Rogue Judge Orders Kansas Board to Reconsider Abortionist’s License Revocation for 2nd Time

By Cheryl Sullenger

Topeka, Kansas – A county judge has ordered the Kansas Board of Healing Arts to reconsider for the second time its license revocation order against abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus in a contentious disciplinary case dating back to 2006.

Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue filed the initial complaint against Neuhaus and her boss, George Tiller, in 2006, alleging that the two were in violation of Kansas law, which at that time required a second physician who was unaffiliated with the abortion provider to determine whether a woman seeking an abortion after 22 weeks would suffer “substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function” if the pregnancy were to continue.

Neuhaus at one time rubber-stamped all post-22 week abortions done at Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas.

A disciplinary hearing held on 2011 determined that Neuhaus made incompetent mental health diagnoses for 11 minor girls using a computer psychiatric training program called “PsychManager Lite” to compute the diagnoses for her.

She failed to interview at least one of the girls, yet determined that she qualified under the law for a late-term abortion.

Some frivolous of the reasons Neuhaus used to justify late-term abortions on minor girls included:

• Student unable to concentrate in school.

• Patient wanted to participate in a rodeo as a barrel rider, but was prevented by her 26-week pregnancy.

• Patient loved playing basketball, and her third trimester pregnancy took the “fun” out of it.

• Patient was “shocked” to find out she was pregnant.

Below is a chart detailing the patients’ situations and Neuhaus’ dubious diagnoses. [Article continues below chart.]

Chart NeuhausPatients2

Neuhaus also kept wholly inadequate medical records, sometimes with nothing more than a printout from her computer training program in a file.

During the hearing, Neuhaus showed complete contempt for the KSBHA and its oversight authority over physicians licensed in Kansas. She appeared at each hearing disheveled and poorly groomed, and often muttered to herself while on the stand, spouting unfounded conspiracy theories against her.

Neuhaus holds unconventionally negative views toward pregnancy. During her disciplinary hearing, she stated that an unexpected pregnancy causes women to become mentally ill without exception. She also has stated that she believes that pregnancy is a life-threatening condition and alone justifies abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

The Kansas Board of Healing Arts revoked her medical license in 2012, citing patient care standards violations and faulty recordkeeping. She was ordered to pay the Board fees totaling $93,000.

Neuhaus appealed to rogue Shawnee County Court Judge Franklin Theis, who consistently has displayed a pro-abortion bias. He set aside the fines and disagreed with the KSBHA’s revocation order and remanded her discipline back to the Board.

In 2015, the KSBHA once again revoked Neuhaus’ medical license, this time based on her inadequate recordkeeping that was used to justify post-viability abortions. Neuhaus again appealed.

On January 13, 2017, Judge Thies once again remanded Neuhaus’ revocation back to the KSBHA. Sullenger was informed by a Board representative that the KSBHA will take up the remand at a Medical Board hearing on June 9.

Neuhaus was previously disciplined by the KSBHA on 2001 for poor recordkeeping and substandard patient care issues, making her a repeat offender who was qualified for tougher discipline in the later case.

Over the years, Neuhaus has given conflicting statements regarding whether she plans to return to the business of abortion.

“Allowing Neuhuas to practice her shoddy brand of medicine, whether in an abortion facility or elsewhere, is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, the judge in this case apparently cared more for advancing his radical abortion agenda than for the public that might be harmed by her incompetence,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The Kansas Board of Healing Arts has repeatedly chosen to protect the public and we have confidence that they will continue to do so.”

Neuhuas’ Disciplinary Hearing Transcripts and more are available at

  • Colorado_Patriot60

    So, this pos asked for Reconsideration twice, correct? And the Kansas Board reconsidered twice and choose to not comply with the judges harassment. This pos judge is now breaking the Law and needs to go to jail.

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    They just showed on TV the other day the number of marxist federal judges in the appellate and the other courts and it’s uncanny and these should be dealt with, as treasonous and tyrannical type people, who are not being judges but her being political activist, and the founding fathers provided we the people but the second amendment to protect ourselves from these types of people who are taking this country down and re-killing all those who died for freedom.

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    Throw this case out. Prosecute her/she/it for malpractice/murder. Disbar this judge. Rip his lawyers license from his cold baby hating heart. Prosecute him along with her/she/it. This is the low moral legal trash that has this country in the tangled web of murder-at-will we are in.

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    This “doctor”, her boss and the judge should be locked up and the key thrown away. I would love to be there to see their final judgment. What’s that saying “thou shalt not kill” ?

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    Having read the account of her attitude , etc, I’m shocked that the woman even had medical certification at all !!

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    People like this have a conscience that’s “been seared with a hot iron”. That’s somewhere in the Bible in the New Testament, but not sure where exactly. Hope someone reaches her with the gospel soon, before it’s “toast for her”!

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    Another case of a liberal activist judge using his/her black rob to intimidate and bully civilians. They should seek his/her removal from the bench and disbarment.

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    Another judge to be removed. Maybe God will do it.

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    She should become the Judge & family’s Personal Physician

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    Judge Theis could be the husband of Obama Secy HHS, she was the former Governor of Kansas, they both believe in abortionist. In my opinion abortionist are nothing but murders of babies, right along with the mothers and people that support abortion. If the mothers don’t want the baby, than put it up for adoption, but murdering the baby is against God will.

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    Well….Tiller the Baby Killer was killed by an overzealous proliferation a couple years or so ago, which did not do us any favors. When people do stuff like that, it really hurts all of us who value life, even his. We can’t lower ourselves to their level if we’re going to succeed. We must show them we’re better than them. Only then can we prove our way is the best

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    This judge should be barred from hearing any case ever. The State has more than enough cause to protect the interests and safety of the public.

    I suggest that appeal to US district court in the matter is the best direction.

    Meanwhile the people should DEMAND the removal of this judge.

    Then, murder charges should be made against her and prosecution begun. If the liberal judge wants to play the game, then raise the stakes.