Rick Warren/Barack Obama AIDS Partnership Must End, Say Pro-Life Groups

Operation Rescue is proud to sign on to the following joint press release calling on Pastor Rick Warren to rescind his invitation to pro-abortion Sen. Barack Obama to speak at Saddleback Community Church. As one who has expressed a blatant disregard for human life by his support for abortion, Sen. Obama is disqualified from speaking from a Christian pulpit, and lacks moral credibility to speak about AIDS victims.

-Operation Rescue

Rick Warren/Barack Obama AIDS Partnership Must End, Say Pro-Life Groups

Kevin McCullough, WMCA Radio, New York City 201-835-7803
Ingrid Schlueter, VCY America Radio Network, Milwaukee 414-881-5852

Milwaukee, WI — As those who have worked to defend preborn children from the horrors of abortion in America and who have stood uncompromisingly against the legalized slaughter of an estimated 50 million Americans in the womb since 1973, we join with one voice in expressing our indignation and opposition to Rick Warren’s welcoming of Senator Barack Obama to his church on December 1, 2006. Rick Warren is bringing Senator Obama to his church to speak for his Global Summit on AIDS and the church and to take an AIDS test in front of the cameras at a noon press conference.

Senator Obama comes to Rick Warren’s church believing that abortion should be kept, “safe and legal”. When Barack Obama campaigned for the U.S. Senate in 2004, his wife wrote a fundraising letter for him that revealed his support of partial-birth abortion. She said Obama’s position is that the “partial-birth abortion ban . . . is clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned.” Support of partial-birth abortion goes a lot farther than the politicians who want abortion to be “safe and legal.” Senator Obama actually supports the barbaric practice of allowing abortionists to kill babies by allowing them to be partially, born, their skulls punctured and their brains sucked out. Further, he repeatedly opposed an anti-infanticide bill in the state of Illinois that only passed after he left. Killing a child at any stage of life is a violation of God’s clear command, “Thou Shall Do No Murder”. In addition,Obama’s solution to the growing AIDS crisis has been and continues to be the widespread distribution of condoms, not chaste behavior as directed by the Bible.

In the strongest possible terms, we oppose Rick Warren’s decision to ignore Senator Obama’s clear pro-death stance and invite him to Saddleback Church anyway. If Senator Obama cannot defend the most helpless citizens in our country, he has nothing to say to the AIDS crisis. You cannot fight one evil while justifying another. The evangelical church can provide no genuine help for those who suffer from AIDS if those involved do not first have their ethic of life firmly rooted in the Word of God. Accordingly, we call on Pastor Rick Warren to rescind his invitation to Senator Obama immediately. The millions of silent victims who have died because of the policies of leaders like Senator Obama demand a response from those who believe that life is a gift from God. The name of the seminar at which Senator Obama will be appearing is entitled, “We Must Work Together.” No, Mr. Warren, Mr. Obama, we will never work with those can support the murder of babies in the womb.

Phyllis Schlafly, President and Founder, Eagle Forum

Judie Brown, President, American Life League

Tim Wildmon, President American Family Association and American Family Radio

Joe Scheidler, President, Pro-Life Action League

Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue

Matt Trewhella, Missionaries to the Preborn

Brannon Howse, President, Worldview Weekend, Christian Worldview Network

Janet Folger, President, Faith2Action

Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans for Truth

Greg Cunningham, President, Center for Bioethical Reform, Lake Forest, California

Peggy Hamill, Director, Pro-Life Wisconsin

Cal Zastrow, Christian Action for the Preborn

Dr. Vic Eliason, President, VCY America Radio Network

Ingrid Schlueter, Host, Crosstalk Radio Talk Show

Kevin McCullough, Host, Musclehead Revolution, WMCA Radio

Chris Rosebrough, Capo Valley Church, San Juan Capistrano, California

Rev. Ken Silva, Apprising Ministries

Linda Harvey, President, Mission America

  • Partial birth abortion is barbaric!! I am so sick and tired of everyone saying that it is necessary to keep this legal to save the mothers life. I’m sure that there may be some cases like this but Ive also heard that most of these cases are just a result of women not wanting the inconvenience of a child. I am 18 weeks along in my own pregnancy and I had an ultrasound yesterday. I saw every finger every toe the leg bones etc. To even question a termination is absurd. Not @18 weeks,not@8weeks,NOT EVER!As for these poor little victims of infanticide -well I just am speechless. I know that where I live they have been finding deceased infants in ravines and garbage canisters girls get a slap on the wrist and they are allowed to resume a life in society. I think they ought to have their own prisons.When will enough be enough?

  • Sarah

    how is any abortion technique constitutional? i am so tired of pro-deathers saying that abortion is a constitutionally protected right! WHERE in the constitution does it give women this right? would SOMEBODY from the pro-death side PLEASE enlighten me? I really want to know!

  • Sarah

    by the way, congratulations Heather on your pregnancy! I just had a baby five weeks ago…the things you will feel your baby do in the womb, you will SEE him or her do after they’re born! Their little personalities exist even in your womb! And it will touch your heart to see them express their personalities after birth…enjoy these preciouse months…pregnancy is a miracle!

  • Thank you Sarah and congratulations to you on your new baby!!Ive been through it twice before-one pregnancy was planned and one was not,but Ive got 2 teenagers. Kind of forgot what being pregnant was like. However,I do remember that all of the morning sickness,swollen ankles,and pain are worth it in the long run-when your holding your new baby.

  • Stephanie H.

    The REAL problem…… the Mega Churches who espouse another gospel, and not according to the gospel of Christ. Rick Warren has never preached a sermon condemning abortion or homosexuality, so why are Christians in an uproar that he will allow a rabid pro-abort in his pulpit?

    Rick Warren, a blind leader, has been leading the blind for many years. He is now being exposed for who he really is.

    However, maybe the Lord, in His mercy, has exposed Warren, to spare a few in His flock?


  • S. L.

    As I was reading that book by rick warren, something most driven, i flung that book across the room. I did not agree with this guy. Now I wonder if it was the Holy Spirit giving me wisdom! rick warren is a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. praise be to God I was given truth!

  • Angie

    I am a believer in being pro-creation. I am “pro-life” opposed to all murder of unborn babies, and environmental in that I believe we were given a responsibility to responsibly care for God’s creation (this earth) until His Son’s return. I also believe that many Christians have not done enough and fast enough in being pro-life when it comes to helping the millions of orphans world-wide (over 6000 new orphans today alone) due to the illness. If Sen Obama has somehting to say that is useful in the fight against AIDS, lets hear it. It doesn’t mean you support his views on abortion. While I detest his views on abortion, I am uncomfortable with the hate directed towards him by Christians. We are not called to hate, but to love our enemies, to bless, them to pray for them. Jesus himself wants Sen Obama to know him and accept him as his only real Hope for both this life and the next. Maybe if we spent even half the time praying for those who need the Lord’s grace that we spent hating them, Christians would have a real platform, built on Jesus love and forgiveness and power to change lives, instead of a platform of hard hearts and unforgiveness.

  • rosie


    I didn’t detect any “hate” for Sen. Obama in the press release, just objections to the hypocricy of having someone speak on a life issue that has already expressed extreme disregard for human life. It is possible to disagree, and even rebuke someone without hating them. In fact the Bible says that open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed.

    By the way, how do you know people are not praying for Obama?? You jump to a lot of conclusions. Maybe a little less judgementalness on your part might go a long way. Always good to take the beam out of one’s own eye first.

  • Nick

    As someone who is not a member of the evangelical movement, I read the article and must say that I am a little taken back by this article.

    Did Jesus Christ select people who had the most biblically moral ideals in mind when he chose his disciples? Growing up I was always told that they would know we were Christians by our love. The close-minded view that you are expressing in this letter does not reflect that of what I as a Christian believe is the central them of Jesus Christ’s Teachings. Not to mention Obama said in his speech…

    “I don’t think we can deny that there are moral and spiritual component to prevention….In to many places… the relationship between men and women, between sexuality and spirituality, has broken down and needs to be repaired.”

    Time to approach the problems of the world with an open mind and an open heart, The truly Christian way.

  • Sher

    Thank you mom for letting me live. My mother was 16 when she gave me up for adoption, I met her when I was 20. Sadly, her parents(my grandparents) are still pro-abortion …weird.
    I have children now and it makes me cry when I read stories of little babies being killed , just because someone could not sacrifice 9 months of their life.
    It did not surprise me when I heard Rick Warren was to have Obama at his church ,since I just found out he is on the Council on Foreign Relations..not the best crowd .

    Lastly, in reply to those who think Obama will actually help with an AIDS crisis…Who would want help from someone who’s in favor of KILLING babies. If he is not the enemy I am supposed to pray for then who is ??? I don’t know many worse types of people. Killing innocent babies is a crime , who cares if it’s legal in our country. We are going to be alone when we meet our Creator and when we are judged, I would not want to be someone who is backing a baby killer. Preventing AIDS is not rocket sceince for goodness sake.
    My Jesus mercy.

  • lynn

    how could Obama possibly enlighten us on AIDS. We know what causes it and we know why it is here. It cannot be fixed or cured not today not ever!

    Rick Warren is a wolf in sheep clothing. He is not about saving souls or rescueing babies. He is all about the money! IT IS THE MONEY!!! Follow the money, follow the fame. Follow his footsteps into the pit of shame…

    * if your not outraged – your not paying attention *

    See Paul Proctor archive of newsletters and


  • Sandra Camille

    Pastor Rick Warren is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is pro-choice to kill the unborn baby; he supports gay marriages, and the KJV Bible tells us that we “shall know them by their fruits.” Satan knows that he has only a short time, and he is working overtime. In my opinion Rick Warren is one of Satan’s imps.

  • Dennis King

    After all the years of supporting the “purpose driven church” model, the allowing of a man like Obama in Pastor Rick’s pulpit really reflects the real “PURPOSE” of his church. The purpose is for do what it takes to reach fame, fortune, and falacy. Rick Warren has become another Baker. Speaks one thing but the results prove another. Pastor Rick get back in touch with what the Lord really called you to do . Preach the work in season and out of season without allowing the work to pervert the truth – Remember your book (Changing the Methods without Comprimising the Truth).

  • Lee

    Someone posted that Rick Warren has never preached a sermon against abortion. You need to get your facts straight before you make statements that are untrue.


  • Mike

    What is wrong with so called Christians. You must let people of opposing views (in one area) at least speak to you. Since when is treating them with basic human dignity the same thing as agreeing with views they may have that are “sin”. I think the arrogance of Christians who resist the “Good” someone wants to do in one area, because they are sinning in another, is not what Jesus would do or want. You may find yourself harshly judged for your arrogance and pride. Clearly Obama is seriously wrong in his views on Abortion. Maybe he is right on some other things. So you don’t have to vote for him–you don’t have to call him Brother and Commune with him. But maybe you should treat him with the love of Christ, and work with him on good things he might want to do–like help victims of AIDS–or do you also believe those people are under Judgment and are getting what they deserve….?

  • Mike

    I just went back and read the rest of the comments–I am a Christian, I am pro-life and Anti-abortion, believe that marriage is designed by God to be betweeen one man and one woman, and it is “until death do us part.” I am also amazed at how hating and condemning most of the comments are!! It’s as if many of us have the same bible as I do with one more book–the Book of condemnation. I think I know why the world despises Christians–not for the reasons Jesus said they would, but rather because so many of us are hateful, arrogant, confused, un-Christ like and convinced we have a corner on the Truth. Fortunately the whole truth is: There are right and Wrong things clearly told to us in the Scripture–There are alos plenty of admonitions to love our enemies and to love those most in need of God’s love and mercy–
    I am most thankful that The Lord Jesus will be my Judge and not Christians like the ones who are so firm and strong in their hate and intolerance. We all need to learn how to stand for truth and not lose the ability to love and pray for those most in need of God’s Mercy and love.

    I have made too many mistakes and sinned too much to be so self-righteous!

  • Cindy

    I was researching Rick Warrens stand on biblical issues b/c I was looking for discernment while going through one of his series. I am instructed biblically to check the teachings of others against Gods word. I do not want to be counseled by anyone who compromises Gods word and his clear truth. We live in a christian society with watered down truths and principles, we would rather make the truth fit us rather than adhere to the Gods truth. Jesus went into the sinners home and dined with them to show His love and mercy, but he did not offer him to speak his sinful views as if it were truth. There is only one truth, whether people want to agree to that…Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life…we cannot be a follower of Christ and work on the efforts of doing any good outside of this absolute truth. There is ‘NO good accomplished’ outside of it, so it is then a hypocrisy to all who hear it and, more importantly, God does not honor it! He created us for His purpose and to bring glory to himself, so any life saving measure must be accomplished through His truths and no other way! He always deals with the heart first, He never carried much discussion without the cleansing of sin. (Ex., The woman at the well, the women brought before him in the act of adultery, etc.) He did not say, we can agree to disagree on those issues, but we can work together on these. Sin brings death, spiritual death, which is a way bigger problem than any earthly epidemic we face in our society. To join together with someone who kicks us in the teeth of our core value system (LIFE) is denying Christ in the strongest form possible. God gave those BABIES life in the womb as Psalm 139 tells us, He is their direct caregiver during those months, not their mother! It is murder to Gods child, the giver of life! Obama would not even agree to allow them to care for the babies that were strong enough to survive the horrific ‘procedures’ done to these precious little ones…he would rather them still be killed. (The ‘Induced Infant Liability act in Illinois)
    May we turn our face and hearts back to the God who gave us ‘Life’ and this great country!