Raw Audio Now Available Of Explosive Late-Term Abortion Testimony

Operation Rescue is making available the raw audio file of the testimony of Michelle Armesto Berge as she gave if before a joint interim legislative committee examining late-term abortions in Kansas on September 7, 2007.

Michelle had a late-term abortion at George Tiller’s infamous Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas, on May 13, 2003. Her experience relates in the most powerful terms, how the laws of Kansas are being circumvented through lies and illegal procedures at the cost of the lives of innocent viable babies that should have the protection of Kansas law.

This audio file is raw and unedited. At times the dialogue is difficult to hear, but the majority of the dialogue is clear and disturbing, and demands immediate action by Kansas authorities whose duty it is to enforce the law.

Click here to listen to unedited file of Michelle’s actual testimony.

  • The audio is an excellent addition to the arsenal of those who want to see Tiller held accountable — Has anybody transcribed it yet?

  • Interesting that the very first thing they did was show the patients a video of what a great guy Tiller is, then they killed the babies so that the women couldn’t back out. THEN they did the paperwork and got the consent.

  • Sarah

    this girls parents are cruel, horrible people with hearts of ice. i just want to ask them, so did killing your viable grandchild solve all your problems?

  • Mike

    This tape was indeed difficult to listen to, emotionally.

    A few things bother me about what Michelle says in the tape: 1.) The father of the child did all he was able to do to stop the abortion…powerless as he was given the laws. 2.) Her parents’ graduations and the party’s that followed were more important than the fact that their grandchild had just been murdered and Michelle was just supposed to act like everything for her was perfectly normal…with no regard to the trauma she had been through. 3.) The promise of an education, an apartment, etc. was obviously much more valuable dollarwise, to the parents than the life of a child.

    It makes you wonder how many times, this scenario, or ones similar to it have played out across the country.

    My heart bleeds for this young woman. She took an enormous risk in coming forward to tell her story. Hopefully, other women in like circumstances will hear her words and think twice about abortion.

    This tape should be front page news across the country.

  • Sarah

    I was talking to a friend who has dual degrees in molecular biology/ forensic chemistry and now works for a medical examiner in her town. she said that these shots to the heart that kill the baby do stop the heart immediately but that there is still oxygenated blood in the brain and the baby doesn’t actually die for 30 seconds or more. so for at least 30 seconds the child could still be conscious and suffocating before brain death occurs…just a chilling thought as one lady told me this type of abortion was more humane than a D and E.

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    So the idea is to come up with a “HUMANE” way of killing a baby, That makes it acceptable? Disposable human beings. If killing a baby is ok, who is next, the elderly, the disabled? Who will control these decisions?

  • Rachel

    I’ve been debating leaving a message on this site, there ARE some fetal anomalies where the baby would suffer if they make it to term or die during birth or shortly after. Would any of you want your child to suffer? There ARE also cases where the mother’s life IS in jeopardy…

    I’m not looking to start a war here…just a conversation.

  • Mike, what kills me is that her parents had all those resources at hand. They could have put those resources to helping Michelle and her fiance start a new life with their loved and wanted child, and they chose instead to be shallow and cruel.

    Rachel, go to Be Not Afraid (http://www.benotafraid.net/default.asp) and read these women’s stories.

    And also, Rachel, ask yourself this: If the mother’s life is in jeopardy, virtually any hospital in the country is fully equipped to do an emergency c-section and have that baby out of the womb and in the NICU within the hour. Why would a woman whose life was in danger drive past hundreds of these hospitals, where she’d be under the 24-hour care of trained medical professionals, in order to spend three days in a motel room attended by whoever she happened to bring with her? Why, if she is so medically fragile that the pregnancy is endangering her life, would she do that?

  • Steven


    There are humane, non-abortion ways to help babies with fetal anomalies not suffer in 2007. The clinic right next door to Tiller’s joint has largely pioneered the concept of perinatal hospice as an abortion alternative in select cases. Unlike Tiller, this guy sees patients for free with no-strings-attached. He also practices medicine within the bounds of the law, are rare thing on that block.

    Perinatal hospice alternative has helped many women and children who are in dire straights, and Wichita is fortunate to have such a place. It is a well-recognized and accepted protocol in most prolife and some obstetric circles.

    You cannot logically argue that abortion is compassionate for anyone, either mother or child. THat is a lie the abortion industry has fed us for too long, and it is no wonder that some, though not enough, prochoicers are becoming prolife when they consider the vast array of technology available today. Dr. Bernard Nathanson is an excellent exampe of one of those people.

    I challenge you to name ONE example where abortion is necessary, for either the mother’s life OR to address the fetal anomoly, in the current era of perinatal hospice.

  • Sarah

    well look Rachel. i know a couple who was told their child had severe deformities. the docs advised abortion but the parents said no. they had their baby, held her, loved her, and took pictures of her alive before she passed about twenty minutes after birth. they have no guilt. they gave her a shot at life and her passing was not because of their actions.

    now on the other hand, say these parents went to tiller to abort their daughter. they wouldn’t have held her alive, this little girl would never have felt her mother’s caress or seen her mommy and daddys face…and maybe they would feel guilt knowing their child’s death was anything but natural. the point is, none of us has the right to kill another human being because they ‘might” suffer. if so whats to stop us from euthanizing the elderly who have pain, or the homeless suffering on the street? thats not our right to kill another human being no matter how justified we might see it. and these babies do suffer tremendously while being aborted, from having a giant needle shoved into their hearts and suffocating to having their arms and legs torn off in a D and E. aborting your child does not spare him or her any suffering, believe me.

  • teddi


    What your friend said is exactly right. This induces a massive heart attack in the baby. Ask any survivor of a heart attack- they are both painful and terrifying.

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    Better to be held in the arms of love and looking into the eyes of a live baby, even if for a brief time. The memory is forever.

  • Jennifer

    I am sickened every time I hear the argument that one should kill their baby to save it from potentially suffering at or after birth. This a a cop out. This a playing God. It is terribly difficult to watch a child suffer and not be able to relieve it or change it (I experience this first hand). But this is pale in comparison of what that child gives you back. Do you think there is no suffering you inflict on this baby when you abort it? How sad that we live in a time that humans place themselves on the intellectual level as God. Therefore they lose sight of the fact that He does not make mistakes, he forsaw for all eternity from the beginning of time each moment of our suffering and is right here with us to help us through it, and will bring good of it somehow. People need to stop playing God and start trusting Him completely. Aborting a child you think you are sparing some suffering will only create more suffering for you in dealing with the pain of what you have done….and you will be deprived of the unconditional love and example that precious child will give back to you during whatever special time God entrusts him to your care. We can always look down the road in the future and see potential problems and heartache but we cannot see the grace or help that God will send along to help us through the moment.

  • Deena

    Abortion hasn’t solved anything. Why do most abortion patients continue to get pregnant after their abortions?

  • Jenny Vaughn

    I say that Doctor George Tiller be thrown in jail. For what he had done to these women. Yes abortion hasn’t and will never solve anything. Why do most abortion patients continue to get pregnant after their abortions? Don’t know. Ask them. I bet there will be a number of reasons. I pray for Michelle Armestro Berge and her family. What was done in 2003 was a very hanieous (however you spell it) crime.

  • Kathy

    I worked with profoundly disabled children for over 20 years… I also had a friend who had an anencephalic child with multiple deformities (half her head and face were missing) who lived only ten days. (There marriage ended within a year). I have seen hundreds of families struggle to care for children who are virtually vegetables, missing or mostly missing brains, vital organs … having degenerative disorders where they will require 24-7 custodial care/tube feedings, etc and will waste away and die before they are a year or two old. There is enormous suffering for these children and families, the parent’s marriages (the divorce rate in families with a severely handicapped child is over 95%), enormous financial burdens to both the family and the government (who ends up paying for many of these terminally ill children to be kept alive, despite the suffering they and their families endure.) The fact is that there is millions of “right to lifers” who make value judgments and try to force their opinions and laws down people’s throat. But only the family ultimately should be the ones to make the decision to terminate a pregnancy of a severely handicapped child, especially when there is no chance of survival or when the child is born terminally ill. To force women to carry a pregnancy to term knowing that the child will never live through the delivery or will have a short and painful life is the cruelist thing that anyone could do. If you don’t like abortion don’t have one. Meanwhile, don’t try to force others who are dealing with their own serious illness, dying children, children born from rapes, etc to have continue a pregnancy that will not only injure their physical and emotional health but also there is no hope of having a child with any hope of any kind of life.