we understand them,” said Sullenger. “This leads me to wonder what Ms. Gage has to hide, and why she would risk violating the law to protect George Tiller.”

Operation Rescue is considering options to obtain the censored material, including filing legal action.

View CAD Transcript of Tiller’s 911 call on 2/17/05

  • Mary B

    This man is a gutless money grubber who needs to be stopped from killing not only these children, but these women as well. How can anyone defend someone who is turning his quote “clinic” into a slaughter house not only for children, but now for women to and he protects rapist of little children that he performs abortions on?!
    What an upstanding citizen we have here–I hope your inteligent enough to see the sarcasm dripping from that last line.

  • someone who cares


    wake up.

  • ME

    OK if you guys want records of the abortion clinics on underage girls….what about pregnancy crisis center, and a better choice? They also swerve girls who are underage. So there for they should also be made to report these girls and families to the state as well, just because these girls go to a ANTI-CHOICE clinic doesnt mean they didnt ingage in a legal act….right?

  • Deann

    Dear ME,

    First of all it isn’t “us guys” that want anything. The attorney general of the state of Kansas is asking for medical records so he may investigate CHILD RAPE in underage girls. The identities of the rape victims will not be made public, but law enforcement requires the information in order to investigate serious crimes. The pro-life pregnancy help centers have a policy of reporting cases of suspected child abuse, so the attorney general already has that information. Sexual relations with a girl 15 or under is illegal in the state of Kansas, so if such a girl goes to Tiller’s for an abortion, that is proof that a crime has been committed. If the crime is swept under the rug, the perpetrators will only continue their abuse. It amazes me that the anti-life crowd is so zealous to protect sexual predators at the expense of the safety of underage girls. It is sick, especially when one considers that the identities of these crime victims will be protected by the attorney general better than by Tiller, who has had a policy for years of releasing the names of his abortion patients to political fundraisers. Abortionists just want to be above the law so that they can continue their dirty little killing business without interference — and to hell with whoever is hurt in the process.

  • jerry


    you are thoroughly unencumbered by the thought process, and a living example of someone who doesn’t want to be confused with facts.

  • wachet auf!


    Here are corrections of the errors in your post.

    engage, not “ingage”; doesn’t, not “doesnt”; and girls are served (not “swerved”) at crisis pregnancy centers far more than they are at death chambers. I’ve seen abortion staffers swerve their cars at prolifers to intimidate them; I’ve never seen prolifers swerve their cars except to avoid harming others… For evidence that abortion is 400% more dangerous to women than childbirth, please see

    Who said that crisis pregnancy centers should not be mandated reporters of suspected sexual abuse/ statutory rape? No one, other than you, in a desperate, cheap attempt to discredit such operations for (how dare they!) offering women in crisis a *ahem* CHOICE that is much less likely than abortion to kill their innocent child, or to injure, maim or kill them. However, you may go to for abundant evidence that the abortion industry is the sexual predators’ best ally.

    The real anti-choice “clinics” (real clinics are where you get broken health, cars, etc., fixed; abortion mills are where you get healthy women and children broken) are the death chambers you defend, since:

    a) Women don’t want abortions like they want ice cream cones or Porsches, but like entrapped animals “want” to chew off their limbs. A shortsighted, self-destructive act of desperation is a forced “choice,” not a free choice. The fact that women so very rarely get pregnant on purpose so that they can get abortions, should have been your first clue here. Instead, abortion is the lynch pin on which they fall back when betrayed by the false sense of immunity, (though pregnancy is not a disease, as some misanthropes like to claim), they get from using artificial birth control. (DUH….!!!)

    b) The babies get no choice.

    c) The more live people there are to exercise their volition (in ways other than murdering and maiming their fellow human beings), the more choices will be made! Living people are so much more actively volitional than dead ones…or hadn’t you noticed that?!…or do you care about REAL freedom of choice?

    d) Tiller, Planned Parenthood & allies have fought, tooth and nail, against informed consent laws in every state where such legislation has been sponsored, introduced, and debated. Why, unless it is to prevent women from making an informed (gasp!) choice?

    e) The man (!) most responsible for coining the proabort slogans, “pro-choice, freedom of choice, right to choose, reproductive freedom” (what a hoax, considering the vast numbers of women who cannot have children when they would choose to, due to abortion damages), etc., has long since admitted how cynical and false HE KNEW those slogans to be WHEN HE MADE THEM UP. The past 32 years of watching them destroy well over 50 millions lives (pre- and post-natal)have confirmed, not contradicted, his confession. It was never about a woman’s “right to choose,” but about granting legal sanction to a DOCTOR’S RIGHT TO KILL. You know, “doctors” like Mengele, Tiller, & cohorts.

    f) The abortion industry’s deathscorts, barbed wire, bubble zones, refusal to allow young mothers to see their babies (or lack thereof) on ultrasound, suppression of vital information on abortion risks, consent/liability release forms, etc., ad nauseam, are all tactics to intimidate their quarry, “clients,” into the choice that best serves their bank account and social agenda, rather than the best interests of the mother and child whose lives are at stake. They are all used to paint the facade and buttress the LIE that they are the “safety zone,” and prolifers are the “threat to women.” This despite the fact that thousands of pregnant women have been injured, maimed, incapacitated, and killed INSIDE of LEGAL abortion chambers, while fewer than 10 have been injured/harmed OUTSIDE of them over the past 32 years. Further information documenting and promoting a more balanced perspective on these matters is available at and, the Blackmun Wall. Interested parties who have not already done so may also order and read the book LIME 5.

    g.) The phrase, “a woman’s choice” is even more obviously false in view of the fact that of the billions of registered voters in the U.S. in 1973, exactly nine of them were permitted to vote on Roe v. Wade and it’s companion decision, Doe v. Bolton — and ALL of them were MEN!!!
    Any initiative to put the matter before the voting public would be fought tooth and nail by these so-called “champions of choice”.

    10.) Women who are not coerced into abortions by disappointed parents, irresponsible partners, etc., are often coerced/manipulated into them, physically and psychologically, by abortion profiteers. I have witnessed several women walking out of abortion chambers chased, intimidated, even physically manhandled and practially dragged back into the hellholes by “pro-choice” deathscorts, lest they make a (horrors!) CHOICE at variance with the abortionists’ financial interests and/or social-political agenda.

    I couldn’t help wondering, in my artless, casual way, whether or not you have ever spoken with any Chinese women about the “right to ‘reproductive choice.'”? They would, if asked, give you a perspective on that matter with which you are either unfamiliar, or callously indifferent, or both. No doubt it is an unpalatable and politically incorrect one, but a much more honest one than the one conveyed by prodeath propaganda.

    You might also gain a similar perspective talking with a friend of mine who, after having one child, was urged by her husband to abort a subsequent pregnancy. She told him, “It’s my body, my choice, our child, (though in this case, “it” proved to be twin boys) and the answer is NO.” She stuck by her guns, and none of them has ever regretted it since. Conversely, the vast majority of women who, swayed by similar rhetoric, have had their children killed, have heartily regretted having done so…but then, it is too late.

    And anyone who has been involved in this battle, with both eyes open, for any length of time has witnessed the macabre spectacle of the young women marching so confidently into the death mills spouting slogans like “my body my choice”…then watched as they come out after the abortion; staggering, limping, crying, bleeding, white as sheets, weak, vomiting…and listened as many of them tell you, “you don’t understand, I HAD to do it”. Doesn’t sound like so much a choice as a very grim echo, does it?

    In short, it has never been about a “woman’s right to choose”, but about the eugenicists’ “right” to impose their destructive, divisive, dangerous views, fatally, on innocent children and women in crisis, as well as society at large, with impunity. (the word “choose” is a transitive verb…but it’s uncanny how silent you proaborts fall when asked to state exactly WHAT it is that is “chosen”. Somehow, all this “autonomy, unlimited” become less appealing when it involves torturing innocent children,and others, to death, doesn’t it?)

    This is all I can think of for now; hope it helps!

  • w.a.

    to correct my own error in above post, “10” should read, “h”, and become “becomes”!