Powerful New Video Exposes Harm Caused By Obama-Funded Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics

Note: Our video was scrubbed from YouTube.com after receiving nearly 10,000 views. We have re-published it and ask you to forward it to your contacts and post it to your social networking sites before it disappears again!

Washington, DC – Operation Rescue has released a video that contrasts statements made by Pres. Barack Obama in support of tax-funding of Planned Parenthood with actual images and 911 audio from 14 documented medical emergencies – including one avoidable patient death – that have taken place at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics since January, 2011.

“This powerful video shows how Obama’s policy of funding Planned Parenthood with public tax dollars is actually working to harm women,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “Obama continues to promote and support Planned Parenthood on the campaign trail and during the Presidential Debates. We want to help the public understand the true nature of what that support is inflicting on women across the country.”

Gov. Mitt Romney, who is running against Obama for the Office of the Presidency, has vowed to halt tax subsidies to Planned Parenthood.

The video includes the following medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics that have been carefully documented by Operation Rescue with the help of vigilant pro-life activists from coast to coast over the past 22 months:

1. October 13, 2012, Aurora, Illinois
2. October 2, 2012, Kenmore, Washington
3. August 23, 2012, Houston, Texas
4. August 16, 2012, Boise, Idaho
5. July 20, 2012, Chicago, Illinois (Tonya Reaves abortion death)
6. July 7, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts
7. March 6, 2012, St. Paul, Minnesota
8. December 20, 2011, PP Sioux City, Iowa
9. October 14, 2011, Virginia Beach, Virginia
10. April 14, 2011, St. Paul, Minnesota
11. April 1, 2011, Aurora, Illinois
12. March 18, 2011, Everett, Washington
13. February 12, 2011, PP St. Louis, Missouri
14. January 11, 2011, PP Boston, Massachusetts

“There can be no doubt that Planned Parenthood, the largest supplier of abortions in the nation, presents a danger to women everywhere. Obama’s shameful support of this abortion cartel is placing the lives of women at risk of bodily injury and death,” said Newman. “We cannot afford four more years of carnage against women. On November 6, we urge Americans to vote to protect the health and safety of women and their pre-born babies by voting Obama out of office.”

Among the 14 incidents in the video, documented abortion complications include hemorrhaging, uterine perforations, and incomplete abortions. The incidents presented represent only a fraction of abortion complications that occur at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, most of which occur in secrecy.

  • Richard Justman

    Calling ABORTION correctly is vital to victory!!!!
    “ABORTION is Premeditated BABY MURDER”
    like calling an affair……ADULTRY.
    or calling Gays “SODOMITES”
    or calling anything evil by a friendly word.
    Wake up…… Let’s call it what it really is!!!!!
    Using new words for evil behavior is a trap.
    Let’s once again call it by words that GOD designed.
    The battle can be won…..if we use GOD’S chosen WORDS.
    Years ago, when we were in the drivers seat, we used words that GOD chose and we won the debate.

  • To Mr. Justman,
    I applaud your passion on this subject. I share it but murder is a legal term and abortion, is sadly, legal. I wish it weren’t but as long as it is, it is incorrect to call it murder.
    I think in labeling it an abomination, we are just as effective and far less confusing in our speech.
    If abortion is murder than theoretically there should be a heck of a lot less of them taking place since murder is illegal. That is not the case though so we need to adopt a strategy in concert with the present situation.
    Carolee Gifford

  • Creola

    Abortion could be “babIES murder” too for twins, triplets etc.

    Yes the Body of Christ sometimes says ‘depression’ when the biblical word is discouragement.

  • anonymous

    Why does the old video say it was removed by the user? Usually a video removed by Youtube says removed for terms of service violation or something like that.

  • Operation Rescue

    Well, that’s the mystery, isn’t it? It says “Removed by User” but I’m the only one with the pass code to that account and I didn’t take it down. Was it a hacker? Was it someone inside Youtube with an ax to grind? We don’t know, but to have a potentially politically damaging video taken down just days before what most consider a very close presidential election is suspicious, at best.