Roofing Contractor Leaves Abortion Facility Job Half Done After Learning Truth

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, Kansas – A contractor has walked off a roofing job at South Wind Women’s Center, an abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas, leaving the installation of a new roof only half completed after it learned it had been deceived into thinking it was working on a real estate business.

South Wind’s owner and administrator, Julie Burkhart, sought the services of Farha Roofing under the guise of Kellogg, LLC, while concealing the fact the building was actually an abortion facility. It was only after Farha Roofing began the job on the leaky, flat-roofed building that they found out the true nature of Burkhart’s business, thanks to Mark Gietzen and the Kansas Coalition for Life (KCFL).

“Farha Roofing was slow to comply with our request, but they eventually pulled off the job, leaving it half-done, and have not been back since,” Gietzen said yesterday in a written statement. He thanked all pro-life supporters who called the company to complain.

White-edged portions of the roof were the only parts completed, including the area over the garage. However, the clinic portion of the roof still showed the original brown trim, indicating that none of the patient-used portion of the building had been re-roofed.

The roofing contractor left what appeared to be foam insulation material stacked on pallets in the parking lot.

It may be a long time before any more work is done. South Wind has had difficulty finding anyone in Wichita to work on their building and have had to go out of town — and even out of state — for some venders, such as plumbers and electricians.

“The message is loud and clear. The people of Wichita do not want an abortion facility operating in their city,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which is based in Wichita and often partners with the KCFL.

Gietzen plans to send letters to all area businesses warning them of Burkhart’s use of deception to trick contractors into servicing her South Wind Women’s Center abortion facility.

  • redneck4Christ

    Thanks so much to Mark Gietzen, KCFL, and Farha Roofing for this wonderful stand against the baby death merchants.

  • Dave T.

    If the roof is actually leaking, the city building department should tag and fine them as they are in violation of code. Also, the health dept. should order a stop of ANY procedures requiring surgery as mold and wounds don’t mix very well.

  • Momma Beth

    First and foremost, praise be to God. Secondly, thank you to the dedicated Pro-lifers of the Wichita area for their dedication and perseverance.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    Although I’m against abortion, I am not against a small business feeding their families. Shame the doctors not the business man.

  • Tyronne Shoelaces

    Hey O.R., are you going to censor my comment? What in my post required you to label that post “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Operation Rescue”?

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  • Susan

    Finally some common sense although a true “Justice” System (a constitutional one) would NEVER allow the vice of killing babies to exist in any state or country in the USA. The promotion of Vice and forcing tax payer money to support it is forcing Satanism on us. If our “Just Laws” promote evil they are unconstitutional (null and void) from the start. We need to return to Rule of Law (virtue)–not Rule of evil oligarchy or man (obama).

  • rocky63

    Well-done to that roofing company. If we are to remain the “land of the free”, we need to prevent the murder of millions of babies which has been going on for years.

    It has often been said that this is the “Land of the Free” because it’s the “Home of the Brave”. Well, let’s be brave and make it clear that we abhor the murder of babies.

    So many women seem to support abortion — yet they should understand that a woman’s most precious and important right is the “RIGHT TO BE BORN”.

  • dennis w



    Fred Sokol, Rocky River, Ohio pro lifer @ preterm abortion mill
    What caught my eye was the comment from the person that said – you should not shame people doing business into not doing work at this said abortion mill just shame the abortionists.
    FIRST: Abortion killers cannot be shamed for they long ago lost any capacity for the horror of their act of killing an innocent unborn human being.
    SECONDLY: As I stand in front of preterm abortion mill which I tell people entering preterm that it is indeed an abortion mill through my pro life signs. I feel is enough shame inflicted upon those doing business with preterm for them to stop doing business with preterm and many have.
    LASTLY: To any pro lifer that does shame those who do business at an abortion mill always keep it peaceful, respectful and lawful.
    God Bless You and Your Family and The Unborn Babies
    Respectfully, Fred Sokol


    Abortionists just can NOT tell the truth!!

    They LIE about what an abortion removes (just tumor-like tissue) not a PREBORN BABY.

    ” [a]fter it learned it had been deceived into thinking it was working on a real estate business.

    Didn’t admit it is an ABORTION CLINIC instead of a real estate business!!

  • mariekoch

    People who are against abortion should be sure to consider this company when thy need roofing services.

  • Robert R. Becker


  • Marty Koval

    The abortion industry has a reputation of selling lies and deception to trick women into murdering their babies. It should not be a surprise that South Wind Women’s Center deceived Farha Roofing that they were a real estate business.

    The abortion industry is being control by Satan, “The Great Deceiver” who says that the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie. Abortion is murder of a baby and anyone who says otherwise, is lying.

    I commend Farha Roofing for walking away from this job when they discovered they were deceived.

  • lakewoodsteve

    Tax payer money separated to support the church of Satanism’s sacrament of abortion.
    Godless Libs’ are Okay with that type fatal “Separation” though.
    Could you imagine spending your eternal Justas in [love free] Hell with those hateful religious fanatics?

  • maxx

    Very typical action for liberals. Remember when all political campaign ads and signage proudly proclaimed party affiliation? Not anymore but most often for democommies. Funny isn’t it? They are ashamed of their own party and try to hide it.

  • Ed Anderson

    I hate to say this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the roofing contractor gets sued and forced by the courts to do the roofing job on the abortion “clinic”. If Christian bakers can be forced to do wedding cakes for gay marriages, business people probably can be forced to do business with any member of the public.

  • mjmaf

    Bulldoze this death-chamber-to-be down!

  • Good Job Farha Roofing!!!!!

  • Susan

    The “Justices” whom allowed killing babies to be “constitutional”, need to be vilified and disbarred and never allowed to work in our “Justice” (virtue) System which is ONLY based on the Judeo-Christian worldview of Good and Evil–not muslim “ethics” or Satanism. To promote evil and vile “laws” is null and void in the USA, as stated by Justice John Marshall. There is NO promotion of a vice, such as baby-killing (scientifically proven) or the promotion of sodomy “pride” to little children, (irrational and evil), when people who do those evil, dysfunctional, vile, dehumanizing behaviors are evil. Evil (Satanism) can’t be forced into a “Just Law”–which is the ONLY constitutional kind of “law” in the USA. All “unjust” (evil) “Law” is null and void immediately.

  • Bampster

    The immoral leftists always resort to lies to advance their agenda using approved Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radical’s ” tactics as observed by DemocRATS and their followers nearly every day!

  • patgo

    Years ago, I read a newspaper article that the local abortuary was discarding dead babies in their dumpster. So we went to the sanitation workers’ union president and told him his people were being forced to pick up dead babies from this abortuary. It raised quite a stink in the local media, and the abortuary stopped putting babies in the trash. Go to all the local businesses, including suppliers of goods and services, and let them know what they are selling to. It can be very effective.

  • rhedandivy

    We all think that Hitler was evil, yet, here we are in America killing the most innocent little babies, which is as bad or worse that Hitler’s awful and unthinkable deeds. Talk about hypocricy!

  • Gayle Wilbanks

    Possibly, but I think the clinic’s misrepresentation of who they really were would be considered malfeasance, making the contract unenforceable.

  • Ron Firment

    VERY VERY VERY Good reply.
    The Moms & the Babies with THANK YOU.
    I am Sue.

  • Ron Firment

    right on.

  • Paul Anderson

    This obedient servant of the Lord, was obviously knowable of God’s Word, and his condemnation of those that: “shed innocent blood”. Our opinion doesn’t much matter, when it comes to God’s Law. The violation of Old Testament Law, was followed by swift punishment, which often meant death.
    Thankfully we live in the age of God’s Grace, and forgiveness for the repentant soul, that comes before the Lord in prayer, is forgiven for the believer in Christ. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that there is no chastisement.

    Transcripts of Ancient Historians have recorded the consequences, of civilizations that continue to disobey God, and sacrifice their children to ancient gods and goddesses, that the people worship. In any event, the shedding of a child’s blood, was followed by stiff consequences. One of the signs of a civilization in decline, before being destroyed.

  • Tom Wiegand

    Shout tout o Farha Roofing or taking a stand for Life! I know they have experienced some expense in making this decision and I know that they will be compensated many times over or choosing justice for the unborn over monetary loss

  • mustangsallyann

    Agreed. It will cause them a problem. More than likely they won’t sue. He left the materials they paid for and they’ll just probably try to find another roofer to finish it.

  • Stuart Cockerham

    Abortion and their providers are doing what they came for, to steal, kill and destroy people and their lives. It all started with a lie, (It’s only a blob of unwanted flesh, like a tumor,” so why wouldn’t they continue to lie to keep the killing ongoing? After all, their true master is the father of lies, Satan, and they are just as evil as Hitler and his extermination of the Jews and just as racist as any genocidal murderer. Their iconic leaders words echo Hitler’s own words and prove their racism. This is exactly why I personally refer to them as the Demonic-rats and refuse Obamacare with it’s support of abortions! We need to end the generational genocide of Americans and people around the world, with abortion strings attached to US aid money in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, it must stop now!.

  • Ed Anderson

    I hope you’re right about that.

  • ronald larson

    Tear the whole thing down and see if they get permits to rebuild and we will see who is in the tank for the project