Second Head Rolls In Kansas Corruption Scandal As Director Of Medical Board Resigns

Wichita, KS – The Executive Director of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, Larry Buening, resigned today amid increasing calls for his ouster. Buening tendered his resignation, effective July 1, at a special meeting of the Board that was called to address concerns of ineptitude in handling high profile cases. The Board has been rated as one of the worst in the nation for handling patient complaints.

KSBHA foot-dragging first came to light when Operation Rescue accused the Board of covering up for criminal conduct by late-term abortionist George Tiller in the third-trimester abortion death of Christin Gilbert.

Buening was questioned extensively by a joint legislative committee last fall for failing to enforce the Board’s own guidelines when it came to Tiller. He came under further scrutiny when it became public that the Board refused to act for four years to discipline the owner of a “pill mill” in Wichita, which was accused of misprescribing medication that resulted in over 50 deaths.

“As the people of Kansas become more aware of corrupt abortion politics, heads are beginning to roll. First, we had the resignation of former Attorney General Paul Morrison, who was exposed for attempting to use an illicit sexual relationship to illegally influence criminal cases against Tiller and Planned Parenthood. Now we have Buening’s resignation, who, more than anyone, has covered up for Tiller indiscretions over the years,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“We believe this that this trail of corruption winds its way though the current Attorney General’s office, the Kansas Supreme Court, and ends at the governor’s office. As more of the corruption is exposed, we expect more resignations in the future,” said Newman.

There are currently two open complaints against Tiller on file with the KSBHA. One complaint filed in October, 2006, involved illegal late-term abortions and violations of the unaffiliated second physician requirement for post-viability abortions. Tiller has since been criminally charged with 19 counts of that same charge, but the Board, while saying their case is progressing, has yet to act. The second complaint involves a coerced, illegal late-term abortion. That complaint has yet to leave the “investigation” stage.

“We call on Buening’s replacement to be appointed by the Legislature rather than by the Gov. Sebelius, who is a radical abortion supporter, or we risk getting someone even worse,” said Newman.

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    Well, it looks like we are getting down to business in Kansas! Things are happening! Thanks to Operation Rescue’s efforts to save the babies! I am so thrilled that these guys are dropping off like flies. They know their days are numbered and their reputations are at stake and they are going down with a sinking ship! Now for Gov. Sebelius to recognize the wishes of the people are we want Tiller and his abortion clinic done away with! No more babykilling!! Please! ALL OF THESE POLITICIANS ARE INVOLVED IN A CORRUPTED PROCESS WHICH IS WORKING ITS WAY FROM TILLER’S OFFICE. HIS BLOOD MONEY GOES INTO THEIR HANDS AND THE PUBLIC IS AWARE OF THIS AND WANTS IT STOPPED! GOV. SEBELIUS MUST REALIZE HER REPUTATION IS ALSO AT RISK BY BEING INVOLVED WITH TILLLER! George Tiller needs to be punished for his crimes of aborting viable, healthy babies who are being killed because of their inconvenience to their mothers. This is not freedom of choice for a tiny innocent baby who has no say in the matter! The only one who profits is Tiller and of course the woman who delivers a perfectly formed dead child! Is this what you call “a woman’s choice,” Gov. Sebelius? We don’t want any more politicians benefiting and condoning the abortion of healthy babies! This is a very unpopular issue in Kansas and nationwide, so I would think Gov. Sebelius would realize the implications of being associated with this criminal. Soon Tiller will have noone to hide behind and he will have to face up to who he really is, a cowardly man who has spent his life collecting money for killing innocent babies! Shame on him and anyone who supports him!

  • Mary

    Amazing development. Alanya, take heart. Tiller’s days are numbered. Sibelius too. They are drenched in the blood of innocents. They do not understand the wrath of God.

  • Mike

    Like I’ve always said, the abortion industry is collapsing in on itself. This is just the beginning.

    Now that these 2 guys have resigned, and the word is out about the corruption and political protectors of killer’s like Tiller, more stories like this will appear.

    The baby killers are aborting their own industry. They’ve gotten away with too much for too long and their secrets are out. Their lies, scandals, corrupt politicians and their allies are now exposed and it’s too late for them.

    The pro-life movement has been successful in it’s efforts to hold the murderers and their accomplices accountable.A new day is dawning.