Safety Hazard: Houston Planned Parenthood Sends Four Patients to the ER in Less Than 30 Days

By Cheryl Sullenger

Houston, TX — The Houston Coalition for Life is reporting that in less than 30 days, there have been four women rushed to a local hospital by ambulance from the Planned Parenthood Center for Choice, located at 4600 Gulf Freeway in Houston, Texas.

Operation Rescue earlier reported that one documented medical emergency took place at this Planned Parenthood facility on February 6, 2015.

Sidewalk counselors have now reported that a previous incident took place on Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Since then, ambulances were photographed at Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Houston on February 25th and 26th.

“That makes 4 in less than 30 days!” noted a Houston Coalition for Life in a February 26th Facebook posting. “If you saw a ‘clinic’ with an ambulance leaving on average once a week, would you trust their medical practices?”

Not much is known about the condition of the four women. Operation Rescue is seeking the 911 records related to these four incidents, which may shed additional light on what happened and the dangers that exist at this Planned Parenthood facility.

“Even though this Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is licensed as an Ambulatory Surgical Center, it is evident that safety problems still exist there. It is imperative that the Texas Department of Health take seriously complaints about this facility and act to shut it down,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Operation Rescue has documented at least five other medical emergencies at this Houston Planned Parenthood facility, making nine in all over the past three years. However, many more could have occurred outside the presence of pro-life activists who document these incidents.

Operation Rescue has also reported that court records indicate that as many as 1,000 women are hospitalized in Texas each year due to abortion complications.

A new abortion clinic licensing law known as HB2 has helped close 20 of the worst offending abortion facilities in Texas over the past two years.

“It is obvious that Texas has a long way to go to fully protect women from shoddy abortion practices,” said Newman.

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  • Dr. Robert Schwartz

    We who know that God instilled the human life in the being at the first moment of conception must continue to retard, reduce and remove abortion from our America. In the First Stage of a five-Stage life, the unborn has gained its human life-giving principle,called the “soul,” and as the human embryo moves into the second Stage, the fetus, and so on, it is for us to protect its humanity as a sacred gift from God alone. For this reason we pray for a healthy baby, for a safe and morally upright future, for a person who will some day reach the summit of human existence, which, in fact, is its human death, for which it was destined from the moment it was created by God but through the action of the parents.

    Once created by God through simultaneous human cooperation, its life will continue forever, and this, no matter what human activity may strike at its life with the steel edge of human violence.

    This is the reason that we know God wills the life of that unborn, whether He has cooperated through rape, incest or any other means imaginable. His action is direct, indispensable and essential to the conception of every human being, and we know this centuries before the appearance of science in the 13th century.

  • cranemaker

    For shame PP continues to poorly treat Texans. One should expect that after all from PP.

  • Myra Jean Myers

    There is nothing safe about abortion – to the child or to the mother!

  • Carol

    And the invention of ultrasound technology makes it plain for the eye to see.