Pro-Life Groups Submit Double the Signatures Needed to Ensure a Vote on Historic City-Wide Late-Term Abortion Ban

Operation Rescue will join Project Defending Life and the Survivors for an event August 2-10th to train activists and bolster community support for a ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Albuquerque, NM – In a titanic effort that garnered twice the necessary signatures in half the required time, pro-life groups spearheaded by Project Defending Life have submitted 27,000 signatures to the Albuquerque City Clerk on a city-wide legislative petition to ban abortions after 20 weeks gestation. That number of signatures virtually ensures the proposed late-term abortion ban will be on the ballot in an upcoming election, possibly as soon as October 8.

“The concerned citizens of Albuquerque were able to obtain 27,000 signatures, well over double the necessary number, in less than 30 days! Due to the overwhelming support of Albuquerque registered voters, we are calling on the ABQ City Council to listen to the resounding voice of the people and adopt this ordinance as written and ensure that this Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection ordinance will make it onto the October 8 ballot,” said Bud Shaver spokesman for Project Defending Life.

Albuquerque is the home of Southwestern Women’s Options, the largest late-term abortion clinic in the U.S. Project Defending Life’s Tara Shaver has obtained nearly a dozen 911 calls that document all-too-frequent abortion-related medical emergencies at that clinic.

The Shavers have also obtained a consent form given to late-term abortion customers by Southwestern Women’s Options that confirms that abortions after 18 weeks gestation carry higher risks to the women than birthing a full-term living child.

“No guarantee or assurance has been made to me as to the results that may be obtained,” states the abortion consent form. “The risk of terminating a pregnancy gradually increases throughout the course of the pregnancy. These comparative risks become approximately equal at 16-18 weeks of pregnancy and increase so that pregnancy termination at 18 weeks and above involves a greater risk than carrying the pregnancy to term.” (Emphasis added.)

“The statements made by this notorious late-term abortion clinic about the risks of abortion past 18 weeks bolster the need to protect women and their babies from the admitted dangers of this grisly and barbaric abortion procedure. The city ordinance is a reasonable way to protect the public,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, which has worked side by side with Project Defending Life to expose and end late-term abortions in New Mexico.

The city-wide effort is unique and has garnered national attention since revelations of gruesome abortion abuses surfaced at the trial of convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell and against Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen. Women come from all over the U.S. to Albuquerque for abortions in the latest days of pregnancy – abortions that are illegal in most states.

Two of the late-term abortionists employed by Southwestern Women’s Options were former employees of late-term abortionist George Tiller in Kansas, and were featured in the Sundance Film Festival movie “After Tiller.”

Once the signatures are certified by the City Clerk’s office, the City Council will have three options for handling the petition. It can adopt the measure, in which case no vote would be needed and the new proposed ordinance would become law. That option appears to be the least likely scenario. The City Council could attempt to amend the language, in which case both the petition language and the amended version would go up for a popular vote. However, the most likely course of action will be for the City Council to simply ignore the petition, which would require the measure to be placed on a ballot for a city-wide vote.

If the city officials drag out the process and miss placing the initiative on the October 8, ballot, the city would be forced to hold a special election at the cost to the city of around $500,000. Pro-life groups worked hard to garner enough signatures in half the allotted time in order to avoid the extra expense of a special election.

Already the local media is putting forth the fallacious argument that if the late-term abortion ban is approved by Albuquerque voters, it would be nullified as being in conflict with state law. However, that is simply not true. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the right of states to make laws restricting abortions in the later stages of pregnancy. Eight states have passed similar laws, most recently in Texas where pro-abortion forces attempted to disrupt the state legislature to hinder passage.

However, an ABC/Washington Post poll released just yesterday confirmed that 56% of Americans support restrictions on abortions after 20 weeks gestation.

Operation Rescue will join Project Defending Life and the Survivors for a pro-life event in Albuquerque, which will be held August 2-10. They will train activists and bolster support for banning late-term abortions there. Both Newman and Operation Rescue Senior Policy Advisor Cheryl Sullenger will be featured speakers and presenters.

For more information about the upcoming pro-life event in Albuquerque, please visit

Operation Rescue encourages the public to contact the nine members of the Albuquerque City Council and urge its members to the measure gets on the ballot without amendments for the October 8 city-wide election.

Detailed contact information can be found at this link. E-mail addresses for all nine City Council members follow:,,,,,,,,

  • Mary A. Bell

    Praise the Lord for all those signatures! Blessings on Operation Rescue, the Survivors, and all the prolifers working so hard to shut down that notorious abortion center in Albuquerque. I will be praying for the August 2-10 events.

  • Nancy

    After 41 years of killing babies…it’s about time. I just turned 42 and A LOT of people who I should have known are NOT HERE because of Roe/Wade. Our society has become so sick because of this…I am sooo GLAD to hear about the signatures and I am not surprised! This isn’t acceptable anymore and NOT normal.

  • Carmen Rodriguez

    Life is created at conception. But if we continue in this war saving the life of unborn before 20 weeks of pregnancy, we will be significantly reducing the crimes of babies in this Nation. God bless the people praying in front of those clinics and those who are working on every possible strategy to stop these crimes. Is very difficult to awake the hypnotized and dormant consciences of many through a distorted definition of liberty, when it is stained with the tint of convenience and lie. Truth can’t be voted for, neither be considered as opinion. Truth is Truth. The Earth is round, not flat, although people had to die for that Truth! Life starts at conception in the womb, as defined by scientists over the world, believers and atheists scientists associations, institutions and organizations, and that life is a person, nothing else.
    I just copied and paste the following from a article:

    “Do you know, Do you care” that abortion is legal through all 9 months of pregnancy in Albuquerque?

    “Do you know, Do you care” that Albuquerque is known as the late term abortion capital of the country?

    “Do you know, Do you care” that abortions at 18 weeks and beyond involve greater risk to the mother than carrying the pregnancy to term?

    “Do you know, Do you care” that the unborn baby at 8 weeks responds to touch and as early as 20 weeks (5 months) gestation experiences pain?

    I want also to mention/add:
    Do you know that as the person as conceived may have a different blood type than the mother and the sex is already defined? Inside the womb? Is a person!
    Do you know, Do you care that the person in the womb can listen to your voice, music and sounds starting at early as the 17th week of pregnancy?
    Do you know, Do you care that the person in the womb has head, brain, fingers, torso and all other organs have started to be formed at the 10th week ?
    Abortion is such a horrendous and heinous crime, that when you try to talk about how abortion is done, the majority of the people can’t stand it and doesn’t want to continue to talk about the subject. It is easier to talk about the untrue liberty of choice of the woman. No one in this world was born with a choice to kill for no reason, except for TRUE self defense. I go further because I am Catholic: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I dedicated you” (Jeremiah 1:5). And these babies are innocent! God forgive and bless America!