Politically Motivated? Pro-Life Activist Falsely Arrested Ahead of Vote Curtailing Free Speech Rights

Video: Mary Maschmeier

By Cheryl Sullenger

St. Louis MO – It was New Year’s Eve morning. A small group of pro-life activists gathered peacefully on the sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in St. Louis, as they routinely do, to offer help to women.

But today wouldn’t be routine.

Before the morning was over, John Ryan, an experienced activist who regularly offers help to pregnant women at Planned Parenthood, was under arrest and escorted to the back of a patrol car.

He would later be charged with domestic terrorism and pulling a fire alarm, which made no sense to those who were on the street with Ryan that morning. They say he never left the public sidewalk, nor did he ever break the law.

According to a Facebook posting, Ryan believes the arrest stemmed from false accusations made by a clinic worker with which he had a brief conversation that was witnessed by at least a half-dozen people.

Ryan said that he asked the abortion worker, “How would you like to bring in the New Year with a new job?”

“You didn’t dream of working at an abortion mill when you were a little girl,” he added. “No little girl dreams of that. What happened to that little girl?”

After Ryan’s arrest, police dispatched a K9 unit to Planned Parenthood, which was inside the high-volume abortion facility for about an hour while Ryan remained cuffed in the back of a patrol car.

“Our lawyer came but the police would not let him talk to John,” said Mary Maschmeier, founder and president of Defenders of the Unborn, who took video of the arrest and posted it to Facebook. “Finally the police opened the window and we were able to speak to John for a few minutes. The police came out of the mill and said no more questions or talking to him.”

Maschmeier told Operation Rescue that the police never asked Ryan for his name nor did they respond to questions about why he was being put under arrest.

Ryan said that police spoke to none of the approximately six pro-life activists that had witnessed Ryan’s conduct all morning and could attest to the fact that he never broke the law.

Suspiciously, Ryan was told by one of the officers that they were detailed ahead of time to Planned Parenthood. It was almost as if they knew ahead that someone would be accused of a crime.

Ryan was finally released on January 1, 2017, on his own recognizance — without having to post bail — something that also seemed odd given the charge of “domestic terrorism.”

Even more suspicious was the timing of Ryan’s arrest in light of a proposed city ordinance, BB 203, due to be discussed later this week that would amend the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance to include “pregnancy and ‘reproductive health decisions’” as “protected classes.”

Two St. Louis Aldermen, Megan-Ellyia Green and Christine Ingrassia, both Democrats, have worked “in tandem” with the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) to introduce BB 203 and a new buffer zone ordinance that would keep protesters away from the facility – the only abortion facility in Missouri — and make it more difficult to offer help to women.

A buffer zone would also make it more difficult for pro-life activists to document medical emergencies involving injuries to women that have taken place at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood abortion facility 63 times in the past eight years.

“It appears possible that John Ryan’s suspicious arrest was orchestrated by Planned Parenthood and the St. Louis Police Department to ensure there was a recent ‘incident’ that could be used to support new laws that are meant to seriously hinder the free speech rights of pro-life activists,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “There is obvious corruption within the City of St. Louis that is protecting the most dangerous Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the country. It is so important that we expose and oppose this corruption that is endangering women and costing innocent lives.”

Ryan’s case is set for a hearing on January 17.

Meanwhile, he has a special request of pro-life activists in the St. Louis area. He believes the “best response” to his unjust arrest would be for pro-lifers to expand their presence outside the St. Louis Planned Parenthood, lest they “sense they can intimidate us into submission.”

  • Babsan

    This confirms the EVIL that has been instigated since the crime syndicate pushed thru a Chicago Bath House choom smoker to destroy anything and all that is/was America.The Muslim FRAUD is EVIL personified and the STUPID voters are too brain less to see and understand

  • Cindy

    Typical PP ploy. It’s like Satan himself gives them the ideas for these things. Praying for John.

  • delbromm

    This is a true case of “Reverse Discrimination” and Incrimination of Innocent. Must be a lot of Pro-Death politicians in both City Hall as well as Police Department. Where is accused rights to confer with an attorney??

  • Fraginals5

    If you don’t dance at the liberal tune you are. “Domestic Terrorist”. Liberals have crossed the line. A teacher fired because a negative comment in his own time about Michell, accused of domestic terrorism because he is using his constitutional right is incarcerated. When is this unconstitutional state of affairs will continue? Hopefully Trump will change all this.

  • freethinker4

    Sadly the democrats encourage murder as woman’s right, but if a baby is wanted by the mother and killed in the whom it has all our Constitutional rights, does that make sense?. Apparently a woman’s right and the democrats are above all including God.

  • joe moore

    demorats never quit trying to ruin the lives of others the dirt on this escapade will come out and planned parenthood will be at fault. they are the low lifes of this world and will pay for it. this was a preconceived action and i pray they are caught and prosecuted. but taking a human life means nothing to these murderers. GOD bless pro life.

  • I agree. I would increase the presence at that murder mill ten fold.

    How scary that a private citizen could be arrested for no other reason than disagreeing with the local government and planned parenthood And so called “law enforcement” involved!

    Sounds more like Stalin’s communist Russia or Hitler’s Germany. Scary stuff!

  • We expect police to always do what is right. In this case, they surely did not do what is right.

  • DonRS

    This is St. Louis, another of the big cities dominated by Democrats! What might you expect. The only speech that is “free speech’ to them is that speech which they APPROVE!

    We need the anti-ACLU to file a huge lawsuit and get rich while doing good!

  • jeffnkr

    Father, we love You! We praise and glorify Your Holy Name! Forgive us of our sins! Bless John, and give him peace! I ask that all the charges be dropped, and that he isn’t charged and convicted of anything at all! Bless the police officers who made the arrest. Bless the abortionists who called the police and who may have orchestrated the arrest. Father, You know exactly who did what, and all of us will stand before You, on The Day of Judgment, and give an account of what we’ve done. I ask that You so work in the lives of the abortionists, the police officers (who perhaps were doing what they had been told to do, and risked termination if they disobeyed a direct order) the women who seek an abortion, the men involved, and all others who support abortion, and make them miserable. Let them see the truth of what abortion really is. Be merciful and gracious, but firm. Thank You for the exceedingly abundant love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness You poured out on ME, when I was not worthy of it, and still am not. Nothing is impossible for You! I pray for equipment failures at abortion facilities. Give peace and comfort to John’s family! In Jesus’ Mighty Name, AMEN!

  • Only a Dempcrap would have someone who is trying to save lives arrested on phony charges. Only a Democrap would murder an innocent child.

  • DiogenesAmericanus

    This arrest just reinforces the disdain for law enforcement in general by all folks regardless of color. Black Lives Matter is nothing more than a domestic terrorist organization funded by George Soros et al.

    When the LEO community starts to rid itself of the PC agenda driven chiefs, sheriffs and AGs then there will be a great deal more respect and honor given to the rank and file. However, the rank and file are the ones who must initiate the ridding of their hierarchy of PC agenda administrations.

    At the Nuremburg trials the excuse that “I was just following orders” did not exonerate the perpetrators of genocide, torture and general inhumanity. If a sworn LEO’s oath is to defend the US Constitution as well as lawful State Constitutions then there is no excuse to violate their oath.

  • DavidMacko

    May God have mercy on the abortionists and the corrupt politicians of St. Louis. I don’t.

  • CrossHugger

    And all the while babies die. The ones that support the murder of the innocent will have their day in court, just a matter of time. Come Lord Jesus come soon.. For these people fear man more than they fear you….

  • Joyce White

    Satan gives much power to those who serve him. Satan, the creator of chaos, hate and discontent, has been given a free rein in the world by the ‘progressive’ action of many nations, who have removed God from their lives.

  • daveveselenak

    It is a travesty that this is allowed to happen here in “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” AMERIKA but this is to be expected when it is ruled by a “Dick-taker-N-Thief”, Muslim-Marxist jihadist and demonic psychopath; the diabolical Left and their “civilian army” have it out for Christians while they while they stand around with their fingers up their asses when BLM and other Left Wing groups riot, loot and burn down cities! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

  • Navymum

    Remember O most gracious Virgin Mary….

  • Wendy Allen

    Abortion is a big business so they don’t want anyone to interfere. They don’t care about the women or child.

  • Mary George

    Obama did not want babies that are born during an attempted abortion to lie in a cold steel bucket and die.

  • Lucambrian

    Amen! I prayed this powerful prayer as I read it.

  • Doodle Brandy
  • Typical “fake news.” Notice they never bothered to cover the other side of this. Has anyone talked to the half-dozen witnesses yet? I haven’t heard of it.

  • tompinva

    What in his prayer wouldn’t be in God’s will? Matthew 7:21 has nothing to do with this prayer, it’s in reference to people who aren’t saved and speak as if they are or believe if they just use the Lord’s name in what they do, that is good in the sight of the Lord. “Ye must be born again….”

  • ADRoberts

    Wow. How can you so badly read the obvious. It says, DID NOT DO MY WILL. And what I have discovered in my 68 years with a pastor father is that MANY people have used the promise of John 14:11-14, to make God into a SERVANT. Faith healers do it too. And I can assure you that the people who God is talking about in Matthew 7:21 WERE performing miracles and doing it by forcing God to honor His promise.
    There is NO reference to these people NOT being born again. It says “did not do My will.” And “ye must be born again..’ does not get you into heaven, though the Baptists claim it will. Free will is still in play and always will be. You can’t be taken from God but you can reject HIS LORDSHIP and in so doing YOU ARE NOT HIS.
    You are playing games. That might work with people . But it will never work with God.
    “There is a way that seemeth right to man. But the end, thereof, is destruction.”
    “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
    Now I have refuted you. You don’t agree. Then obey the instructions in James and ask that HE give you wisdom. Right now, you have none.

  • tompinva

    Are you saying being Born again, does NOT get you into heaven? Wanting to make sure I’m reading you right

  • Jeremy Kyle Jacobi

    This is want TYRANNY looks like!!

  • ADRoberts

    By the way, I did not go to my concordance as I have not found it since our move last year. What I did google was a sight that had 30 DIFFERENT examples of the application of the word IF to our opportunity to be saved.

  • tompinva

    Then you believe in salvation by works…..not grace? Nuff said………

  • tompinva

    Yes I had an eye opening lesson. I believe you mean well, but you are greatly discounting God’s GRACE and turning His free gift of salvation into something of WORKS. “My Grace is sufficient for thee” If I give you a Christmas gift and as soon as you take it, I tell you, “you have to work for it”, what would be your reaction?
    I once had a lady tell me on another forum, that you had to have works to get into Heaven or you would be naked in Heaven. I asked her for a scripture to back that statement up…..she couldn’t. You have thrown out God’s Grace and are putting people into bondage with your false teachings. The thief on the cross didn’t have time to do works…..Jesus took him with Him that day.
    I suggest you look up and study about God’s Grace if you want a REAL eye opening lesson. All your “IFs” come before God’s Grace on our lives, not after, as you suggest.

  • ADRoberts

    So you claim that the grace of God will negate all that God has said in the Bible? Talk about being willingly blind.
    You analogy of the Christmas gift is bogus. Salvation is from God and is not just a plain “gift”. He says that “without holiness, no man shall see God.” Does that sound like a gift? When Paul said that faith without works is dead, do you suppose that God will ignore the LACK of real change in a person’s life and just accept him in his state of continued sin?
    Just explain the ONE parable of the sower. Want to claim that the ones whose spiritual life was snuffed out by circumstances of life or not being grounded in HIM as still being able to go to heaven. So you believe in the “grace” of God. You don’t seem to understand. “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”: Galatians 6:7

  • ADRoberts

    Now I have given you plenty of verses. You ignore them. So I will give you a secular “scenerio” to counter your “Christmas Gift”. Suppose you hire a man to work for you but he has NO qualifictions. And when he comes to work, he declares that he does not know what to do and is going to do nothing. YOu work with him and you train him But he continues to do nothing. Are you going to keep him on? Say you have a wife who refuses to”be” a wife. She won’t be intimate. She won’t cook or do anything to help with the family. After all, she now has it made and can just lay around and do nothing. HOw long will you stayed married to her.
    Want to argue that the comparison is wrong. Then why did God compare the relationship between Jesus and the church as being between a Bride and the Bridegroom. And about that demand for a verse I am not as lacking as she is. I Corinthians 3:12-15. GOTCHA.
    Now for all of those hundreds of “if” verses. You claim that they only apply before we meet Jesus. Yet that proves that you did not read a one of them. Since you are so lazy, I will not quote these verses. Just give you the reference. John 8:51 John 14:15. And a whole lot more.
    So I challenge you. Show me a single verse where it says that they only apply BEFORE you accept Jesus.
    YOU FAILED to back up your PRECONCEIVED ideas. And now I leave you for God to judge.

  • ADRoberts

    By the way, I did not throw out God’s grace. You have made it a license to sin. ANd you can’t find a verse to back that false belief . GOTCHA.

  • ADRoberts

    Very wicked of you. Putting words in my mouth. No, the REALITY is that no amount of works on their own does ANY good at all. If the grace does not come first. If the person does not lay their hand, figureatively on Jesus and say, “This is my sacrifice for my sins.” If they do not repent and TURN THEIR LIVES AROUND, they cannot be saved.

    Now dispute the fact that Paul said “Faith without works is dead.” James 2:14-26. THAT is enough said.
    I have used verses and reasoning to prove my point. What have you used?
    I know. You heard his in as sermon by a Baptist preacher.

  • kas63032@hotmail.com

    Hopefully, GOP politicians in Jeff City realize the St. Louis Board of Aldermen want to govern with Chicago, NYC and SF values.

  • Patty Harden

    I can’t believe the abortion industry has enough power to even control the police yes definitely that arrest was made to bolster their political plans.

  • diane ballou


  • diane ballou

    Thankyou, John and my 3 dead babies thank you!

  • diane ballou

    I desire mercy and not sacrifice.

  • ADRoberts

    You really don’t understand do you. There is POWER in the name of Jesus and it is given to those who not only believe in Him, ask for forgiveness but also dedicate their lives to totally serve Him and die to self. You find all of that in the Book of Romans. And there are those who HAVE discovered the promise in John 14:11-14 to the point that they DO pray in faith IN THE NAME OF JESUS, as those verses require and DO have miracles that do occur.
    The verse in Matthew 7:21 is a warning from God to those who USE God as a servant and demand their will be done by Him, by claiming the promise of John 14;11-14. And the verse in Matthew declares what God will do to them when they arrive at the judgement bar.
    Now do you get it.
    And in case you missed it. John 14:12 is very specific. ALL who claim to be followers of Jesus WILL do the same miracles that HE DID. Read it again. And then see if you can find a minister or a Christian who will even deal with that verse. Most can’t “do” miracles and will find some excuse to avoid talking about it at all.
    Yes, this is required of believers. And it is NOT only possible but required. Find more about it by researching “SANCTIFICATION” AND “HOLINESS”.

  • ADRoberts

    Yes, that is exactly what I said. Just as you have the choice to give your life to Him, you also have the choice on a daily basis to reach back up and take control again and do YOUR thing instead of serving Him. IF we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and His blood cleanses us from all sin” The IF means that when we DON’T WALK in the light…….. we will not be cleansed of our sins. We did not “lose” our salvation. We chose to walk away.

  • tompinva

    I suggest you read John 3:3 then John 10:28

  • tompinva

    And what kind of light are you walking in….with over 39,000 posts on seculars boards in 4 yrs or so? Thats over 180 per week. What a waste of time.

  • ADRoberts

    Such is YOUR anti attitude to those who you are really just objecting to what I say. I can tell you that I have had opportunity to testify to many who were having trouble in their spiritual life. I have offered ideas concerning the provision God made for us to STOP SINNING. (I bet you reject that as a matter of principal that you don’t WANT to stop sinning)
    You don’t have the mind of God as you have proven by your remark. But as far as I know, I AM doing the will of God.
    Now you opened the door. So now it is time for YOU to account.
    Do you live in and obey the instructions of Jesus in John 14:12? I already know who you are, so I can tell you that you won’t even respond to that verse. IF you respond at all.
    God have mercy on you. And by the way. There is NO exceptions in John 14:12.
    So it would appear that YOU want to judge what light God has given me. Now would you allow me to do the same to you? LOL

  • ADRoberts

    Yes, I have heard those before. And it is true that no one can TAKE a person out of God’s hands. But there is NO chains in God’s hand either. And my contention and those who believe in FREE WILL also assert that a person can, by their own will or by neglect, get up and walk away. You will find that in the parable of the SOWER. Want to try to explain what Jesus was saying when he referred to the seed that fell on shallow ground? Or weeds choked it out? Or birds came along and took the seed away.
    As to John 3:3, I agree. But once again, YOU don’t know the mind of God and cannot explain Romans 2:14-16. God DOES have all authority and HE can declare someone acceptable that we, IN OUR LIMITED spiritual understanding, would assume He would reject.
    I have news for you. I know a lot more about the Bible than you apparently do. And know that MY hope is in John 14:1-3. I also know that the parable of the Ten Virgins is transparent. All ten were saved and ready to go in. Five did not make it through the “night”.
    Want to try again to refute me?

  • ADRoberts

    By the way, you want to claim that being on a “secular” sight is a waste of my time. Now how do you suppose God was going to reach you in your ‘preconceived” ideas about HIM had I not been here. Yes, I am doing God’s will. Can you accept that? Can you possibly allow a thought in your head that comes from outside of YOUR accepted sources?
    I will wait for you to honestly respond to the verses I have given you. But frankly, I don’t have much hope for you.

  • diane ballou

    Thank you.