Pictures Prove Wesley/Tiller Connection in Botched Abortion

Tiller photographed at hospital with victim of bungled abortion

Tiller Botch 1 copy.jpg

WICHITA, KS — As ORW staffers snapped pictures and ran videotape at 12:20 PM today, an ambulance arrived at Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned by George Tiller, and transported a young blonde woman to Wesley Medical Center after being injured at the abortion clinic.

The woman was accompanied in the ambulance Tiller himself, who personally escorted the woman into the Emergency Room. Also accompanying the ambulance was long-time Tiller employee Edna M. Roach.

According to witnesses, Roach attempted to hide her identity from those attempting to document the incident as she recklessly sped to the hospital ahead of the ambulance in Tiller’s personal van.

Hospital security stood guard as the woman, with head covered, was wheeled into the Emergency Room with Tiller at her side. ORW staff members on the sidewalk outside the Emergency Room documenting the incident called out and urged the woman to sue Tiller for her injuries.

“We have documented evidence of the collusion between Tiller and Wesley Medical Center in the abortion trade. If Wesley truly cared about providing quality health care, it would terminate its business dealings with Tiller.” -Troy Newman, President, ORW

“How many women have to be maimed and how many babies have to die before our community will run Tiller and his chop shop out of town. If Wesley Medical Center would stop helping Tiller, he would not be able to continue to hurt women and kill babies. So in a very real way, Wesley shares in the murderer’s guilt.” -Cheryl Sullenger, ORW

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  • susan karre

    i praise GOD that there are Christians who are
    not ashamed to speak out. please keep up the
    work that you do – you are on the “front lines.”
    i am a mammographer by profession and have
    researched the connection between abortion and
    breast cancer – it’s real. God Bless You All.

  • Linda

    I am almost physically ill thinking about that lady who ended up facing death right after her precious little baby faced it and lost. Both at the hands of a horrible serial killer. Here is a thought, George still got paid for his work – if the waiter gets your order wrong, you don’t have to pay for it…but when an abortionist gets it wrong you pay for it three times- once with your checkbood and once with your life/health, and the third payment is taken out of your heart and soul every minute of the rest of your life (if you make it past that second payment) once you realize what you have done to your helpless, beautiful, innocent child. Our prayers are with her and also with you at ORW – thanks for making a difference!!!! God bless you all.

  • Sue

    First of all, let me state that I believe that abortion is wrong and constitutes the taking of a life that God ordained. It is very wrong, however, to reach the conclusion that Tiller and Wesley have some sort of collusion. Federal law requires that all hospitals treat any patient who shows up at their emergency room door, regardless of the circumstances that necessitated their visit. In fact, hospitals face very large federal fines and penalties if they do not comply with the law. Furthermore, EMS crews are trained to take the patient to the closest medical facility which can treat the patient’s illness or injury. Would it have been more compassionate (or Christ-like) to send the patient back to the ambulance only to prolong her treatment and/or her suffering and possibly bleed to death while waiting for someone to take care of her? I work in the ER at Wesley and can assure you that there is no “collusion” present between Wesley and Tiller. We take care of people on a daily basis who’ve been the unfortunate victim of either lifes circumstances or their own poor choices…if we stopped to judge everyone who walked through the ER door to see if they’re worthy enough for us to take care of them….we would cease being a hospital! We’re simply people who spend our careers caring for people who have come to us for help, it’s as simple as that…don’t make it more complicated.

  • Luhra Tivis

    Tiller accompanying the injured woman to the hospital is part of his mitigation strategy. By providing care to her once she has been injured, he is “legally” showing that he tried to mitigate any damages she suffered. This lays the legal groundwork to reduce or block award of damages to the victim. Tiller has done this many times before. When I worked for him, we got a minor girl, age 16, who developed a blood clot and was rushed to Wesley, where she stayed for 9 days I think it was. She had lied about her age and Tiller did NOT know she was a minor. Tiller was so scared about that, that he (tightwad tho he is) paid for the hospital bill, and paid to have her mother flown out to be with her–the mother who had known nothing about her daughter’s plans for an abortion–that one really scared him.

    Tiller has also refunded abortion fees, believe it or not. In 1988 we had a lady from southwest Kansas who got a late abortion, even though she didn’t want to–it was her doctor’s recommendation due to some problem with the pregnancy. She wrote Tiller a letter about how horrible her experience there was, and it was a very, very anguished letter. Tiller had us all read it. He sent her $3,000.00 or so back to her and crossed his fingers that she wouldn’t sue him.

    This is Tiller’s worst nightmare: the Kansas legislature no longer supports him (he told me himself that that was his fear); an older, credible woman who is strong and determined sues him; or that a patient dies in his clinic.

    Of course, we all know what would happen to a patient unfortunate enough to die on him. She would probably end up in the crematorium oven. After all, it is a full-sized crematorium just like they use in funeral homes.

  • Luhra Tivis

    TILLER COLLUSION WITH WESLEY: Oh yes, it DOES exist. Tiller is on the Board at Wesley. Wesley Hospital grants Tiller privileges at Wesley. Staff in the hospital have covered up for him. If Tiller was sending his botched abortions to a hospital without having admitting privileges there, he would be in big trouble.

    And in my opinion, ANY medical professional who supports, encourages, covers for, or associates with Tiller is patently endorsing the cold blooded murder of viable babies in the 8th & 9th months of gestational life.

  • Cheryl S.

    Tiller personally boasts of his relationship to Wesley Hospital on his own web site. Click on and scroll down to the CURRICULUM VITAE section. He indicates his is currently on staff at Wesley and has been since 1979. In addition, the CEO of Wesley personally confirmed their institution’s association with Tiller during a meeting I attended just two months ago.

  • Marilyn Ferraro

    Thank you for your fight against abortion.
    When my daughter lived in Wichita I use to visit her and pray with her and many others outside of Tillers death house. There is a pregnancy clinic next door to Tiller’s where pregnant women can go for help. Before you go to Tillers think about saving your baby as there are many families that would love to have that child.
    God bless all the people that care about life and are trying to make a difference.

  • We need more people from across Kansas to come and pray at Tiller’s Abortion Center at Kellogg and Bleckly Street in Wichita. Women who see our signs and crosses out in front of Tiller’s building sometimes change their minds, and make life-saving choices. Since Mother’s day 2004 we have been keeping a near-contineous presence at Tiller’s gate, and we would like YOU to help. You may show up at any time to help, but it would be even better to schedule a time so that we can keep our contineous presence there at the gate. To schedule a time, call 316-522-8866.

  • Cheryl M

    Yes Tiller is taking the lifes of babies and Wesley I believe has their hand in it. But our goverment plays a BIG role in it as well. Years ago they took women who were doing abortions in the alleys and slapped their hands and made aportions allegal for them. Shame on them and shame on us as the church for not stopping this. I saw a tape of the security guard who pushed my pastor at tillers clinic and our own police officers here in Wichita Ks did nothing. Its all caught on tape for evidence. Now if we had done that no doubt about we would have been arrested and in jail. Why did the Wichita Police Dept allow anyone to be pushed? Did they get paid not to do anything? I wonder We the church are not judging women for abortions, we are wanting the blood shed to stop. Go to and listen to a song called the Unborn Children. Then read in the bible about how God knew us in the womb. He knows every child that is aborted. So I ask all of us this we know the times that they all meet at the clinic Tillers. Lets all as the body of the church meet at Tillers to protest let your VOICES BE HEARD. On our church website find the abortion information and the song will play.
    GOd Bless to all I pray for the babies who have been aborted and I pray for all women who have had abortions. GOd Bless

  • jerry

    d abramczak

    you inadvertantly exposed the whole lie of abortion in your comments – “we cannot choose to treat these women as THROW AWAY PEOPLE..”

    very telling, since that is EXACTLY what roe v wade allows women and butchers like tiller to do – treat the unborn as throw away people.

    and shame on the abortion industry for the intellectual and medical dishonesty and sleaze that ends up leading the deaths of millions of unborn PEOPLE and the irreparable harm done to their mothers, and ultimately, all of us.

  • Sarah

    I am against abortion to but those pictures are wrong your hurting more people by showing them the you are by helping them…thats no fair to those babies for their pictures to be up like need to think about that before you go and jump on people who dont care about abortion there not the ones with the distastful pictures of poor innocent babys. They didnt asked to be aborted and they didnt asked to have their picture exposed like that. DO NOT LIKE THE PICTURES. But we are against abortion and you should keep it up without the pictures people will get the message without them.

  • Ron


    You are right, the pictures are so sad and pathetic. I’d like to encourage you – in love – to take your thoughts of disgust one step further, beyond the messenger to the the message. Think on this simple thought: “When the killing stops, there will be no photos to show.”

  • jerry


    those pictures, while horrific and not easy to look at, are perhaps the only method of piercing the hardest of hearts – hearts that belong to the fiercest supporters of abortion.

    the old saying ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’ tends to apply.

    i admire you for having the natural compassion that is consistent with the prolife message.

    however, i think if any of those children could make their wishes known, they would prefer to have the photos shown, in the hopes that any proabortionist who sees them would ultimately decide to reexamine their views in light of what they’ve seen. and also, in the hopes that any person who on one hand, opposes abortion, but on the other, is not involved in some aspect of the prolife cause – would be moved to become involved and more actively participate in helping to bring the holocaust to an end.

    having seen even one of those photos, who among us with a conscience could vote for a politician who supports such a thing?

  • Ron

    Jerry: Good Point. Your post remeinds me of the rich man in Hell who wanted Lazarus to go tell his family of the danger they were in (Luke 16:27). It’s very rational to think that anyone murdered would want to warn others of the danger, if they could. It’s also a safe assumption that those who claim to be “prochoice” that are now in hell, would also like the opprotunity to warn their families and others of the wrath to come.

  • CW

    Check this out. He has a chaplain! I’d like to know what religion that chaplain is. It can’t be for real, right?

  • jerry


    yes, tiller has a so-called “chaplain”.

    both tiller and the so-called ‘chaplain’ belong to what is called the Unity church, which is more of a cult than a church. they have an “anything goes” view on most issues, and attempt to combine Christianity with buddism, islam, new age philosophy, etc…..

    in the old testament, God condemned child sacrafice, saying it never came into His mind that they would do such a thing.

    abortion is the modern day equivalent of that.

  • jerry

    i stand corrected – tiller belongs to the reformed lutheran church of wichita…..his so-called abortion chaplain is with the unity church.

    in my view, any church which supports, condones, or takes no position on abortion is not under the authority of the Bible or it’s Author.

  • Greene Hollowell

    I would like a copy of the book on Tiller. Please let me know the cost. Also a copy of the 50 leading abortionist. Is W. G. Fitzhugh of Richmond, VA on the list?

  • Christina

    ORW wants Wesley to ‘cut’ ties with Tiller and quit helping his patients. If you succeed in that then when someone dies because YOUR GROUP has gotten it to where NO ONE can help these women then their blood will be on YOUR HANDS!! A hospital is set up to help anyone and everyone. By saying that Wesley or any other hospital shouldn’t be able to help these women thats makes you just as bad as Tiller!! He kills unborn babys and you would be killing a women who needs help and love. How can you look at that and possible think that it is ok?? It is far from ok and it will never be ok or Christlike. I am thankful that someone is standing up for these baby’s but your group goes to far.

  • Vanessa

    Women get injured and even die from childbirth, you fools!

  • jerry


    childbirth does have complications at times, but actual doctors are involved in those cases, as opposed to hired killers like george tiller. during childbirth, the goal is to save life, not destroy it. abortion destroys life, and often maims women, as in this case.

    in any case, tiller doesn’t deliver babies.

    he kills them.

  • Teresa Mahoney

    We personally need to pray for George Tiller that God would personally let him have nightmares of the millions of babies he’s killed-yes, I’m stating it in cold English-ABORTION IS MURDER! I hope it will wake him up!
    I pray for him!

  • know the truth


    Actually, the dangers of childbirth have been virtually eliminated by medical advances of the past few decades, which is NOT the case with induced abortion.

    The only medical advance to reduce any abortion risk was the discovery of antibiotics, which has reduced the risk of certain infections. It has not reduced any of the dangers to the babies, or any of the several hundred other medically recognized physical dangers to the mothers.

    Also, there is now strong, documented evidence that induced abortion is at least 4 times as dangerous as childbirth.

    For further, documented information (not just proabort propaganda) on these matters, please see; also view the Blackmun Wall at for irrefutable testimony to the variety of lethal, legal abortion risks to women.