Planned Parenthood Abortionist Forces Botched Abortion Patient to be Dangerously Transported to ER in Private Vehicle

By Cheryl Sullenger

Dover, DE — It was the stuff of nightmares. A woman walked into the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Dover, Delaware, last Friday thinking that she would be getting a “safe” abortion done by a competent provider. She couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Instead she received a botched, incomplete abortion by done by Larry Roy Glazerman, a former Florida doctor who has hurt a woman during surgery before.

To make matters worse, Planned Parenthood refused to properly call an ambulance for the woman who was suffering from a tremendous amount of pain. Instead, clinic workers walked her and her boyfriend out to their private vehicle.

A pro-life activist on the scene at the time of the incident spoke with the boyfriend about what happened at the Planned Parenthood facility.

She told Operation Rescue that he said Glazerman started the suction abortion procedure but the baby “wasn’t in the right position” and “would not fit into the suction tube.” He instructed the boyfriend to take the patient to the emergency room.

“The doctor there can do the abortion,” Glazerman reportedly told the boyfriend, who took information from the pro-life activist, but turned down further assistance.

The woman was then rushed via private vehicle to Kent Hospital’s emergency room where her abortion was presumably completed.

“It is outrageous that Planned Parenthood would refuse to call for an ambulance transport for a woman in the middle of a painful botched abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “It shows Planned Parenthood is more interested in covering up their mistakes than taking proper care of women.”

In 2013, the Dover Planned Parenthood abortion office temporarily suspended surgical abortions after dangerous conditions and practices were uncovered, thanks to two former Planned Parenthood workers who came forward to testify before the Delaware Legislature and the news media about what they saw.

Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis told WPVI-TV of a “meat-market style of assembly-line abortions where the abortionist refused to wear gloves, surgical instruments were reused without being cleaned, and “bloody drainage” remained on abortion tables between procedures, exposing women to blood-borne diseases.”

“It was just unsafe. I can’t tell you how ridiculously unsafe it was,” said Mitchell-Werbrich. “Planned Parenthood needs to close its doors, it needs to be cleaned up, the staff needs to be trained.”

Glazerman is licensed in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Florida. While working in Florida, he performed a routine overian cyst removal procedure on Lisa Marie Carter, a former Department of Defense intelligence analyst. Carter sued Glazerman in 2012, after she experienced severe complications from the procedure. According to news reports, Glazerman sliced through her bowel during the procedure, causing a massive infection. As a result of the infection, Carter suffered the amputation of her hands and feet and a portion of her lower legs. She must now live in a nursing home.

“Perhaps it’s no wonder that Planned Parenthood never called an ambulance for their botched abortion patient. Could it be that they were trying to conceal the complication in order to avoid further trouble for the abortion business as well as the troubled abortionist? With their federal funding currently at risk, it’s possible,” said Newman.

So far in 2017, there have been 17 documented medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities across the nation.

“Incidents like these at Planned Parenthood abortion businesses should give the Senate a sense of urgency when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood,” Newman said. “A business that makes their living killing and maiming women while dismembering their pre-born babies must not be enabled with our tax money to continue inflicting harm.”

  • admcd

    Just goes to show that pro-abortionists’ arguments that doing away with legal abortions would bring back unsafe abortion “mills” are not valid. They (Planned Parenthood) are abortion “mills”, and are unsafe for women. The only difference is one has been legalized, to the detriment of women’s health. Those who tout unfettered abortion as a women’s health issue are simply delusional.

  • Kenneth Wetzel

    Liberals at their best, legal murder. Should be part of the Clinton Foundation. And you people still support the Democrats. I hope one day you find yourself under their blade.

  • Vivavox

    It means the abortionist incorrectly estimated the gestational age of her baby or was trying to fudge the dates to get away from the legal restrictions.

  • Linda Johnson

    This doctor should go to jail.

  • ADRoberts

    Had they called for an ambulance, it would have documented their involvement. This way there was NO PAPER TRAIL except for the video and the claim by the victim and her boyfriend. Guess what. It cost them a lot more for the hospital to save her life and kill her baby.
    And the child WAS murdered.
    This is about death. Death to the baby. And maybe death to the mother, if she is not lucky.

  • andrew

    DEFUND these animals NOW !!! There is NO excuse for their existence.

  • Corinne

    Yes, he should. I simply cannot understand how these people are never held accountable. Others suffer grave consequences for less serious crimes. Our society and whole justice system is skewed.

  • Babsan

    The Democrats main agenda,Margaret Sangers abortions to xcontrol the Black race

  • Helen Hvasta

    He’s no different than the butcher abortionist from Philadelphia….cantt think of his name at the moment…you know who I mean, tho

  • scott

    So, whats the difference between this Delaware abortion chamber and the kind of sick, twisted operations Josef Mengele used to do in Germany in the ’30’s & ’40’s?

  • scott

    Kermitt Gosnell?

  • Kate Saundby

    ALL free-standing surgical clinics, not just Planned Parenthood, should be licensed, regularly inspected and subject to the same regulations as hospitals. As I keep reminding folks, if the clinic in New York that performed a botched procedure on Joan Rivers that was unrelated to abortion had been subject to this kind of proper regulation and inspections, she would probably be alive today. These clinics are obviously just as unsafe as “back alley” wire coat hanger procedures but every time the question comes up, the “ladies” in pink get out their disgusting signs and make it into a religious instead of a safety issue. My own mother had several abortions in London, England during the 1930’s which were probably safer for the patient than what PP is getting away with today;and I’m only here on God’s green earth instead of with my dead would-have-been siblings had she not been stopped by my father from aborting me. This is just my two cents. In the meantime. God bless and protect all these unborn babies, and kudos to all the good ;folks trying to stand up for them and us.

  • Bennie Payne

    The problem is is that I don’t believe for one moment that Washington will ever defund Planned Parenthood. Most of the people up there in the Congress and Senate are to jelly spine’d to defund them because they don’t want the media scrutiny or the liberals bashing them. They’ll say that they’ll defund Planned Parenthood when they come up for re-election again in order to get you to put them back in for another term. Something else I’m wondering about is why this so called doctor hasn’t lost his medical license yet?

  • Vivavox

    I feel bad for the ER physician who had this patient dumped on him or her and who may personally abhor doing abortions in good conscience.

    Does Glazerman have hospital privileges anywhere? Was he more interested in plying his abortion trade on the unsuspecting women in the waiting room?

  • Vivavox

    Patient Bill of Rights: You or your boyfriend have the right to call for an ambulance yourselves if the staff refuse.

  • D.J. DelliPaoli

    Sounds like a botched partial birth abortion, ” She told Operation Rescue that he said Glazerman started the suction abortion procedure but the baby “wasn’t in the right position” and “would not fit into the suction tube.” Larry should be in prison.

  • drummie

    The left will continue to use their argument for “women’s health” to make things an emotional issue and a false cry to “protect” women when in fact the left endangers women with their idiot policies. The left in general and Democrats in particular have shown they are demonic, deny God and approve murder for hire framing it a “health issue” when in fact it is a moral and safety issue. If they would honestly look at the damage done in so many women’s lives by the barbaric procedure of abortion, no matter how performed, they would see this, but who could ever describe Democrats as honest or informed?

  • drummie

    On Mother’s Day I sent a text to a granddaughter that is pregnant and due in November. I sent it to her as a “mommy to be”. Two in the morning afterwards I woke up thinking about that text and had to send another one. In the second I sent the following: “I thought about my text to you yesterday and how it really was wrong. You are not going to be a mother, you ARE a mother.Your baby is not ‘on the way’. The baby already IS. To change the way the unborn are treated and mistreated, we have to realize they ARE, they are babies now, just not born. We love you and your baby and will try to do what we can to help. Just stay in touch and let us know how things are going”. I could not let things stand as the “mommy to be”. That implies she does not have a baby yet, when in fact, SHE DOES. We all need to change the way we talk about and describe the unborn babies of the world. They ARE human children, just not born yet.

  • Wick sprit

    Abortion = MURDER simple.

  • Linda Johnson

    abortion is murder.

  • Donna L

    hospital privileges are not required and when Texas tried to institutue that, the Supreme court ruled against it.
    Larry Glazerman dumps his botches on the ER physician and that physician may get stuck doing a procedure against his/her conscience.
    (I took the photos in the story.)

  • Vivavox

    I am well aware that hospital privileges are not required and the opinion rendered by SCOTUS. That doesn’t mean an abortionist won’t have privileges – just that it is not mandatory.

  • Stephanie Michelle Klooz

    It’s negligent for you to be screaming in pain and they don’t do another ultrasound. During the procedure their should already be a ultrasound in the room by the bed side. Yes the doctor should be held accountable. He was negligent in looking inside her uterus and making sure he did a good job. It’s bad they won’t call the ambulance and told the ambulance the situation after I called 911. The ambulance guys left and told me to deal with the pain. I got home Bec the planned parenthood made me get into an Uber and paid for it. When I got home I took a # two and thought it would help relieve anus pain. It hurt to sit up. I wanted to take my ibuprofen after the procedure and just had the injection to numb. It was quick and I trust my doctor got everything out but I was scared. They were at my side mentally for me and easing my anxiety which is not easy. What bother me was they didn’t want me to go to the er to be watched. My doctor agreed to give me another ultrasound after the procedure because I kept worrying and asking. The pain was so bad but they made me go home. When on the way it hurt so bad I was dying to get home the car ride hurt so bad. The two 400mg ibuprofen did nothing at all. I took a warm bath changed my pad then went to lay in bed. No Matter what I did I couldn’t lay still not even the emoji pillow between my legs helped. Finally I called the ambulance and at the hospital the guy said to me while getting me out of the truck didn’t I call from planned parenthood and made me cry so bad. The whole ride there was agonizing. Finally my nurse was amazing the doctor helped me with pain management and after am hour I was resting. When I woke they checked my cervix did vaginal ultrasound checked my swollen belly which was right on top of my pelvic bone. I’m a small girl. Verry sensitive to pain. I finally got the care I needed and they gave me a social worker before I left my room and she wrote me a slip for a veteran cab ride home said was a one time thing and I said yes I hope!!! Btw I was eight weeks first trimester. I’d say anything more than that is probably not a good idea. I’ve had four previous natural deliveries and my whole life has been changing I have YouTube Stephanie klooz with vlogs there.