Salk Institute Grows Human Brain Cells in Mice

“Man-Mice” creations show how far medical ethics has degraded.

La Jolla, CA — Scientists at the Salk Institute have created human/mouse chimeras by injecting the brains of mice with human embryonic stem cells obtained by killing live human embryos. Chimeras are mixture of human and animal species that cannot develop in nature.

Operation Rescue, one of the first groups to publicly oppose experimentation using live human embryos, expresses shock and horror at this latest revelation, showing how far ethical barriers within the medical research community have collapsed.

“Human embryonic stem cells are harvested by killing live and developing human embryos before cell differentiation has begun. This alone should present problems for ethicists,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger who has authored a number of published articles decrying human experimentation. “But to inject the cells from these humans beings into the brains of mice creates new ethical considerations. We have no idea of the consequences of such actions. Creating a new breed of man-mice should be shocking and unacceptable to anyone who values and respects human life. Just a decade ago, it would have been.”

“Adult stem cell treatments have shown much greater promise than the use of stem cells stripped from live human embryos. There is not one person alive today that has benefited from embryonic stem cells, but there are many who have had their lives improved with emerging adult stem cell treatments,” said Sullenger.

“Yet researchers continue to insist upon using life-destructive research, when there is more promise with research that does not take innocent life. This is an indicator that the ethics of the medical research community have eroded to the point where they apparently can no longer see why the degradation of life through these appalling experiments is wrong,” continued Sullenger.

The Salk Institute is revered the world over for the discovery of it founder, Jonas Salk, of the cure for Polio.

“It is sad to see this institution, which was once dedicated to saving lives, so callously pervert and destroy the lives of the most vulnerable among us in a depraved quest for medical advancement.

“Research derived from such human loss and degradation must not be accepted by civilized men and women. The price we will have to pay, morally and ethically, is just too high. This crosses the line of decency,” she said. “Where will it stop?”

Read “Too High a Price for Scientific Knowledge” by Cheryl Sullenger, San Diego Union-Tribune, January 27, 2000

  • Whatever happened to the doctrine of “life begins at conception”? This has been the battle cry of the “pro-life” movement for ages. Yet as I recall, stem-cells are not life, at least not yet they’re not.

  • Robert

    Phil says: **Yet as I recall, stem-cells are not life, at least not yet they’re not.**

    Hmmm what is it if not ALIVE?

  • Doyle

    Phil says: “yet as I recall, stem-cells are not life, at least not yet they’re not.”

    I don’t know what source you’re “recalling” this from, Phil, but it is no more scientific than vodooism. All life is a part of a continuum, there is no known occurance of life springing from dead matter.

    My guess is that you are using the typical proabort tactic of trying to confuse the different definitions of the word “life”……. one of which is the “social part” of our existence, from birth to death. That sense of the word has absolutely nothing to do with the biological sense of the word, and yet you and other baby-killing proaborts always do your best to confuse the two definitions.

  • Up to Pro-Life shenangians

    If they’re not life, what the heck are they using them for?

    Zombie research?

  • Phil

    Please, people. Let’s at least use proper English. “Proabort” is not a noun.

  • Tam

    Yes, let’s use proper English. Good grammar and spelling are important to a good discussion.

    Other important factors include truth, honesty, logic, and the ability to learn from our mistakes and humbly face the facts.

    So, Phil, do you have any *other* response to Doyle’s comment? Other than to correct him for using a slang term? I notice you didn’t correct shenanigans for using the slang term “heck” or Robert for using “hmmm”–is proper English only important when the slang term is used in the context of correcting YOUR mistake?

    Or was it not a mistake at all–was it a deliberate tactic? A “proabort” tactic? (If I put the slang term in quotations, *then* is it okay to use slang?) You need to quit nit-picking and address the serious point made in contradiction of your assertion.

  • Doyle

    Phil says: “Please, people. Let’s at least use proper English. “Proabort” is not a noun.”

    Well Phil, if that’s the best you can come up with as a diversionary tactic to keep from addressing my post, all I can say is NO WONDER THE PROABORTS ARE LOSING!

  • Rick Ellis

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    Our 4fathers made a kontract with U.S. sitizens to secure the blessings of the Creator God for “our posterity”. A pre-born is protected by the konsitootion, being a future jeneration, not kondemned to die by it.

    “We the people” have allowed the enemies of God, and the konstitooshion , to hyjack our goverment, and distroy the Konstitooshion, and if we don’t do something kwick, they wil distroy amurica as well.