Planned Parenthood Lands Patient in Hospital in NYC

New York City, NY — Yet another woman was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance from a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Saturday, May 4, 2013. This is the 23 medical emergency documented by Operation Rescue at abortion clinics nationwide since the first of the year.

The incident occurred at the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood in New York City, New York.

Ambulances are usually only called to abortion clinics in the event of life-threatening medical emergencies. There has been a trend to bypass the 911 exchanges and call ambulance companies directly in order to keep pro-life groups from obtaining potentially damaging information about the abortion complications though open records requests.

This incident was reported to Operation Rescue by Thomas Upshur of Pro-Life Bikers for Life.

  • Praying to begin ending abortion here in NYC prayers please as I stand alone

  • kay williams

    please contact me im a mom of 2 now pregnant with 3rd and thinking about aborting this one . please call me 704-777-0435

  • Message for Kay Williams: Please don’t abort the pregnancy now in progress. Try to think about the baby here and that there are loving families that would love to have a baby. The baby does not have a voice but does have a right to be able to live his or her life.

    Abortion is built on a lie. The lie is that abortion is built on is that it is a “quick fix” and all your problems will be solved. They won’t be. In fact abortion creates more problems-emotionally and physically. Abortion providers are not in it for the women but for money-that’s a fact.

    Just know that God loves you and there is a lot of support for you to keep your child. He loves that unborn child as well. I don’t know you but am a friend from a distance. I urge you to not choose abortion but choose life. You will be rewarded for making that decision.

    Connie from Colorado