Seven Years Ago: Guilty Abortionist Incarcerated In Abortion Death

A article posted yesterday reminded us of the seventh anniversary of the sentencing of abortionist Bruce Steir for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Sharon Hamptlon, who bled out after a botched abortion at a Moreno Valley, California, abortion mill in 1996. (Read shocking details of Hamptlon’s death.) Steir received a year in the county jail and 6 months probation. He was forced to surrender his medical license in 1997.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman visited the unremorseful Steir during his incarceration at the San Bernardino County Jail in California in an attempt to share the Gospel and urge repentance, but Steir was belligerent and closed to the message of forgiveness and regeneration through Christ.

His pro-abort supporters attempted to portray Steir as a martyr and complained that charges against him were a “frame-up.” Later, they expressed “devastation” at his conviction and incarceration, but very little in the way of remorse for the death of a young mother who died in front of her 3-year old son.

“Their attitude dramatically illustrated the abortion cartel’s callous disregard for the welfare of women,” said Cheryl Sullenger, spokesperson of Operation Rescue. “These people were willing to sacrifice the lives of women to insure that abortionists kept aborting and abortion mills remained open. Unfortunately, that general attitude persists today.”

But pro-life supporters, especially the activists who protested outside the abortion mills where Steir worked, were relieved that for once a small measure of justice had been served, and that a dangerous man was off the streets.

Today, Steir is 75 and can never again obtain a medical license. The abortion clinic where he fatally injured Hamptlon is closed. Meanwhile, Operation Rescue continues to work to expose abortionists, and see to it that abortion clinics, the sites of so much human suffering, are closed for good.

“For evildoers shall be cut off; but those who wait on the LORD, they shall inherit the earth. For yet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; indeed, you will look carefully for his place, but it shall be no more. But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”
—Psalm 37:9-11

  • The most telling thing is that the prochoice sympathies weren’t for Sharon, or her mother and father, or her three year old son who clutched his mother as she bled to death. It’s all for Steir. Whose name, incidentally and very aptly, rhymes with “fear”.

  • Steven

    I also saw a news clip today that Dr Kevorkian, aka “Dr Death” may be released soon.

  • Lori Vance, lpn.

    I think it shows the pro-aborts real colors. Thier loyalty is not for women, especially the one whose life was lost here. They side with the “poor” abortionist who sits in jail for his “cause” like some sort of folk hero. Where is the outrage of Feldt, Alred, and Michaelman? This woman died!

  • sarah

    she was five months pregnant when she had her abortion. she also dragged her little son to the clinic with her. what kind of woman does that? women need to realize as desperate as they may feel they already made poor choices that got them in this particular situation to begin with and more poor choices may possibly KILL them. they need to be made aware of that.

  • life lynx

    And yet these are the folks who have pro-abortion women proudly and falsely proclaiming, “I am the master of my fate”… Tell that to Christi Stiles, who underwent a “safe, legal abortion” at age 18, went into a coma, and suffered brain damage so severe that she will require constant care for the rest of her life. She has been in what is called a “permanant vegetative state” since her abortion, and her doctors don’t see any chance of her recovery or even improvement. Tell it to her parents.
    Do masters of their own fate have unintended pregnancies? Do masters of their own fate get raped? Do masters of their own fate get injured, traumatized for life, or killed by their decisions to place their lives in the hands of others who may not have their best interests at heart so much as what gratification or material gain they can exploit them for? To these proud proclamations, we humbly, and much more realistically, answer, “You choose certain actions but you cannot control all the consequences of them. Therefore, you are not the master of your own fate.”

    As I write this, I can smell the smoke of the brush/forest fires currently devastating the state of Florida. I’m told that the main cause of these fires is the severe draught that state is experiencing. It is so severe that you cannot even park your car on the grass for more than a minute here, due to the likelihood that the grass will spontaneously combust, the fire will reach the gas tank of the vehicle very quickly, and the car will blow up.

    I cannot help recalling another execution of the innocent in Florida not too long ago, in addition to the thousands of innocent little boys and girls killed there by “safe, legal” induced abortion; an innocent, brain damaged woman, in a condition similar to Christi Stiles, was brutally starved to death while most Floridians either did nothing at all or, worse, cheered the killers on. The Pinellas Park Police were the worst: in shifts, they took turns standing within 100 feet of this murder in progress for the express purpose of arresting anyone who tried to intervene on Terri’s behalf; a couple of them even colluded several days after her death to arrest a woman who had the temerity to call a spade a spade. After about 12 days, Terri Schiavo succumbed to the unjust, premature and tortuous death her husband and his fellow pro-death/ scientologist cronies in higher places desired for her AND FOR MANY OTHERS WHO DO NOT FIT THEIR DEFINITION OF “LIFE WORTHY OF LIFE”. I distinctly recall someone asking me whether or not I thought God would judge the state of Florida for the bloodbath unleashed upon the handicapped, elderly, and unable to plead for themselves through Terri’s murder. I remember saying that He certainly had been given provocation to do so and that, while I certainly could not speak for Him, a draught would seem the most poetic justice for that outrage. So it seems that, as Florida dehydrated Terri, God is dehydrating Florida. Now, let’s see, does that make Floridians the masters of their own fates?

    Feldt, Allred, Michaelman, et al care no more for women than do the “wham, bam thank you ma’am” self-centered, irresponsible, predatory males who impregnate women and then coerce into abortion mills, or the “wham, bam thank you ma’am” self-centered, predatory, irresponsible abortionists who kill the children and send so many of their mothers to early graves. Another point of “pro-choice” hypocrisy: We have actually heard fathers of children about to be tortured to death in abortion chambers state that they cannot tell a woman what to do with her own body, but we seriously doubt whether any of these guys had that difficulty just before the child scheduled for execution was conceived. The only reason any anti-lifer objects to a pro-lifer pleading with a woman not to kill the body of the child she is carrying is that they want to reserve that prerogative for themselves, and that to serve their own selfish ends, not for the woman’s welfare or best interests any more than those of the child.

    We’ve heard former abortion mill workers state that they really thought that they were helping women while they were working in the killing cartel and they may have really thought this, or they may have just told themselves that to salve uneasy consciences.

    But the reality is that legalized abortion was never about a “woman’s right to choose”; it was, and still is, about the state arrogating to itself to decide, in collusion with the medical profession, who lives and who dies, based on a demonstrably phony “quality of life” search and destroy mission. Anyone remember Auschwitz? It was conceived and maintained by the exact same ideology & agenda. The main players in Terri Schiavo’s death did not give a rip about her quality of life, or else she would have been given the social contact and other therapy denied her for the 15 years preceding her death. Likewise, the proabortion “quality of life” argument is a lie; we cannot know how the quality of life for many may be enhanced if we stop that killing until we do; we do know, however, several things: everyone who ever made a major life-improving discovery, from electricity to indoor plumbing (yes, prolifers know all about that, contrary to the media stereotypes of us!) to sliced bread, started out as an unborn child; none of these discoveries was made while the genius was still in the womb and lastly, killing people never improves their quality of life. You’d think that would be obvious; but the geniuses who came up with the “life unworthy of life” idea really sold all humanity down south with that quality vs. sanctity of life mess of pottage. The reality is better represented by a tree, of which sanctity of life is the root and quality of life is the fruit. Just ask any honest Auschwitz survivor…or, for that matter, any honest, thinking human being.

  • Sandra

    Thank you, life lynx, for expressing with such eloquence and passion what we who revere God-given life believe.

    How can it be that 4,000 innocent babies are destroyed every day, under cover of law and in the name of “choice”, in this “land of the free and home of the brave.”

    Let us continue to work and to pray to end the horror.

  • jtmcnutt

    Life lynx,

    Thanks for giving the lie to the “master of my own fate” myth.

    I ran across a poem last night that says the same thing another way. It goes like this:

    Once on a time a paper kite
    Was mounted to a wondrous height,
    Where, giddy with its elevation,
    It thus expressed self-admiration:
    ”See how yon crowds of gazing people
    Admire my flight above the steeple;
    How they would wonder if they knew
    All that a kite like me can do?

    Were I but free, I’d take a flight,
    And pierce the clouds beyond their sight.
    “But, ah! Like a poor pris’ner bound,
    My string confines me near the ground:
    I’d brave the eagle’s tow’ring wing,
    Might I but fly without a string.”
    It tugged and pulled, while thus it spoke
    To break the string; at last it broke.

    Deprived at once of all its stay,
    In vain it tried to soar away;
    Unable its own weight to bear,
    It fluttered downward through the air;
    Unable its own course to guide,
    The winds soon plunged it in the tide.
    Ah! foolish kite; thou hadst no wing;
    How couldst thou fly without a string?

    My heart replied, “O Lord, I see
    how much this kite resembles me!

    Forgetful that by thee I stand,
    Impatient of thy ruling hand;
    “How oft I’ve wished to break the lines
    Thy wisdom for my lot assigns?
    How oft indulged a vain desire
    For something more or something higher.
    And but for grace or love divine,
    A fall thus dreadful had been mine.”

    The title of the poem is “The Kite, or the Fall of Pride” and it was written by that notorious brutal trafficker in human flesh known as slavery, John Newton. He wrote lots of other poems, the best known of which is the hymn, “Amazing Grace”.