Pro-Life Priorities: What We Expect from Mr. Trump’s Presidency



Washington, DC – With Donald J. Trump now our President-elect, and both houses of Congress firmly in the hands of pro-life Republicans, Americans who are opposed to abortion now have hope that real progress can be made in the struggle to protect innocent lives from the brutality of abortion death.

“Operation Rescue has named our five top priorities for the next Congress and the new Trump Administration,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “During the election, promises were made to pro-life/pro-family groups, and after Inauguration Day, it will be time to make those promises a reality. We can accept no excuse for failure.”

1. Make conservative, pro-life nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court.
The promise that Mr. Trump would appoint a pro-life justice to replace Antonin Scalia was one of the strongest promises made. Fulfilling this promise must be among the Administration’s top priorities. Without solid justices that will uphold the Constitutional right to life, all other pro-life actions become subject to reversal.

2. Defund and prosecute Planned Parenthood.
The majority of the American people oppose tax-funding for Planned Parenthood as long as it is in the abortion business. Money that now helps Planned Parenthood market abortions to vulnerable women should instead be reallocated to legitimate health care clinics so no one goes without the care they need.

It must be a high priority to prosecute Planned Parenthood for the hundreds of alleged crimes related to the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains, and for over-billing government funds for prescriptions and services. A strong message must be sent that abortionists are not above the law.

3. Pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.
This would ensure that babies at 20 weeks gestation and older have legal protections and cannot be aborted. This will end the savagery of poisoning and dismembering pre-born babies that are capable feeling pain.

4. Repeal Obamacare and its Abortion Mandate.
Obamacare has been a disaster for the American people in general and for those of faith in particular, who have been forced to pay for abortion and birth control in violation of their religious liberties. There are ways to improve health care for Americans that do not involve paying for abortion and other services that violate the deeply held religious convictions of millions of Americans.

5. Extend the Select Panel on Infant Lives into the next Congressional session.
It is important to continue the Select Panel’s investigation into illegal abortion practices and trafficking in baby body parts, which is set to conclude at the end of the year, because of delay tactics that have left subpoenas unanswered. At the very least, any recommendations made by the Panel to state attorneys general or the Department of Justice should be respected and crimes prosecuted.

This is not an exhaustive list of everything that could be done, but it is a start.

“It is our hope that the table can be set within the next four years for the complete abolition of abortion,” said Newman. “That is our ultimate goal, and for the first time since Roe v. Wade, it is now possible to achieve it.”


    Fred Sokol – Rocky River, Ohio – Pro Lifer – In front of Cleveland, Ohio preterm abortion mill the biggest abortion mill in the State of Ohio.

    Dear Troy Newman,

    IN MY OPINION: 60 million unborn babies have already been aborted, killed and ripped to pieces from head to toe in America since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 as ABORTION WAS LEGALIZED IN AMERICA. AND ABORTION OF THE UNBORN BABY IN AMERICA MUST BE STOPPED NOW!

    Your priorities listed above do not include for the upcoming Trump Administration THE TOTAL OUTLAW OF ABORTION IN AMERICA.

    However the upcoming Trump Administration can achieve THE TOTAL OUTLAW OF ABORTION IN AMERICA is fine with me – as long as it is legal and legislatively done.

    Your Operation Rescue effort to save the unborn baby from violent and savage abortion and death in America – must continue to hammer on: THAT THE UPCOMING TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OUTLAW ABORTION IN AMERICA AND BE THE ONLY PRIORITY TO BE SCREAMED OUT THIS NEXT FOUR YEARS OF A TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.

    The unborn babies of America cannot wait any longer to be saved from abortion and death. Abortion in America MUST BE OUTLAWED AND STOPPED NOW!!!!

    Thank You for allowing me to give my opinion.

    Fred Sokol – Rocky River, Ohio – Pro Lifer – In front of Cleveland, Ohio preterm abortion mill the biggest abortion mill in the State of Ohio.

  • Gladys Wisener

    You do realize that abortion will not be completely outlawed in the U.S even if Roe vs wade is overturned. Example here in California, abortion would still be legal because California legalized abortion in 1969 apart from the Supreme court decision in 1973.. Also other states would still allow , some with restrictions to probably 20 weeks or other similar restrictions. Abortion will not be completely banned because of it would just go back to the states to regulate each their own laws.

    Also women can travel to other states to have abortions, such as to California to have abortions, their is no law stopping women from going to other states. Please check the Guttmacher institute website, it states their what the abortion laws are for each state.

    Please inform yourself.

  • freenewlife8 .

    Gladys, what you have failed to fully appreciate is, as President-elect Donald Trump says, “Nothing is impossible for us now.” We, Americans, born and unborn, now have achieved full support for the Republican Pro-Life Platform, in the House, the Senate and the White House. Let that sink in, Hun. Americans are in the vast majority Pro-Life, despite what the MSM and Hollyweird taught you to think. Roe v. Wade never spoke to the personhood of the Unborn Child, as the Justices noted at the time. All we need is one teeny tiny personhood case before the conservative court (after a few Great Trump appointments!) Once personhood is finally established the rest of the Constitutional pieces will quickly fall into their rightful place. The atrocity of murderous death will finally be stopped! (Honest people understand the living child in her mother’s womb isn’t the mother’s body. She’s a distinct new person. She’s a valuable, soon-to-be woman, and I stand with HER!) It will take time for the Leftists to process, we understand…

  • Gladys Wisener

    Their is no guarantee that the justices will rule that way. Personhood of the unborn violates the woman’s right to bodily autonomy. You are giving the unborn more rights than woman, who is already an autonomous living person. I do not support personhood for the unborn (not trying to be callous), I just find it conflicting with the pregnant woman’s rights, which should come first, that is my contention. Now I would be willing to compromise and give personhood rights after say 2nd trimester, but not during the first trimester. A woman must have access to terminate a pregnancy in the first trimester, i believe that to be a basic right that we women must fight for, otherwise we nothing but slaves. So no i do not support personhood especially in the first trimester, woman’s rights come first.

  • freenewlife8 .

    So if I’m too close to you, then you should be able to kill me? It’s a false narrative to equate motherhood with slavery. The baby, in the vast majority of pregnancies, isn’t hurting the mother, and didn’t chose to be in close contact temporarily with her as their body grows. The child should never pay with their life for any “unwanted” dependence they have, as just a weak and helpless person. If my already-born child needs my special care, due to a disability, should I be able to kill them, too? I guess you’d feel like their “slave” because of their dependence on “your body”, so you’d be okay with them being “eliminated?” (Many liberals are okay with euthanasia of the infirm, too.) Women are very strong (extra support is readily available) and we can expect ourselves to respect, and temporarily support, the living human we are carrying in our wombs, just as we do every woman carrying her helpless child in her arms. It’s really not all about you. Sometimes it’s about respecting the Basic Human Right to Life of another human being. The government’s responsibility is to protect all Americans, and Personhood will be a huge step forward in the growth of our justice and compassion as a nation. Fight as you will, but the American people who have a conscience have boldly, clearly voted for Life. #MAGA for the Unborn!

  • Gladys Wisener

    You do understand that personhood from the time of conception would make women slaves to being pregnant , and all of the hardships, medical conditions that can develop from pregancy, pregnancy is not without risk. You are basically saying the moment a woman conceives, she stops having rights to her body and the embroyo, fetus has more rights?, that is unacceptable to me and many women. You may not think it is slavery, but to me and many others it would be. Try to think about it from that angle just for moment and see how you would feel if such imposition was made on you?

  • BdgrGrrl

    Trump won the electoral vote, not the popular vote. This country is deeply divided on many issues, including abortion. Polls have shown that a significant majority of voters want restrictions on abortion — mother’s life, rape, incest, fetal anomalies incompatible with life, and (maybe) mother’s health (not sure on the last one). They don’t want to ban it outright.

    Is there any assurance that most Trump voters chose him mostly for his (supposedly) pro-life views, or did they vote for him for economic issues, because they wanted a strong leader, or because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton? Exit polls showed that many voters picked him for the last reason in battleground states, more than those who chose Clinton over Trump.

  • freenewlife8 .

    Americans chose the completely Pro-Life Republican Platform when they chose Donald J. Trump. If you want to talk numbers, then let’s subtract the massively criminal illegal alien vote in Cali, and we’re back inside reality. Trump won hugely, and if you trust the MSM claims of Hillary winning popular vote then I’ve got a bridge you might like the price of, yep, it’s in Brooklyn, too! America listened for over a year to the options, and we liked Trump, everything about Trump. We don’t have to chose, we like unborn children being treated as the dignified human beings they are (so precious, each and every one) and we like having good paying jobs we can hold our heads up and be proud of. Children don’t deserved to be taken from the womb alive, and dissected, and organ harvested, while their heart is beating in order to buy a new Porche for a heartless Planned Parenthood executive. We’re done looking the other way, finally! #MAGA

  • freenewlife8 .

    correction of my comment below, she wanted a Lamborghini, my mistake…