Priests For Life Calls for Abortion Clinic Investigations

NEW YORK, Jan. 14 /Christian Wire Service/ — Priests for Life, a national anti-abortion organization, expressed concern over the recent hospitalization of an abortion patient yesterday at Women’s Health Care Services, a late term abortion mill run by George Tiller in Wichita, Kan.

“The more you look, the more you find,” said Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, referring to the cases of injury and death at legal abortion clinics across America. “Over ten years ago, I had the privilege of assisting in gathering information for the book “Lime 5,” which documents how unsafe our nation’s legal abortion clinics are. The only thing that has changed since then is that the numbers of injuries and deaths have continued to grow. Anyone concerned about women’s health should join us in calling for a full-scale investigation of the fact that what is happening in abortion clinics is far more than the ordinary incidence of complications that result from any kind of surgery.”

Echoing the question of the pro-life people at the hospital in Wichita yesterday as the abortionist arrived, Fr. Frank asked, “How many more women have to be injured before you stop, George?”

Priests for Life urges women who have been hurt by abortion to seek assistance through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. More information is available at or

Contact: Jerry Horn of Priests for Life, 540-785-4733,

  • J0sh75

    It is sad that all of you people consider unborn fetusus to be human beings. Embryos and fetuses are not human beings because they cannot not survive with out the help of another living creature.

  • Rachael

    Perhaps you’re referring to personhood. They sure are human beings, as they are the reproductive offspring of humans. They certainly aren’t the offspring of chickens or fish. I recommend you do a little research on fetal developement.
    I recommend the book K.L. Moore’s “The Developing Human, Clinically Oriented Embryology”

    Also I recommend the websites:
    Carnegie Embryonic Stages
    Prenatal Development Presentation

  • Rachael

    And wait a minute, what does this have to do with botched abortions? Aren’t you concerned that women are still getting injured and killed by “safe and legal” abortions?

  • Songbird77


    My initial thought (quasi-narcissist that I am) was to relate my own aortal transformation as a post-abortive woman. But let’s leave gender politics out of this discussion for once:

    If the embryo, fetus and/or pre-born child is not a human being, then what is it? Let us not ignore this unassailable fact: You, me and every one of us began our journey as this pre-born miracle of which you dismissively speak. It is morally and ethically dishonest for me to believe that, since my pregnancy derived from tragedy, that my child was any less human because of this. (Its father may have not have been fully human, and its mother may have (temporarily) been a sub-mongol, but that surely wasn’t the child’s fault.)

    Furthermore, as I believe I am addressing someone with a Y chromosome here, consider another critical fact: To deny the personhood of the embryo and/or fetus is to denigrate the father’s role in the conjugal act. Is his contribution any less valid or sacred than the mother’s? I cannot accept this hypocrisy, despite my youthful calumny.

    Finally and perhaps most importantly, I used the same arguments you have cited (in tandem with my own desperate circumstances) to justify my own abortion 30 years ago next month. I was convinced by them – for the first five post-op months.

    An inner transformation is difficult to articulate, as it is intensely personal and unique to the individual. Many of us, my own (current) physician included, have experienced a change of heart about this issue. For many of us, these realizations derived from spiritual origins – for others, unavoidable medical and scientific realities pervaded their consciences. For me, it was a combination of both. And it continues to be a combination of both.

    And, as a woman, I find that I cannot divorce my own emotionality and sensitivities from my own situation. And why should I? God obviously designed women to be childbearers, with eminently good reason. I will always regard my teenage pregnancy as a tragedy. Yet I cannot look upon my lost child as anything less than human. That, in my view, would be akin to asking you to “get in touch with your feminine side.” Barbra Streisand may have asked Nick Nolte to do that in the awful 1992 film “The Prince of Tides,” – but I cannot.

  • jerry


    so, are we to conclude from your post that people on life support, those in a comatose state, elderly people who can’t get around, toddlers, newborns, paraphlegics, etc…. are not human beings either? they can’t survive without the help of another ‘living creature’.

    the kind of embarassing sophistry you’ve expressed would be laughable if not for the seriousness of the subject matter.

  • mcnutt


    Has it never occurred to you that had you been killed in utero, the being that you are NOW would not be here, having been killed in the abortion? Think about it; you will find it much more fruitful than the dead end you were pursuing in your last post.

    Being human and being dependent upon others for one’s existence are not mutually exclusive; the first is determined by parentage and proven by DNA, which is unique to the individual from the moment of fertilization. The second is determined by circumstances generally beyond one’s control; illness, state of development, and other factors; it does not determine and cannot alter species.

    Very few of us, actually, can survive without the help of others: not even the eugenists’ wicked dreams, let alone much better ones, have been brought to fruition in a void of human relationships. I think the first experiment in solo existence lasted only a few hours, a few days at the most; then it was clearly considered so unsatisfactory as to require Divine intervention…which God was more than happy to provide (See Genesis 2)

    What do you do for a living? Does anyone hire, work for, buy from, sell/lease to, or assist you in anyway? Silly question, since your entire existence is totally dependent on two other people having conceived, and one having given birth to you. Birth. A funny thing: noone since Adam and Eve got here without it, and noone has ever gotten over it.

    Noone ever completely gets over an abortion, either. Or, put another way, “CHOICE” CUTS NEVER HEAL.

    But abortions performed on non-pregnant women (One of the myriad abuses perpetrated on women by abortionists for money) are just as injurious to the mothers as those performed on pregnant women, so what’s your point posting your unfounded claim on this particular comment section?

    Think first, then speak (or write). Then just try to tell the truth. You may get originality thrown in as a side benefit, you may not; but in either way, you will at least have said something worth hearing/reading. This last post of yours was lacking in both truth and originality, and I daresay most visitors to this site have heard what you said at least several hundred times before you said it here; I know I have.


    G. McNutt

    p.s. regarding an earlier post attributing the dictum, “First do no harm” to the Hippocratic oath; actually, that phrase, per se, is not in the Hippocratic oath, though it is the ethical basis of the oath, and remains the expectation of most ailing persons consciously entering a health care facility. The phrase itself, however, is attributed originally to Galen the physician.

  • the mcnutts

    Hi, everybody!

    well, we’re baaaack!

    Just recently read a great suggestion as to cut way back on murdered unborn children and injured women — i.e., on induced abortions — without overturning Roe, and without the use of lethal force against unconvicted abortionists!


    Just require every abortion-bound mother to pay a Murder Tax to the IRS; this would be the average amount that the child, if allowed to live a normal life, would have paid in income taxes between the ages of, say, 25-55.

    That way, since so very few (if any, with the obvious exception of Kennedy concubines & ilk) could then afford legal abortions, virtually all abortions would be illegal…and therefore, much rarer… and therefore, much safer, at least for the mothers. (It is pretty well documented now that legalizing abortion has made it much less safe; most illegal abortions done in the few decades preceding Roe were done by doctors, in their offices, just recorded as D&C’s. Naturally, these undercover abortionists had to be verrrrrry careful to avoid botches, lest their deeds come to light and they end up in jail…and naturally, since Roe removed the need for those precautions…well, it’s history; go visit the Blackmun Wall, or read LIME 5, both available at

    Sounds worth a try to me; it will at least prove who is greedier, the IRS or the NAF, et al…in the meantime, though, we won’t turn down a Roe reversal…

    Keep pressing the gates!

  • lime5


    May I quote you, as an example of how the proabortion crowd invariably projects their own faults onto the preborn and those who stand up for them?

    By your standard, the least human creature on the face of the earth would be the abortionist and his/her staff, being totally dependent upon sucking the life out of a host, or series of host, organism(s).

    But it won’t let you off. Even inhumanity (inhumane-ness)will not alter innate species; we will all stand before the One in Whose image we were created, and in the service of Whose interests our own are bettered…infinitely…

    Think about it…you’ll find it well worth your time to investigate.


  • Maria

    Dear friend,

    This week I turn 32.

    It’s hard to believe. How time flies. January 22, 1973 seems like so long ago. I’m the oldest in my family. It’s a pretty big family, but I’ll explain that later.

    If you’re a baby boomer, you probably don’t think much of my generation – Gen X. But that’s because we’re a threat to you! My generation is changing the world! Just think of all that has happened in the world these past 32 years …

    The end of Vietnam. Watergate. Jimmy Carter. Actually, I don’t remember much from the 70s, since I was just entering elementary school when Ronald Reagan became president.

    I loved the 80s. That’s when I grew up, but I had no idea just how much the world was changing.

    Then, the Berlin Wall fell. I’ll never forget that day in November, 1989. I was 16 and on top of the world. I can remember my history teacher telling me that the world would never be the same. He was right.

    Then, something even more dramatic developed. The Internet. If you want to understand me and my generation, then go on-line. When I was in college, a few of my friends saw it coming. We helped start a revolution on-line. And don’t believe it when they say the Internet bubble has burst. The only thing that has burst is the old way of doing business.

    Now there are no boundaries for people like me. The sky is truly the limit! I got married three years ago to a beautiful and loving woman, and we’re expecting our first child in three months. A new generation begins …

    Yes, life is good. Except for one problem.

    You see, I wasn’t actually born on January 22, 1973. In fact, I wasn’t born at all.

    I never was given the chance to take even that first breath … never mind then 381 million breaths that would have followed over these 30 years.

    Not a single breath.

    That’s because of something else that happened on January 22, 1973.

    Seven justices made a decision that would dramatically affect my life … and the lives of 40 million others who would never take a breath.

    That’s my family. And it’s growing every day. In fact, in the next 24 hours the family of abortion victims will grow by about as many people who died when the World Trade Center buildings collapsed.

    The 9-11 cleanup concluded after nearly a year, but our cleanup – the one from 1-22 continues.

    And to think it was all based on a lie. Jane “Roe” of Roe. Wade was lied to. And so were you – if you believed even for a moment that the mass of tissue wasn’t a human life.

    That mass of tissue was me!

    My goal here isn’t to make you feel guilty. Rather, think of me … or what could have been me … the next time the topic of abortion comes up.

    Think of me graduating from high school and going to college.
    Think of me getting married and having children.
    Think of me celebrating my birthday this Wednesday with family and friends.
    Think of me turning 32.

    – Anonymous

  • jerry

    this weekend, we mark the beginning of the 32nd year of legalized child killing in America.

    for 31+ years, the abortion industry has been lying to women in order to sell them abortions, withholding important information from them in order to make more money by selling more abortions, performing procedures which poison, dismember, barbarically KILL innocent unborn children, then taking the remains of those children and throwing them in a dumpster or putting them down a garbage disposal. this is the legacy of groups such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, NOW, etc….

    the legacy of the prolife movement, in contrast, is thousands upon thousands of lives saved, thousands of lives changed, exposure of people who are engaged in child killing, political victories for candidates who are prolife, political defeat for candidates who are pro-death, and legislation which includes banning of partial birth abortion, prevention of tax money spent on child killing, etc…., not to mention the relentless pursuit of legal protection for the unborn.

    as far as people who have done any sort of violence towards abortionists, for 20 years (1973-1993) there were no incidents of any kind. what happened in 1992-3? well, the clinton administration, in bed with the abortion industry, completely shut down all peaceful dissent, and at the same time, began exporting abortion all around the world and promoting it aggressively here at home.

    i don’t condone violence towards abortionists, and neither does any other prolife group or leader. violence against abortion mill personnel and abortionists was roundly condemned the few times it has occurred. there have been approximately seven abortionists and clinic personnel killed or injured over a 31 year period, and of course that is wrong. but the abortion industry makes money on violence, having been responsible for over 40 million deaths since 1973, not to mention all the lives that have been shattered, women rendered sterile by abortion, women who have breast cancer due to abortion, women who died from LEGAL abortion, etc……

    furthermore, some of the actions taken against abortionists were later found to have been committed by men whose wives/girlfriends had aborted their baby, and those men, who were not emotionally stable to begin with, decided to take matters into their own hands and seek vengeance on those who had killed their child. of course that is very sad and is not to be condoned by any sane rational person. additionally, all causes, whether civil rights, anti-slavery, what have you – attract a small element of people who may or may not be stable, and who act independantly of the actual movement. that doesn’t condemn the whole movement, unless of course you’re a rabid proabortionist who wants to broadbrush all prolifers.

    finally, many of the clinic bombings were later found to have been perpetrated by the abortionists themselves. why? because when protests are taking place each day, driving away your business, think of the p.r. victory that can be gained by bombing your own clinic, blaming it on prolifers, and then collecting insurance money so you can relocate somewhere else.

    in addition to all of this, witness the explosion of child abuse since 1973, and the exponential increase of senseless violence throughout society. before 1973, were mothers drowning their kids in bathtubs? were mothers cutting the arms off their newborns? were girls giving birth in school restrooms, stuffing their children in trash cans, and then going back out to dance? were women being killed precisely because they were pregnant and someone either wanted the baby for themselves, as with the recent horrific story out of missouri, or because they did NOT want the baby, as with people like scott peterson? the answer is, no. these things are related to abortion, because we have legalized the killing of our own children, and lo and behold, the respect for life has diminished in proportion everywhere we look.

  • k. mcnutt


    A friend of mine, taken with some of the lines of “Scarborough Fair”, wants to make her boyfriend a Cambric shirt…from growing the fiber herself from seed, to harvesting, ginning, spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc. Since we assume you do all this for yourself (after all, you don’t want any of that sloppy, demeaning “interdependence on others”, do you?) would you please post the instructions here? You never know, it may start a trend!