She Walked into Planned Parenthood Yesterday, but She Didn’t Walk Out

By Cheryl Sullenger

Annapolis, MD – She walked into a Planned Parenthood abortion facility yesterday morning, but she didn’t walk out.

An ambulance was called on the morning of Tuesday, October 4, 2016, for a hemorrhaging patient at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Annapolis, Maryland.

Local pro-life activist Pamela Palumbo provided Operation Rescue with photos and video within minutes of the incident that showed female patient being removed from the abortion facility on a gurney. She was then transported to a nearby hospital.

A radio traffic recording made by Anne Arundel County Police, Fire and EMS was immediately obtained by Operation Rescue.

The recording revealed that units, including an ambulance, were dispatched to Planned Parenthood, located in the Mason Building on West Street in Annapolis at about 11:08 a.m. in response to a hemorrhage.

This is the second documented medical emergency at the Annapolis Planned Parenthood this year. Another woman was transported to the hospital on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. The injuries suffered by that patient are unknown due to heavily redacted 911 records.

On February 19, 2013, the Annapolis Planned Parenthood failed its initial licensing inspection after an inspector documented improper sterilization of surgical instruments in a leaky sterilization machine. The facility was granted a license anyway.

Inspectors did not return to Planned Parenthood for nearly 2½ years. In July, 2015, the facility was found by some stroke of luck to be in compliance with Surgical Abortion Facility requirements.

“I have seen so many pictures of ambulances at abortion clinics that I lost track long ago,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It is time for regulators to take their jobs more seriously and protect the public from being injured, maimed, and even killed at American abortion facilities, as we have seen happen all too often. Right now, women are fodder for exploitation and harm by unscrupulous, profit-centered abortion businesses. Enough is enough!”


  • HotinSC

    When will women learn these people don’t care about them, all they care about is the money they can make off of their dead children.

  • Franie

    When will these women understand that taking a life, yes, a fetus is a life, they are committing a very grievous mortal sin not looked upon by the Lord God as redeemable to eternal life? When will these women stand up and deal with the consequences of illicit behavior? When will these women understand and learn to say ‘NO’? When will these women wake up and learn to acquire a different mindset when they find themselves pregnant?

    I had my child at 43 years of age, and regret that I didn’t have a bakers dozen by that age!! Motherhood is a beautiful experience, learn to embrace it!!!

  • George Dimele

    And Killary Clinton supports this…at taxpayers expense!

  • Ginette Z Cohen

    Hillary is responsible for letting those abortion clinics open. She does not care about women and let them decide for their unborn child. At this moment of their life, they need help before putting their lives in the hands of charlatans doing business procedures and not healthcare. A new leader is needed to create a women health center to help them make this ultimate decision and eventually takes care of this issue properly. Women need more education in this domain. The pill of the next day of copulation should be free and available for them. The healthcare system is failing our needs.. It needs a complete revision by our new President Trump. A lack of education, self esteem, and too much laxity are killing our profound values. For the difficult problem of Abortion, there is not a NO definitive. It is a Yes for the mother’s life or a child’s to be taken in a complete consideration without any interference from our political or Judicial system. It is a problem of Care and Love for women and unborn child.

  • Suzu M

    When will people realize that Life is Precious-THEIR Life and their CHILD’S Life. It is not that hard to understand that something is fishy when an organization or person encourages you in snuffing out a child’s LIFE. Red Flag right there. I rememeber, back in the 80’s, the name ‘Planned Parenthood’ was a SHAMEFUL thing to say, to speak out loud. It was synonymous with Teen Sex,(encouraging it, normalizing it, and teaching them how to hide it) deceit, and interference with parental rights.(helping teens sneak behind their parents’ backs) I was a Teen then and even I could understand that.
    Planned Parenthood is a dirty word and a dirty organization which, unfortunately, has grown exponentially. And the only reason it has grown is because these elite, anti-God social leaders, have had control of government schools and can teach and influence the masses.
    But-God Reigns…and we shall eventually see how He deals with this.

  • madgrandma

    they murder and risk their lives…. this is idiotic…

  • Shira Levin

    Ginette, there are pro life health care clinics throughout the United States. In actuality there are 20 women’s health care clinics that offer all healthcare services, not including abortion, for every one Planned Parenthood clinics.

  • godofhellfire1

    Oh! but Hillary is all for the children. As long as they can grow up to be good democrats.

  • Robert Pekarik

    A a former fetus I oppose abortion!!!

  • Marie Steve

    Abortion like all other sins are forgiven by God, If They are truly sorry, n Repent of their abortion, There is No SIN That God Can’t Forgive, God is All Merciful, But We Have To Repent, n Seek God’s Forgiveness, He Will Forgive!

  • Zoli Nemeth

    HotinSC, There’s more to it than money in my humble opinion. It’s population control too. Call it progressive social-engineering. What PP is doing is also genocide. The liberal b**ch who founded PP had openly advocated to control black population this way. Black babies are being aborted/murdered in disproportionately high numbers. I guess innocent black lives don’t matter to our radicals. Only criminal black lives matter? Regardless, any baby aborted for convenience is murder for hire. The fact that much of it is done on taxpayer dollars is a national disgrace.

  • j anime ramen

    When you do evil you get what you get

  • Well, all of this is on the heads of the patient and the facility. They are murdering children and don’t care. God cares and if nothing changes, their day is coming.

  • El

    Marie Steve……… Well said…..Thank-you and God bless.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Most of these women , not all, but, most, will suffer one day for doing this, the day will come will Yahweh will remove the scales from their eyes and when He does, they will grieve deeply for the child they killed. Those who engage in murdering their own babies believe the deceivers , until , Yahweh reveals the truth. Believe it or not, Yahweh will comfort them in their grief and horror, He reveals the truth to us so that we might live, not to destroy us.

  • Dora Collier

    Abortionists are monsters.. If they could they would let you bleed to death.

  • Karin Isbell


  • Karin Isbell

    Yes, He will!

  • Georgia Girl

    Exactly! I thought doctors took an oath to do no harm. Abortion is definitely harm to the baby and sometimes the mother. A mother’s womb should be the safest place for a baby….but nowadays it can be the most dangerous. So sad.

  • hpinnc

    If you could have supported & cared for them, well & good, but if you would have had taxpayer funds to help take care of them, then it is good you didn’t have them. There are getting too many ppl. in the world.

  • hpinnc

    If I were a woman, under no circumstances I believe could I abort my own flesh & blood. I know of one that did, & she has suffered for it.

  • jd1958

    You make them. We’ll scrape them!! Planned Parenthood motto!

  • jd1958

    I know the baby is in heaven…..wonder where the mother is now?

  • ADRoberts

    Fact. The lives of the baby are not important to any of these people.
    The lives of the women are not important to any of these people.
    So what is important? MONEY.
    And when a woman places her life in the hands of these greedy people, they can expect to be in serious trouble.

  • Darren Exendine

    It will change when Life and Morality is a greater HONOR than Money! This scourge is here because of monetary greed and sold as freedom to the selfish and conceptually challenged that put their own desires above personal responsibility. That goes for both the male and female involved. And sadly the parents at times too!

  • shirley doughty

    I can admit freely that back in the 60’s before it was legal, that after having a wreck, the doctor’s wanted to abort my baby telling me it was dead, and if it wasn’t dead it would be deformed or retarded because of the wreck. I refused to let them take the baby. I said if God caused a miscarriage, I’d accept that but no one was taking the baby from me. I lived for 4 1/2 months wondering if he was alive or not and if he was , would he be ok. He was a beautiful baby and was very quick to walk, climb etc. He was dyslexic but nothing else. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I had allowed them to take him. I just couldn’t.

  • Twisted Psyche

    This is what kills me: RvW SEZ their decision rests on the “fact” that they have no way of determining whether the embryo is human or not.

    I graduated from University High School in 1969. To obtain that graduation, I was REQUIRED to an enduring, and quite BORING, course in biology. Yeah, I slept through most of it. But, for some odd reason, I got a passing grade. But something stuck in my mind that stays massive in my brain to this day: what breeds on is what passes on.

    We who read this ARE humans. Those who DO read this also understand Basic Biology, which states that when two humans unite in a sexual union, a THIRD PERSON may be derived from such a union.

    Roe V Wade DISAVOWS such a person!!!!

    If a Person becomes viable and grows to maturity, a maturity who becomes a VOTER, I SINCERELY hope that voter becomes a PROLIVE VOTER. if for no other reason than that person was SAVED by a ProLife Vote!!!!

    Do you owe me your life? Yes, you do! Do you wish to pay me back FOR your life? That question is YOURS to answer. But, if you choose to vote payback for YOUR LIFE, vote Donald J Trump,

    Clinton would have extinguished your life. You OWE me, and I wish to collect. Vote for TRUMP and you will never owe me again.

  • Twisted Psyche

    Georgia Girl sez “A mother’s womb should be the safest place for a baby….but nowadays it can be the most dangerous. So sad.A mother’s womb should be the safest place for a baby….but nowadays it can be the most dangerous. So sad.

    I saw your post on global scan and ALMOST dismissed it. But then, I read it.

    What STICKS in my craw is what you said about a mother’s womb. You say it should be the safest place for a baby, and you contradict yourself by saying it is the most dangerous.

    It is the safest because the Womb is designed by Our Lord Jesus. It is the most DANGEROUS because it has been declared WARFARE from Satan Himself!!!!

  • Doesn’t abortionist Thy Nguyen work there too?

  • John Wirts

    Not only dead children, but body parts haevested from living aborted children! If they were not abortionists they would be charged with assault and battery on the mother. They would also be charged with assault and battery and murder on the CHILD!!!!

  • Sue Long

    I’m confused – you sound like you’re saying the same thing as Georgia Girl but yet rebuking her at the same time. She didn’t contradict herself. She said it SHOULD be the safest place but CAN be the most dangerous. She’s absolutely right. And so are you…you agree…not sure why you think otherwise.

  • Twisted Psyche

    I misread her post. My sincerest apologies to both of you.

  • The Northwesterner

    If she’s still alive, probably regretting what she did after the fact (and especially after she ended up in hospital due to the botched procedure).