Victim of Jan. 13 botched abortion died.
OR says Gov. Sebelius is to blame and calls for the suspension of Tiller’s license.


Wichita, KS — Operation Rescue received information from two independent sources that a patient of abortionist George Tiller has died. The woman was transported by ambulance from the abortion clinic owned by late-term abortionist George Tiller to Wesley Medical Center on January 13. Operation Rescue broke the story immediately with pictures and video (see link). Operation Rescue has worked with both of the anonymous sources before and found them to be reliable and credible.

According to one insider, Tiller’s patient arrived at the hospital with “severe hemorrhaging” and died “a few days later” from undetermined causes but the source said, “are very likely to be the result of a botched abortion.” According to 911 transcripts, the ambulance was requested by Tiller office worker Marguerite Reed, who according to 911 dispatch records was being “very evasive” and “refused to give any information about the patient.” The ambulance sped to Wesley Hospital, with sirens and lights.

Operation Rescue staffers at the scene witnessed both the arrival of the ambulance and abortionist George Tiller at Wesley Hospital. The eyewitnesses said it was obvious “something was desperately wrong because of the grim and worried demeanor of the EMTs working frantically to save the woman’s life.”

One key inside source said the woman arrived in “bad shape” and was “horrified at her condition.”

This is the fourth documented ambulance run from Tillers abortion mill to Wesley Hospital in the last 13 months. (June 04, Sept. 04, Jan. 05)

“I question the judgment of Governor Sebelius in vetoing the clinic regulation act. That statue could very well have prevented this needless and tragic death. Our prayer of concern and sympathy go out to the family and loved ones for the untimely death of mother and child.” -Troy Newman, president, Operation Rescue

“We call upon the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, which is overseen by the Governor’s office, to quickly investigate this tragic and needless death, and, in the interest of public safety, to suspend the medical license of George Tiller until a full investigation is complete.” -Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue Outreach Coordinator


  • Della

    I was re-reading and noted that this is a very hot topic. It seems to me that each person has their own view of what God is teaching on this. If we look into the Old Testement, we will find many instances of MURDER!!! Isn’t it odd that it’s ok to kill for God, Church or because of some rantings of a leader, but not ok BY GOD’S OWM LAW? What can we say about that?
    I would that each person think about the lives that are already here. This site seems to be so concerned about the “unborn” yet I see no refrence to helping the poor and starving children on the Earth. Those children are not just Spirits yet to be born, but ALIVE! NOW!!! I know of a young(mid-20’s) woman that has some severe medical disablilities. However, because she is a “good” Catholic, is trying to raise 4 young children WITHOUT the help of their fathers because of the father’s abuse to her. It is women like these that you should be helping! She has followed the scantinty of life values that you espouse, yet you, by defult, penalize her by giving your time and effort to be involved in a decision that IS NOT YOURS TO MAKE!!
    Please! By now, we all know how the Church stands on this topic. We do not need more condemnation, but more love for the living among us, be they post-abortive or not!
    My prayers to all!

  • Deann

    Can I just say that the last two posts have stimulated my gag reflex? Under the guise of being “loving” these idiots are advocating dismembering innocent children in the womb most of whom can feel pain. Please. (Yes, real children — not spirits. BTW, in my opinion that was just a lame attempt to justify murder and assuage a guilty conscience.) Can’t afford a child? There are more pregnancy care centers than abortion mills that can help you with that. In an abusive reelationship? Get out of it. There are groups and courts that can help you with that, too. Murder can never be an option for solving problems, no matter how much you try to sugar coat it.

  • Ben

    I wonder that if those supporters and worshippers of Molech and current infanticide practices had been alive during the days of Thalidimide, would still be worshipping at the alter of the Wichita, KS (aka, American Auschwitz), and Dr Teller (Mengele), and the money he provides to the politicians of Kansas.
    I can afford to take a side and speak against Thie practices of the money mills. I suvived an abortion and I witnessed the hell my mother went through for nearly 50 years out of pure guilt over the taking of my twin brother.

  • bayareamichele

    This poor girl with down syndrome was murdered and so was her baby. And you people argue that she “may not have died”. What if this was your sister, daughter,cousin, aunt, mother, friend???? Would you still argue this? Maybe this abortionist will not be punished on earth, but we all must face God on judgement day. I am not a bible thumper but murdering innocent people is WRONG!!!!