Pro-Lifer Attacked With Club, Threatened With Arrest During Clinton Protest

Video shows angry attack followed by police violation of civil rights

Fort Madison, Iowa – Pro-lifers with graphic signs were attacked by a man wielding a club during a protest at a Hillary Clinton campaign stop in Fort Madison, Iowa, on Friday, yet responding police threatened to arrest the pro-lifers if they did not immediately leave the public sidewalk. The incident was captured on video. (View video below.)

Police were parked across the street from where Dan Holman of Missionaries to the Pre-Born was standing on a public sidewalk on December 7, when a man in a pickup truck got out of his vehicle and approached Holman with a club, shouting at him to get off his property. Holman was attacked and struck with the club.

“The man continued to try and assault me in the presence of three Fort Madison police officers,” Holman told Operation Rescue. “Rather than arresting the attacker the police threatened to arrest me! The police acknowledged that I was on a public right of way but said our presence posed a traffic hazard.”

Police told Holman that if he wanted charges pressed against the man with the club, he would have to go to the police station and fill out a report. Holman complied with the order to leave under threat of arrest, and later filed a complaint against his attacker, identified as Jim Mitchell. Holman is considering legal action against the Fort Madison Police.

Holman’s group was protesting Clinton, a radical supporter of abortion, in advance of the Iowa Caucuses, which will be held on January 3, 2008. He has protested Clinton at 32 of her Iowa appearances.

“Police departments across the nation have shown a disturbing disregard for the First Amendment rights of abortion protesters in recent weeks,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “We have a great deal of respect for the vast majority of police officers, who are decent people, trying to do a very difficult job. However, rogue officers who bully and falsely arrest peaceful protesters that are simply exercising a precious right in defense of innocent babies, are put on notice that they will be held legally accountable for their abusive behavior. We urge every police department to train their officers concerning First Amendment activity in order to bring an end to this kind of abuse.”

  • Dan is a good friend of mine. I pray he received justice regarding this attack on his person and on his first amendment rights. It is an attact on all of us and if we do not resist, we will be silenced and more babies will die by the hands of the blood thirsty abortionists.

  • Sarah

    okay….where is that police officer that ranted on a post about the truth truck being destroyed? this is what I have seen time and time again….police harassing pro-lifers. That guy was allowed to assault a pro-lifer and he wasn’t arrested? a lot of cops seem to have a personal vendetta against pro-lifers and all I can think is that they have a dead baby on their conscience….maybe somewhere along the line they were involved in an abortion and so they misdirect their guilt and anger at the pro-lifers who remind them of their sin. I hope legal action IS taken against the police…its time for the police across this nation to be reminded that the law applies to everyone.

  • Marcia Dalsky

    We are becoming more uncivilized every day.
    Americans are so polarized these days it doesn’t even
    seem like America anymore. The hate this attacker
    spewed is a prime example of where we are today.

  • I live about 45 miles from Fort Madison and am appalled that the Police Department would allow something like this take place. I intend to do some followup with the police and city to find out about the person who assaulted Mr. Holman. I amsure that anyone who is assualted with different circumstances would be arrested on the spot. Just the audio portion of the man saying he would bash in Mr. Holmans head is and should be considered a threat and should have been arrested. The only thing I heard that was not of my liking was Mr. Holman asking what happens if I don’t answer. He could have used a better choice of words as to not antagonize the Police or anyone else. Never do 2 wrongs make a right.

  • It’s nor surprising that folks with no regard for the lives of children would have no qulams about assaulting a pro-lifer.

    If the law can’t even protect the unborn, how can we expect it to protect the rest of us?


  • Steven

    Thank you for releasing the video. We need to keep our police and citizens under accountability.
    Can someone comment on the legality of the officer’s statement that the protester was committing a traffic hazard as he suggested? Is that a judgment call that officers can make, or was that completely bogus?

  • I think Hilary should be ashamed of herself for being pro choice because the baby is not a choice it is life.
    She sounds worse than Hitler. I sorry to say that but it is true. I am sorry the pro lifer got attacked like he did.

  • One would think that once an individual was truly informed about abortion; that one would have a new ally in the fight for the unborn child or at least, a sympathizer. But, apparently, there are those who so firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose at any cost; that they can’t stand to face the reality of that cost. The attacker should have automatically been arrested on the spot due to the fact that the police officers witnessed the assault. The only good thing I can say about this incident is; if this gentleman was so influenced that he resorted to violence, I’m sure that there will be others who are moved to Pro-life action. Keep up the good work!

  • James K. McGarry

    This incident was poorly handled by the Police officers, one of the officers was a Captain by the looks of the insignia on his collar a supervisor within the department. No police action was taken prior to the assault on the pro-lifer demonstrator. The officers were derelict in not arresting the assaulter, in the video, numerous verbal threats were repeatly made against the pro-life demonstrator in the presents of both officers (Harassment). Both officers violated there oaths to protect and serve the community they are employeed by. I trust that this incident will go the authorities of the city and futher action taken by the pro-life demonstrator in court action and law suits.

  • Jay

    How can we contact that police department and/or officer and issue a complaint? They should know that they are cold busted .

  • I am pro-life. I am a conservative. I think abortion is a crime. I will also cick the crap out of any idiot parading signs like that on my property. The only people I know that don’t understand what abortion is that I know are my kids. That crap is PART OF THE PROBLEM in my opinion. If I understood the attacker that was his property? How do we know the cop saw him get hit? The pro-life movement won’t win squat with those signs either.

  • This is for Hillary:

    The choice is made BEFORE YOU HAVE SEX! That’s the choice you make. Isaiah 44:24 (KJV)
    Thus saith the Lord, thy redeemer, and he that formed thee from the womb, I am the Lord that maketh all things; that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself;

    If He formed thee in the womb it is to be delivered, no matter what! The choice again is BEFORE you have sex, not after you have sex! (even in the case of rape)

  • kelli ann

    wow. I guess that peaceful protest is a major violation compared to assault.

  • Stephanie

    Dan and his wife, have been educating the public in Iowa in regards to Mzzzz. Clinton, the abortion queen. Apparently, they are having success, doing informational pickets. Maybe Hillary has hired some thugs to stir up problems? The Clinton’s are notorious for trying to silence the opposition.

  • Sarah

    Brian S. (Indy) I don’t know the age of your kids…but I was eight when I first saw an aborted baby. If you are truly pro-life you should be educating people ESPECIALLY your kids as to the truth of abortion. too many kids of “pro-life” parents grow up and have abortions because their parents never bothered to share their values with them or teach them the truth about intrauterine life.

  • John Francis Borra

    The likes of this Jim Mitchell and the nation’s culpable police who violate First Amendment rights of pro-life advocates are EXACTLY the same sort who allowed Hitler and the Nazis to turn Europe into a death camp for tens of millions.

    Only the time and place have changed. Yesterday it was Hitler in Bavaria; today it’s Hillary in Iowa. Yesterday it was Brownshirts in Munich; today it’s city cops in Fort Madison.

    Some people never learn.

  • Mary H.

    National news media outlets should be made aware of and broadcast this disturbing trend on the part of some local police departments around the country violating the First Amendment rights of law-abiding pro-life citizens. These attacks are not only against pro-lifers, but against Democracy itself!

    As others have mentioned, each local police jurisdiction should be trained in upholding First Amendment free speech and demonstation rights of citizens. A national campaign to call attention to police agencies not protecting the First Amendment rights of pro-life demonstrators should be seriously considered, as well as seeking any and all legal relief available through the courts. Education and rectification are the just remedies in these cases.

  • Mike

    As usual, the police defend the attacker.

    I agree…the attacker and the officer must have “abortion guilt by association”.

  • cw

    Brian, try reviewing the article here. What part of “The police acknowledged that I was on a public right of way” do you not understand? If you are truly “prolife” then you could understand why people need to see what abortion really looks like. Why hide the truth from people? Only liberals do that.

    As to your kids, guess what? Planned Parenthood is in many schools. They get to market themselves to your kids. In some states, they even hire junior high school and high school students to promote their business in between class periods. In some cases, this is done with TAX MONEY. “Conservatives” like yourself ought to be outraged by that.

  • maz

    May this incident propel us who are taking a stand for LIFE to stand ever more firmly and unitedly with one another, to recognize the level of WAR we are facing as the destroyer seeks to wipe out more precious lives.
    May we support those campaigning on the front lines in finance, prayer and action and grow in determination to continue to raise a SHOUT that will not be silenced until this barbaric trade is outlawed.

  • jtm

    “The pro-life movement won’t win squat with those signs either.”

    Just like the civil rights movement didn’t win squat with photos of lynching victims, the scarred backs of beaten slaves, etc., or like the animal rights movement didn’t win squat from showing photos of tuskless elephant corpses, bloody whales, etc.

    You want to suppress the clearest evidence there is of a mass murder in progress, you are free to do that, but it isn’t morally right to do so (The wrath of God, for what it’s worth to you, is revealed against ALL who suppress the truth in unrighteousness), and I somehow suspect that if someone could save your own hide from the fate suffered by the innocent murdered children depicted on the signs you don’t want shown by showing the person about to commission the killer, you’d be all for it.

    “won’t win squat”…Lots of childrens’ lives have been spared the atrocities of induced abortion because their mom saw a picture of what an abortion actually is — thanks to the likes of Holman and no thanks to your cowardly ilk– and were thus galvanized to protect their unborn children and choose life. Their lives may not mean squat to you, but that hardly makes you pro-life.

    Your kids are human beings. Tell them the truth. They can handle it. What they can’t handle, and don’t deserve anymore than their peers killed by the abortion holocaust, is your constipated silence/cowardice in the face of a clear and present danger. You want to live in a fantasy world where life is beautiful all the time, at least help make that fantasy a reality first. Help stop the atrocities the signs depict. Then, I can guarantee you, Holman, OR, and the rest of us won’t feel the need to display “those pictures”.

    You don’t state the ages of your precious little human shields in your war on showing the truth, but I’ve met lots of kids — ages 3 and up — who know that an abortion is a sinful, wrong act that kills a baby, and who show those signs to educate others and save other lives, thanks to parents who don’t see the virtue to co-opt their kids’ innocence/immaturity in the suppression of evidence of an ongoing bloodbath that has killed roughly a third of every generation conceived since about March 22, 1972.

  • Mary H.

    Brian, even if the prolife supporter was on private property which in this case he was not, an owner still does not have a right to start physically attacking someone without provocation or warning of any kind to the trespasser (I didn’t see any “Do Not Trespass” signs around).

    People need to “see” the reality of abortion. Your outraged is misdirected towards the prolifers and should be directed towards the abortionists who make these images possible in the first place. The abortion industry is systematically spinning a false story about what abortion is and how it is “beneficial” for girls and women. Girls, boys, men, and women need to hear and see the truth about abortion so that they can make a proper informed decision. I’m just as outraged by the butchery that aborted babies endure just as much as you are if not more since I had in the past worked in NICU (Neonatal ICU) and took care of premature infants as young as 26-27 weeks gestation.

    Pro-choice politicians talk out of both sides of their mouth. They talk about the medical advances that help save fetuses while in the womb while allowing the butchery of others. I guess that makes some babies more worthy and more “human” than others. Just like slavery in the past which denied full human rights to a race, abortion denies the same full human rights to the unborn of ALL RACES. It is the New Civil Rights movement of this time! Remember if the state can take the rights away from the unborn, what makes you think that they won’t find some legal means of taking away the rights of others they deem “unworthy or burdensome” to society under the guise that its a “quality of life” issue. Euthansia and abortion both use the “quality of life” criteria for “legally” killing people. Suffering is a fact of life for all of us. We need to support those suffering with compassionate acts that help them endure or overcome their trials–Compassion is not about eliminating suffering by eliminating Life!

  • Joseph T. Manzo

    There is nothing worse than an old man who supports Hillary. Actually all Hillary supporters are violent nuts. It’s amazing that there are so many cops who are King Herod’s men. That cop watched a man commit a felony assault and did nothing to stop it. The cop should be removed from the force.

  • tobra

    i am glad dan holman was not killed by the guy with the club.
    from a weather report, i heard it was 3 degrees below hillary the day of the attack.

  • Waylon Holman

    The democrats and republicans are two sides of the same tyrannical coin, and work to drag democrats into evil with support for abortion, and, republicans into supporting evil with war. Tyranny only takes the side of tyranny so they equally trash believers constitutional rights on both sides of any issue, and have no respect for constitutional rights. How many pro-lifers believe it is a sin to wage useless war in Iraq? How many anti-war activists support abortion? If we turn our backs on crimes such as dropping chemical weapons on Fallujah which is just as evil as snuffing out the souls of unborn children, we remain blind to this though we have eyes and cannot see, and ears that do not hear. God allows the ignorant to remain so. We have all been misled a little bit into an evil position by having a line drawn and being forced to take sides.

  • Pablo

    God is going to destroy America.

  • “America will not stop abortion until America’ SEES abortion” (in its reality).

    Priests for life slogan and I totally agree.

    People have a right to demonstrate on the public property and the police officer effectually stuck up for the person who did the assault rather than the person who was well within his rights.

    I hope the victim DOES sue like he threatened…

  • I one consider myself far left, but I 100% empthize with Mr. Holman being a victim of police state tatics used against peaceful protesters. Regardless of the issues, this police activity was simply wrong and reeks of police state. While I’m generally pro-choice, I find abortion to be disgusting and Americans should work togehter to find alternatives against abortion, increased post natal help for mother’s, a solid adoption system and better health education. Mr.Holman should indeed seek justice as he was every right to appear on a public street to voice his viewpoints. Good luck.

  • James C Beeler

    I have the CREATORS permission to make decisions, right or wrong. However, that does not mean my decision is right. Adam and Eve made a decision as to how to live thier life. We are suffering the consequenses of that decision. Therefore, those who chose to abort a life will have conquences to bare.

  • jesse

    RON PAUL 2008 – WAKE UP PEOPLE! TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. ron paul will take jurisdiction of abortion away from federal courts, as outlined in the constitution. a simple majority vote in congress will do this, no need for a majority in the supreme court.

  • Teresa

    I would like ACLJ to get involved with their lawyers.

  • Zeke

    Free speech should be free no matter what your religious or political affiliation. However, I really don’t feel that any of you lifers give a crap when anyone else gets arrested or beaten for their cause – like Cindy Sheehan or any anti-war or anti-government protesters. Maybe you’ve all been focused on one issue for so long, you misssed the part where the Bill of Rights has been shredded by your right-wing pro-life candidates – who never deliver on the promises they make you, because they can’t.
    I totally sympathize with the man in this story, but maybe if you people spent more time looking at the real problems in this country instead of the red herring abortion issue, we could get this country back on it’s feet again. I’ll be voting for Ron Paul, you all should too – then you can have your abortion battle once and for all, state by state – just don’t be surprised when you lose in 90% of the states. Maybe then you could join the rest of us in making the country a better place, instead of drawing lines in the sand.

  • Sarah

    why would we care if cindy sheehan’s rights got stomped? ABORTION is the issue here…we are defending a pro-lifers constitutional rights…the rights of every protester isn’t the issue in this case. let cindy sheehans liberal cohorts defend her, and we’ll defend our own. and to that person who says the Iraq war is a sin…i agree we NEVER should have gone in, but now that we’re in it is NECESSARY to stay and engage the enemey there. it is IMPERATIVE that we stablize Iraq for the security of the USA. My brother is a Marine and has been over there many times (is over there now in fact) Our forces do a lot for the Iraqi people…stop watching CNN and basing all your views from what the liberal media tells you. to liken the war our brave troops are waging to abortion is ridiculous. abortion is selfish murder, sometimes war is necessary for the preservation of our country and for our defense.

  • just thinking

    Wow! Free speech should be free no matter what…yet abortion, which takes all rights, including speech, away from its victims, is “a red herring issue”?


    The most innocent are unprotected as long as abortion remains legal.

    Why not wake up to reality, Zeke, and join us in making this country a more civilized place? Or is civilization not a positive attribute to you?

  • Jason Weishaupt


    I have seen this tactic used before by the police. They will have a government agent undercover acting in a way to provoke a piecfull protester(s) into viloence in order to shut down their free speech rights. If the piecfull protestor(s) don’t take the bate, the police will either arrest the fake agitator or will just arrest the piecfull protestor(s) anyway. This type of agent is known as an “agent provocateur”.

    Analyst, U.S. Govt.
    formor Deputy Sheriff

  • Jason-great post.
    In similar fashion, a lot of pro-aborts have been advised
    to infiltrate pro-life blogs, such as this one, and create
    choas and dissention.
    Some people that I know, believe that you “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”- so they have
    been able to obtain info fromP.P., NOW, etc which validates the aforementioned paragraph. I suggest that
    we ignore angry pro-aborts like Zeke, and focus on our
    goals, and on our race towards Christ.
    As in children and animals, when you reward the good
    behavior -it remains. When you ignore the bad- it extinguishes. Let them blog onto their own angry sites,
    and ignore them.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Keith

    I hate to say this but I just wish one time someone would attack me like that. But it never happens. That man would have had a fight on his hands. Not because I want to fight but I have a right to self defense. With regards to Cindy Sheehan, she has a right to free speech and I will defend her right to that but not her cause. I suppose we can at least agree that free speech is for everyone and not for anyone group. But yes I am concerned with her right to speak but I have no interest in her cause and she has no interest in ours nor interest in our rights to free speech either.

    Pax Christ!

    Merry Christmas


  • Keith

    Also I would like to say that I have been at different rallys including pro-troop marches and street prayer vigils for the unborn, no where are we told as Christians do we have to take a physical beating. Christ said turn the other cheek but taking a beating is not what he meant. A slap on the cheek was a cultural insult and Jesus never meant to say not to defend yourself. He tells the disciples to sell their cloaks to buy a sword in Luke. Jesus meant not to repay evil with evil. If that guy would have done that to me I would have put him on the ground in a heart beat in a manner of self defense.

    Pax Christi!

    A blessed Advent


  • Keith

    Oh I forgot I was a bell ringer once for the Salvation Army in California for a week. A man did come up to me and tell me to stop ringing the bell or he was going to assault me. I think he was surprised when I threw the bell down and got back in his face immediately and yelled back at him and was not in the slightest bit intimidated by him. He was shocked and backed off immeidately like most people who do this they are bullies and most bullies are cowards.


  • Randy Crawford

    I’ve been protesting abortionmurders and saving babies with the Holmans for over a year, and we have been concentrating lately on Hitlery Clinton around Iowa. It sure grieves me a whole lot that her millions of dollars invested in cultivating suckers around Iowa, along with more loot from Emily’s list, has gotten her all the way to a third place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

  • Loode Evers

    To all of you people with a wooden board in front of their face. I dont want to wake you up and all is fair u have rights to having your own opinion but for god sake open a book once in a while, i mean:
    – Dan Holman and every person who dares to compaire Hillary clinton or any other modern politician who lives in a democratic country to adolf hitler deserves a real good beating, really really hard. Hell if i were there i would beat the crap out of them. I dont know if u people picked up a history book last couple of decennia but Hitler killed millions and millions and millions op people, old, young, weak, useless and especially jewish. And not always quick, go to europe and take a look at his deathcamps and what he did against those people making them literally work to death, believe an awefull faith seeing my family lived trough the whole war unfortunately not all of us. And u compare that man to somebody who says people should have a choice to keep a baby or not.
    – What brings me to my second point u rather have a child born of a mom who works 2 jobs to get by and got raped one night by an ugly basterd who got her pregnant and beat her face up as well so that she got disfigured and got mentally unstable and lost one job and started doing drugs and alcohol to forget and then suddenly finds out after a month she got pregnant, she knows that she cant offer the kid a future cause she doesn’t have the money and the parental stability but you demand she keeps it so another young psychopath is born wich will mass murder a lot of people and might be the next hitler.

    In my opinion u r the bad people for taking choice away so people can give there spouse a good future, education and a healthy loving environment when they can and rape victims dont get in problems any further and first can pick there life up.

    In another educational note, watch animal planet or national geographic for a change and u will find out that in the animal kingdom abortion is a normal thing, some species eat there own kids in time of hunger or when the nest is threatened and they have to move one. What makes us different is that abortion is only allowed till a certain time when the embryo doesn’t have feelings or isn’t aware of it’s livelyhood yet, as soon as it gets those after a few months it isn’t allowed anymore but u probably knew that allready.

    So in the future when u go out and protest just think about what u put on your bords, cause hillary is not hitler and if she is all your president from George w bush to Ronald Reagan to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are hitlers aswell seeing there armies killed people aswell.

    I dont mind if u have a bord with Hillary Clinton is a baby eater or babymassmurderer but now your limits and history before u make such a awefull books

    If u r not happy with my comment of want to leave a remark or open a discussion, i will be happy to reply to u in a neat fashion, send ur mail to

    I am from the Netherlands, might wanna look that up on the map if u dont know where that is and have a pleasant protest

    Greetings Loode Evers

  • Loode Evers

    I dont mind if u have a bord with Hillary Clinton is a baby eater or babymassmurderer but now your limits and history before u make such a awefull books

    books should be comparison obviously, i miss an edit function here

  • The person with the club should be sued for assaulting Holman, for interfering with his 1st Amendment rights, and for threat and intimidation.

    The police officers should be sued for discrimination against Holman, in not providing fair and equal protection of this American citizen in doing their sworn durt when a crime had been openly committed against Holman in front of them, which also aids and abets criminals like the person with the club.

    The police departments in this country are being taken over by the PC crowd as well, as well as the corporate crowd which are all anti-Christ, so it comes as no surprise their behavior. They have the spirit of anti-Christ in their ranks, and this will continue and get even worse until Christ comes, just as the book of Revelation and others in the Bible reveals. How do you think the world government at that time that will be in place will be able to not only persecute Christians but also murder them as well, if they did not have the police departments and their militaries all doing the anti-Christ’s will as well.

    We are in the last days, and things are going to get a whole lot worse, so be prepared. The Godly have always been persecuted since the beginning of time, even Christ himself, and it will continue until God removes all such types out of the earth for good. Which he will one day. Until then, always expect it, because this is how the satanic-controlled secular world is and always was and always will be as long as it exists.

    God bless.


  • Big Daddy

    To Lewd Ever

    Just FYI Hitler killed about 11 million people (6 million Jews and 5 million Catholics, gypsies and homosexuals). Horrible, horrible blemish on our history. What an offense!

    Now Lewd, you will want to sit up and take notice, Bill and Hillary and others like them (this includes Obama by his on admission) have killed or at the very least sanctioned the killing of 46,000,000 innocent babies since abortion was somehow legalized by a few men. Did you catch that? That is forty six million!

    That is 4 times the number of people Hitler killed.

    And BTW we are taking choice away?? Lets get this straight, its murder that is the issue not choice. Your folks have fought hard to rename the issue choice because the true word is ugly, ABORTION. Now that we have that straight how about that choice, do those innocent babies have a choice when their little heads are crushed and they are sucked from their mothers womb???

    We are taking away choice?? You need to back away at look at what you are saying and doing from a distance. You will see the darkness when and if you have the courage to do that.

    I pray for your conversion.