Sign of the Times: Planned Parenthood Permanently Shutters Office in Texas

By Cheryl Sullenger

Dickinson, TX – Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has permanently closed its clinic in Dickinson, Texas. While the facility did not offer abortions, it did refer women seeking abortions to their large surgical center in Houston.

A sign on the door of the shuttered Planned Parenthood office, photographed by a local activist last week, announced the closure and referred all clients to the Houston abortion center on Gulf Freeway.

That sign could be considered a sign of the times. This closure is one of nearly 20 closures of Planned Parenthood offices nationwide and continues the organization’s trend of downsizing facilities that either do not offer abortions or are not turning a profit. Decreased demand for Planned Parenthood services continues to be a driving factor in the closures.

“We are encouraged to see closures like this one in Texas and across the nation,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Any time a Planned Parenthood facility closes, it is great news for women and babies, who have one less business marketing abortions to them.”

Meanwhile, the Texas State Legislature continues to do its part to establish a Culture of Life in Texas that protects women and taxpayers from exploitation by the abortion industry.

Undaunted by the 2016 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned many women’s safety provisions previously enacted, the legislature continues to press forward with pro-life legislation.

So far, Texas has advanced bills that would require greater reporting of abortion complications, separates abortion coverage in insurance policies, and prohibits state and local government agencies from contracting with abortion businesses. Earlier this year, the Texas Legislature passed a bill that requires abortion facilities to bury or cremate the remains of aborted babies.

  • Let’s shutter even more by continuing to urge our Congressmen and Senators to fight to defund Planned Parenthood at every opportunity. If we stop the flow of taxpayer dollars, they will likely collapse from their own weight of ineptitude and poor service.

  • Brenda Sinclair


  • Momma Beth

    Thanks be to God!

  • dje3

    Let us think about this. IF this Planned Parenthood was only offering prophylaxis and female gynecological health care then it is a SHAME and an abuse that it was shut down.

    By law EVERY doctor and EVERY care clinic MUST refer to requested care facilities in every state. This means that your family doctor MUST refer you to an abortion facility where it is legal to have an abortion. This is regardless of anyone’s personal belief.

    To remove health care, preventative care, and prophylaxis from a service area is NOT acceptable nor is it rational or to be celebrated. It is actually a poor attitude to celebrate it at all!

    What this group has NOT suggested nor done that I can see is begin to find a way to OFFER ACCEPTABLE and RATIONAL services where they are needed. Getting rid of good services is NOT acceptable unless you help replace them.

  • Daniel Gurtner

    So you’re saying that people shouldn’t just throw out a bad apple but try to find and salvage the part of the apple that is still good?

  • CrossHugger

    Hard to get excited about. They will just build a bigger death mill elsewhere where we can not even get close to the moms and dads going in. Here in Minnesota, the private clinic abortion numbers have dropped but planned murderhood has gone up. They just recently got millions from a private donor to build another mega murder mill near the U of M campus. Convenient for those college kids. The government needs to get out of the business of writing them a check and paying for murder.

  • Andy Ruby

    Funding of Planned parenthood should be stopped immediately & those involved in the murder of babies in the womb should go to jail for life. How in the hell can the Congress & Senate fund murder? They should be thrown in jail also.

  • 2399molly

    Closing one office is not enough.planned Parenthood should not be given
    any of our tax dollars when they are making money off the sale of baby parts. I saw a special when a former employee said they are still selling parts through an agency no one knows about.

  • Glennfriend67

    Good riddance to bad garbage. I find it hilariously ironic that people selfishly celebrate the fact that abortion is legal, when in actuality it is even more dangerous now than it was when it was illegal. They refuse to allow health inspectors in our the basis that it’s an infringement on their right, so these “clinics” are filthy, unhygienic bug factories. You are in more danger of contracting a deadly infection in an abortion clinic than you are in a third world country. There is no law that I know of that forces doctors to offer abortion as an alternative, if it is against their beliefs. Thank the good Lord 95% of my doctors are devout Catholics, and the other 5% are devout Jews, and all are dead set against this selfish, disgusting, murderous option.

  • 72mitty72

    We are with you! Praise be to thee O Lord!

  • Abortion should NEVER have come about in the first place. The minds of those that had let it come about had to have been warped. And those that aborted those little ones were more than warped, they were money hungry and sick. Those were Gods precious babies, no matter if even out of wedlock, He had plans for everyone one of them. God has told men and women to keep their pants on until marriage and they didn’t, so thousands upon thousands of babies were murdered. One day many are going to pay for this horrible sin.

  • This is correct! I wish they had shown pictures like this and other ones to the public to let them see the minds of murderers…for money and greed.

  • George Rowe

    That Planned Parenthood gets anything from taxpayers either directly or indirectly from other tax supported organizations is a TRAVESTY and in my mind criminal.
    Planned Parenthood is NOT about parenting or parenthood.
    PP is about ABORTION which is HOMICIDE. Question is: when is it MURDER?
    For those who do not want children here are two options.
    Abstinence and sterilization, they both work.

  • John Trenter

    Hallelujah! If these so-called “medical clinics” were truly inspected and monitored, there would be none left. We then would not need defunding, but the demand for defunding is a moral necessity Biblically and morally for this nation!

  • Bobbie Jo Emmons

    Amen Andy!

  • Bobbie Jo Emmons

    Sphincter says WHAT?

  • Deplorable Lanie

    If Planned Parenthood were actually what they say they are, I would not have an issue, but we all know it is a big abortion factory!

  • Susan

    Yes, and MY baby died in miscarriage at 9 weeks gestation. Even THEN you could see that it was a PERSON.

  • Susan

    Even then, I don’t see how we need Planned Parenthood. We could all go to doctors who can oversee the safety of family planning on a more personal one on one basis.

  • Susan


  • ADRoberts

    This is in line with what Planned Parenthood is really about. Where they DON’T do abortions, they will not stay open. Abortions are all they are REALLY about.

  • Len Beckman

  • Rand Foreman


  • Robert Green

    Recently, there was a woman and man who regreted their decision to abort their child. They stated in the news that they regretted their decision. They have to live with that on their conscience for the reest of their lives. How many of thse who mad that decision also felt the same after their decision?

    The only time that I can feel the need to abort is when the mother’s life is endangered; the woman was raped and did not want to carry that child through to its birth.

    Outside of that I find it difficult to accept any woman to make a choice to end a baby’s life in that manner. If she or the man choose to have unprotected sex, then they need to take responsibility for their actions.
    Yes, there may be other circomstanes that may justify an abortion, but those cases have to be looked at on an individual basis.

    There are those who support abortion due to the claim that we have over seven billion people worldwide and that there may not be sufficient crops to care for so many. When the Illuminati states that we have too many people on this Earth and it needs to be reduced by 6 billion; who are they to dictate who and how such numbers need to be reduced by any means available. And some of them are very religious to bood! If you are religious, how can you accept that kind of thinking?

    Lastly, how can one who believes in the 10 Commandments and not consider the one that says “Thou Shalt not Kill”?

  • So sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’m so sorry about your little one. I know it has to hurt terribly. I never lost a baby, but did lose my first born to a motorcycle accident. Here is some hope for you and that baby…your going to see the little one again and be able to raise it during the 0ne thousands years of peace that’s mentioned in the bible. Are you able to have more children? I hope so, as I feel you will be a great mother.

  • Susan

    GRIN. That was nice, thank you. The miscarried baby was actually my 10th child. My previous 9 were normal, healthy pregnancies. They range in ages of 11-24. The miscarriage was 10 years ago this summer.

  • I sure am glad all the others were okay. It was the 11th year this August our son got killed on the motorcycle. We have two daughters, grandkids and great grandkids. And as I told you, I know we will see our son again as you will the baby.

  • Susan

    I pray that the DESIRE for abortion is ended. And WE can truly have a hand in that, by raising up Godly children and grandchildren, little friends and wee neighbors. When children feel the love flowing from YOU to THEM, they grow up HAPPY. Even through tough times, they will remember your love for them. And Happy Children become Happy Adults. Happy Adults can see that LIFE is a beautiful thing and will NOT wish to destroy it.
    Let’s get to work! Give a child a hug or smile or an I LOVE YOU today.