Rowdy Abortion Backers Attempt to Block Camera as Ambulance Arrives at Tempe Planned Parenthood

By Cheryl Sullenger

Tempe, AZ – There were tense moments on the street between pro-life and pro-abortion supporters as a fire unit followed soon by an ambulance arrived at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Tempe, Arizona, on April 1, 2017.

A group of Christians with Apologia Radio were on site praying and offering assistance to abortion-bound women – and filming live on Facebook – when the incident occurred at about 9:00 a.m.

Gospel preachers could be heard competing with a raucous group of pink-shirted abortion supporters blaring music and waving umbrellas as one pro-life man reported the events live on video.

“Okay, guys. We are outside of Planned Parenthood right now in Tempe,” the pro-life activist reported. “I don’t know if you guys have been keeping track, but it’s a ruckus out here right now. Planned Parenthood supporters are out in full effect and playing loud, loud music.”

As the ambulance pulled up, those filming were blocked by pink-shirted Planned Parenthood “escorts” who waved placards and umbrellas in front of the camera.

“This is unfortunately, sadly, the consequence of Planned Parenthood,” the activist continued, referring to the medical emergency that was in progress.

“It’s been kind of a crazy morning. Very loud. Very aggressive. But out back right now, we just had the EMTs – Fire Department pull up. Obviously, something happened inside, but we don’t know what,” the pro-life man reported.
“If you guys could be here right now and hear just the atmosphere, it’s crazy,” he continued. “There’s a temperature here in terms of their commitment to fight against us. It’s just rambunctious, rowdy, intense.”

As he was speaking, the Planned Parenthood supporters swarmed in front of the camera to prevent the Christians from broadcasting the unfolding drama.

After about ten minutes, the gurney emerged from the back door of Planned Parenthood.

“She had a sheet over her head,” the pro-life reporter said. Another man remarked that the scene evoked the striking image of a dead body being removed, although he emphasized that they were not saying it was a dead body.

As the patient was loaded into the ambulance, the camera was mobbed by Planned Parenthood supporters, who employed their signs and umbrellas to continue to block the camera. The pro-lifers continued to ask viewers to pray for the person suffering the emergency.

Soon, the patient was transported away from the scene.

This was the fourteenth documented medical emergency at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the first 90 days of 2017.

“We thank the bold activists who documented this incident under very trying conditions,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “They did a great job of showing what they called the true face of Planned Parenthood.”

“While abortion supporters shrug off and downplay such medical emergencies, for those fifteen women, their pain is very real and life-altering,” Newman continued. “While the Planned Parenthood folks in the video appeared apathetic to the patient’s suffering, it is compassion and love for women and their babies that drives the pro-life movement to press on in the face of adversity toward the goal of ending the barbaric practice of abortion in this nation.”

  • Barbara Jean

    Operation Rescue, I wish you would prepare a handout that pro life teams could pass out to women entering Planned Parenthood. It can show names pictures and dates of abortion victims, their emergencies, ambulance transports, deaths. I think women would think twice if they saw the risks…they could read it while waiting for their appointment at PP. That might be even more impactful than ultra sound.

  • Sharon

    How can anyone actually murder their unborn child? It’s not just a blob of tissue, it’s a CHILD, a living human being.

  • Jango Wineheart

    I wish I had a sawbuck for every uterus perforated at an American Abortuary! I’d get me a red Lamborghini pronto! Fetal pain? What dat? Ask the Queen Mother H. R. Clinton, the DNC’s clapped-out $$$ Chappaquan. “A fetus has no rights” until it’s on our side of the birth canal, she said many times. Sanger would be proud to hear that, in Hades.

  • Corinne

    Their sign says that pro choice is not a synonym for abortion, but is IS an acceptance of abortion. You are either for or against. If you recognize something as wrong, there is no choice. So does pro choice mean allowing someone to choose child pornography and claiming not to be for it? There are moral absolutes. Taking human life born or unborn is murder.

  • ohana2

    What happened to LIFE, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS? Has anyone wondered how many Albert Einsteins or Martin Luther King have been murdered in the name of the mother not wanting to be inconvenienced? These women did not become pregnant from a GOOD NIGHT kiss. Birth control is available to everyone. But lets not let responsibility stand in the way of Americas Holocaust.

  • Tom Sladek

    What works the best is them actually seeing the ultrasound and the baby moving around inside them and their heart beating away.

  • Rick D.

    There will come a day of reckoning when these fairies in pink shirts will have to answer for their actions!! I’d love to hear their justification! LMAO!!

  • peanut butter

    You need a 20 foot pole for your camera. Nah, 10 would do.

  • Glennfriend67

    That woman’s sign reads pro-choice is not synonymous with pro-abortion. Really? In what reality? That is EXACTLY what it means- you are making a conscious, premeditated decision to destroy human life. These people will say anything to rationalize murder, but it is still murder, period. Every doctor that performs an abortion violates his or her Hippocratic Oath, and should be tried for first degree murder. It’s premeditated. Personally, I believe school-age children (possibly eighth grade and above) should have to watch an abortion at PP, and see how casually these babies’ lives are treated by these monsters. I should think that, if anything, might work as a deterrent for them to having unprotected relations, then dashing off to a clinic to get rid of “the mistake.” Perhaps, by seeing the filthy, unsterile conditions, and how these butchers don’t care at all about the sanctity of any human life at all, they’ll think twice about acting in a selfish manner. One can only pray that this would work.

  • liberaldisgust

    Pro “death” Choice … is nothing but support for irresponsibility with the cost being death of a child …. sweetened by the sales of body parts and government funding …..

  • scragsma

    Good idea for a Jumbotron video, too – a segment showing short clips from different locations, displaying also the date, location, and (if known) the patient’s name and injury.

  • scragsma

    Or if there’s a strong young person there, he (maybe she?) could lift the one with the camera on his (her) shoulders. Higher is almost always a better viewpoint.

  • Jackbat

    They will meet their maker and have to answer for that sin, just remember he said “BEST THAT YOU HAVE A MILLSTONE TIED ABOUT YOUR NECK AND CAST INTO THE DEPTHS OF THE SEA THAN TO HARM THE LEAST OF MINE”!!!!!!

  • Bennie Payne

    Democrats and these abortion sympathisizers would just go judge shopping and find a liberal judge ere if it is appealed it will go to a liberal appeals court where the judges will rule in the sympathyzers favor. just li9ke the President’s travel bans.

  • The answer is simple: evil exists in this world. Whether manipulating and lying to vulnerable women to have them abort, or the woman herself knowing the truth and selfishly killing her child for her own gain. It’s all because of evil.

  • Pacman5

    Just look at those weirdos representing Planned Parenthood. That says it all. What a bunch of trash.

  • Susan

    And I assume the employees inside were texting the protesters OUTSIDE letting them know it was time to block the camera.

  • ChristinaDunigan

    I don’t think they should live-stream women going into the abortion clinic. Footage should be kept in archive for later if the clinic tries to deny ever having treated a woman who suffers complications. And yes, they’d try to block filming of a patient going into an ambulance on privacy grounds.

  • ChristinaDunigan

    That was once called the “Chicago Method” after prolife activists in Chicago who would just hand out copies of nasty inspection reports, medical board documents about the doctors, etc.

  • JDubya

    Yup, but hopefully soon the final stop will be the Supreme Court where this time they will not have the lowdown scumbag excuse of ‘science cannot tell us’ when life begins because just as back in the 60’s they knew and now they can prove it without a doubt. Sooo they will have to change the definition of ‘life’ to get around the facts.

  • JDubya

    Sorry, the privacy of the patient has nothing to do with it. The patient is going to want that footage later when she sues PP for their ineptitude and for lying to her.

    Your argument says no, then yes as though you can’t make up your mind. What makes you think that anyone trying to use this video to embarrass the victim is going to be one of these people taking this video. They are merely documenting what went on which the PP people could not stop.

    The chances are that without some state-of-the-art photography equipment or recovery software, the victim’s face would not be identifiable on the video so the only likely use would be for proof of the activity anyway. That is, someone left the facility by ambulance at such time on this day, they were taken to so-and-so hospital and checked in on or about such time. From there the parallel can be drawn as the Doctors at the hospital can tell she had an abortion and when she was admitted to give pretty conclusive evidence that she was the victim of a complication due to the abortion procedure.

    The only other use would be to document the number of times something like this happens. The blocking of the filming is no doubt in violation of the rights of the people making the video. But that was not successful in any event so only their mean-spirited actions would be exposed by attempting to do so.

  • James

    Support the Life at Conception Act.

  • Brenda Sinclair

    NO NORMAL MOTHER COULD KILL HER BABY, but a child of satan has no problem killing their babies sacrificing them to molock satan their god

  • Brenda Sinclair

    jackbat yes jesus said that better off if those mothers themselves were never born than to murder their own babies, these mothers are murderers and have to live with the murder all of their lives most get on drugs

  • I thank God that He loves little children and had never told us humans to abort them, otherwise we would never hear the giggles or laughter of a child, nor see the hugs and kisses they bestow on their grandparents, or see them play with their pet puppy on the floor, and oh so much more. God calls this, family, which is also his family. So, when one kills a child, they are also killing a part of Gods beloved family. God does not forget and there is a time coming when the silent screams of these babies will be heard by the very ones that murdered them and the consequences will be great…Gods tears are going to show action.

  • Kris Kohler

    Praise God you there there. Please God, let history recall the facts rather than a revisionist history. Thank you pro-life warriors! God be with you.

  • Scott Todd

    Considering the number of LED billboards out there which can show more than just static images, perhaps a short clip of an ultrasound could be played as an “advertisement.”