Seven Planned Parenthood Facilities Permanently Close Today

By Cheryl Sullenger

Washington, DC – Seven Planned Parenthood facilities, six of which conducted medication abortions, are set to permanently close today in three states.

Planned Parenthood officials noted that the closures were primarily an attempt to remain solvent amid fears that Medicaid reimbursements would be halted by Congress.

“It isn’t very often we see seven Planned Parenthood facilities close in one day. This may have set some kind of record. It is great news for women and their babies who will no longer be preyed upon for profit by Planned Parenthood in these communities,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Many Planned Parenthood facilities survive only on on government funding. There are so many other reputable providers of legitimate healthcare for women out there. Even if every Planned Parenthood was shut down, no one would have to due without proper medical care. We should not be funding Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars.”

Medication abortion facilities that are closing as of June 30, 2017, include:

Atlantic City Planned Parenthood, Atlantic City, New Jersey. (Cited “security” reasons for closure.)
Burlington Health Center, Burlington, Iowa. (Financial reasons.)
Sioux City Center Planned Parenthood, Sioux City, Iowa. (Financial reasons.)
Central Richmond Health Center, Richmond, CA. (Financial reasons.)
Vacaville Health Center Planned Parenthood, Vacaville, CA. (Financial reasons.)
Pittsburg Health Center, Pittsburg, CA. (Financial reasons.)

Keokuk Health Center Planned Parenthood, in Keokuk, Iowa, a center that referred for abortions, will also permanently close on June 30.

Another Iowa medication abortion facility, Quad Cities Center Planned Parenthood in Bettendorf, is set to close once the building sells.

The closures continue a national trend of abortion facility closures that appears to have intensified since the election of President Donald Trump.

In order to prevent Planned Parenthood from expanding once again, please contact your Senators today and urge them to completely defund Planned Parenthood in the upcoming legislation to repeal and replace of Obamacare, which is expected to come up for a vote after the Independence Day break.

Contact Senators.

  • PMurphy


  • Momma Beth

    Praise the Lord!
    It sounds like women and babies in Iowa will be safer now

  • Terry

    I have to notice the reasons they say they are closing . Financial and security , to make it sound as thou conservatives are creating violence at there death shops and Mean old Trump and the Republicans hate women and are racist . As we all know this is will be all liberal BS . But it will more than likely be all over lamstream media . But were heading in the right direction very good news .

  • Bernie Lounds

    Close them all.

  • Suzanne Marienau

    Praise the Lord!

  • v burgard

    Perhaps now that the murder mills are closing we can press harder for defunding! If they aren’t around then they don’t need $$$

  • chvietvet

    Our past presidents and their administrations have taxed huge amounts of money from the middle class and used it to murder many millions of people. Planned Parenthood has murdered about 61,000,000 Americans, who were about to be born and left their mothers with these murders on their consciences for the rest of their lives. Hitler’s government murdered “only” about 12,000,000 in his concentration camps, so we have killed five times as many. Our killers have targeted blacks and poor whites to lower the influence of poor people on future elections. They do not stop at babies. The U.S. Department of Labor has seen to it that hundreds of thousands of American war veterans were discriminated against for every decent job they ever applied for in order to force them into the Veterans’ Administration system to get medical care. Many vets perished from cold and hunger on the streets, while the VA finished off about 300,000 in its medical facilities. Those responsible for murdering the veterans received large “merit bonuses” out of the VA budget with the approval of Congress. Only the Communists have murdered more people than our government has, or maybe if we look at the political beliefs of the Americans running our universities, judicial system, and media, we will find that they are identical with those of the Communists who ran the defunct Soviet Union, China, and their colonies for so many years.

  • ADRoberts

    This is a war between the forces of good and evil. And the victims of the war are babies. The evil side wants nothing more than money and lots of it. They believe that killing babies will be good for the environment, for the economy (theirs especially) and for the liberal agenda.
    God help us. Each person killed was known by God. Each one could have been a contributor to civilization. And they were killed for convenience of wicked women, who have lost their ability to love.

  • oglet

    Praise God for saving the innocent lives of babies not aborted! Heartfelt thanks to Operation Rescue for their tireless efforts to save the unborn. May the Lord draw those in need to the true value of human life.

  • Kathe Camp

    Thank you God for closing these butcher shops. We need all of them closed in our country.

  • Alea Iacta Est

    Planned Murderhood

  • Thank you Jesus – SAVE da BABIES!
    Americans are having fewer babies
    U.S. birthrates hit record lows
    Germany did this and is now a fully Islamic nation.
    Is that what you NORMAL MARRIED couples want?
    Married women … GET PREGNANT .. for America! MAGA PG!

    Have you any womb for me?

  • Arthur L. Overbey

    Amen. I was shocked that we were also funding being done in other countries funded by USA. tax payers. What are we nuts. God help us.

  • Norma Ross

    Close them all. Tax payers should not have to pay for killing babies

  • Red47 Jesus in a Che Shirt

    Wait what? They are closing in anticipation of an event? This isn’t how businesses are run. I wonder if this is some lame attempt at activism using their decision to close these facilities for other business reasons.