Paul deParrie Home With The Lord

Portland, OR — Christian warrior Paul deParrie, 56, passed on to be with the Lord on Saturday, May 20, 2006, after bravely defending the lives of the pre-born in the public forum. He died from a heart attack after years of heart problems.

Paul was an uncompromising soul who was fully dedicated to his faith in Jesus Christ and his ministry of protecting the pre-born. One could hardly find a stronger or more articulate advocate. Paul was the editor of Life Advocate Magazine, a no-nonsense periodical that urged Christians to take meaningful action to protect the innocent.

Stopping abortion was not just an issue or a job to Paul. The thought of even one of God’s precious babies perishing from a brutal abortion hurt Paul deeply. He believed that stopping the slaughter of innocent children was his God-given duty and the duty of all Christians. He was an example for the rest of us of a true Christian soldier — ardent in faith, uncompromising in dedication, and hard at work.

He will be missed. He cannot be replaced.

Please consider sending a financial gift to Paul’s wife, Bonnie, who stood strongly with Paul during good times and bad, and without whose loving support Paul would not have been able to accomplish so much for the cause of Christ.

From Covenant News:

Paul deParrie funeral arrangements:
Tuesday, May 23, 6:30PM
Trinity Fellowship
2700 SE 67th Ave.
Portland, OR 97206
(503) 231-0981

For assistance to Bonnie deParrie, send your tax deductible contribution to:
New Covenant Ministries International
PO Box 13109
Salem, Oregon 97309
Mark the memo line: “For Bonnie deParrie”
100% of the proceeds will be forwarded to Bonnie deParrie

  • Troy Newman

    Paul was God’s man for this hour. He was a distinguished author, and activist. Paul was a mighty man of valor. I looked to him for inspiration. He continually withstood the attacks of the pro-death, anti-god crowd. And Paul could fight the oppression with humor and wit unmatched in the modern world. The enemy was loath to bring him into court. The nick -name “porcupine” was very appropriate. Often the enemy got more than they bargained for when the confronted Paul deParrie.

    Yet Paul had a gentler side that few knew about. Paul was deeply passionate in saving the lost souls of Portland and defending the rights of street preachers. Paul’s legacy will be felt for many generations.

    Paul influenced me to become more deeply involved in the effort to safe babies from death. His role at Life Advocates is one that could never be filled by another mortal.

    May you rest in peace Paul! We are all better people for having known you!
    Troy Newman

  • Operation Rescue

    On 5/20/2006, at a Constitution Party of Oregon State Steering Committee meeting in Wilsonville, after speeches had been given by others regarding the apostasy of the National Committee from the Pro-Life plank of the party, Mr. Paul deParrie rose to speak with all the righteous fury of a prophet of old:
    “I was shamed into helping the unborn after 12 years of silence, in 1986. Since then, my only client has been the unborn. I don’t work for a movement. I don’t work for a party. I don’t work for candidates. I work for the unborn, and I don’t give a flying flick about what people want to do on paper with bylaws, and all that kind of stuff, because it’s just like the Pharisees, who had all their rules about the Sabbath, but they didn’t know that the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath! I will stand for the unborn, and I will not relent! I don’t know Mr. Clymer, but Howard Phillips has lost ALL of my respect, because he stands for people who want to kill ONE, only ONE, innocent child, and that’s all that counts! If you want ONE innocent child, GO with this man, but I’ll tell you what- I’ve got my paperwork filled out. All it lacks is my signature, and my wife’s signature, and we’re the hell out of here, if you vote to stay with a national party that will put up with ONE dead baby, much less many thousands of dead babies. And you sir [pointing at Jim Clymer] need to repent! Because the blood will be on your hands when you stand before God. You won’t be able to argue about procedural votes, and keeping the party together before God! You’ll be standing there quaking in your boots, wishing you’d washed yourself in the blood of the Lamb. That’s all I’ve got to say…The only thing that matters to me is doing my job to stop the killing of the unborn.”

  • Robert

    I knew there was an ‘edge’ to one of the women sidewalk counselors that I ministered with on the sidewalks of Edward Allred’s killing center back in the 90s- she was unlike the standard SWC. I knew I liked her because of this ‘edge’. She is alot like our own Cheryl Sullenger- not your average person. It was years before I knew that that this woman that I ministered along side of in Downey Ca was the sister of Paul DeParrie from Portland. I should have known! Paul was not your average bear either! (he just looked like one)

    Before the great communication abilities that we now have to encourage each other in ACTION- there was Paul deParrie and the Life Advocate Magazine.

    Antibabykilling advocates would look to their snail mailboxes for the latest reports of lives saved, and would be blessed.

    The Life Advocate covered breaking news about D&X and informed many in the church about their own copmplicency in killing by using the “birth control” pill. They published the POC list each month, for us to pray for and support those incarcerated for their faithful actions.

    I thank God for Paul, Andrew B. and our godly sister Ms. Ramey….. They helped make me who I am today in growth in Christ- Their coverage and support for Paul Hill was uncompromised. Many good articles by guest writters like Paul were often included in the magazine.

    Our honorable sister Shelly came from Portland’s Life Advocate ministeries. Their support for DA like that done by Shannon and others really helped me search God’s Word on the matter to find the truth. I once thought that all those at abortuaries were terrorists, OR folks, sidewalk councelors, all of us….. Man, I could not have been any more wrong- That was a great magazine!

    Those Portland guys really knew how to dog a babykilling abortionist too!

    Paul was a great friend. He went to court dates and trials for street preachers keeping their cases alive. Many of our feedoms we have today were kept alive because of these efforts!

    His calling is over- his job is done. God has rewarded him.

    Paul will be greatly greatly missed.

    Robert Ferguson

  • lime5


    I am so sorry to hear of this! He is mightily, sorely missed, and, though I only met him once, years ago, it grieves me that I will never see him again on earth.

    What an inspiration, what a warrior, what MIND, what a leader this man was.

    I do hope that someone will keep his writings alive, well, and readily available?

    thanks for posting this, although it isn’t good news like the recent postings about Alabama…

  • tobra

    i would like to let paul’s family and friends know how much i appreciated paul deparrie’s wise counsel, great conversations and fine example over the years. i will miss him.

  • tobra

    isaiah 57:1 (please stand for the reading of the Lord’s Word.) the righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; men of good faith are swept away, but no one cares, the righteous are swept away before the onset of evil,

  • Don McKinney

    Paul was the real deal. A true Christian warrior. He was a great “leader” in the purest sense: unlike many pro-life “leaders”, Paul didn’t try to build a worldly organization with himself at the top of the pyramid, ordering underlings into battle. Paul “the Jackal” deParrie had little interest in fundraising or building his own kingdom. When pro-life factions warred against each other over territory, authority, publicity, or membership/support base, Paul stayed above it all and focused on saving babies. Like Christ, Paul was a real “leader” in that he went first, he led the way into battle, he didn’t exercise authority over others or lord it over anyone –he just did the work himself and inspired us all as an example, like Christ, of servanthood, bravery, and self sacrifice. Matt. 20:24-26.

    Back in 1991, the Wichita Rescue Movement kicked off the Summer of Mercy with some rescues at local clinics, one of which included the arrest of Rich Mulliins. Shortly thereafter, the “first wave” hit Wichita with Joe Scheidler and the PLAN convention. One of the first guys I met was a round, hairy character with a dark beret, carrying a lot of cameras. He told me he was a reporter for “Life Advocate.”‘ He was extremely knowledgeable about the issues and tactics. We hit it off immediately and went to municipal court together to help some Christians who had been arrested.

    I am honored to say that Paul was my friend. Over the years, we consulted frequently on legal issues and spiritual concerns. When Wichita’s Lawyers for Life held an event of rallys and seminars, the Jackal came to town and conducted a seminar on do-it-yourself legal tactics. It was probably the most popular seminar we had.

    For the ten year reunion of the Summer of Mercy, Paul and Bonnie stayed in our home, and my family was blessed by their spirit, humor, and intelligence. Paul called us last week, just a few days before he departed for his heavenly home. When we heard the news of his parting, we were staggered.

    Paul can’t be replaced. He was the best that pro-life has to offer. He was a constant witness for the unborn, and he probably personally witnessed to hundreds of thousands of people, standing outside of conventions, rallies, and events with his posters and costumes. Without him, many favorable court decisions would never have been obtained. We are each going to have to step up our own efforts to fill the gap in the wall left by Paul’s passing.

    He was not only a servant/leader but he was a great writer. Unlike so many of the fundraising “newsletters” that we get in the mail, with their self-aggrandizing oratory, flowery grandiloquence and ranting propaganda, Paul really knew how to write and report. Paul’s work (and the work of the others) at Life Advocate, was monumental in the pro-life movment, and no pro-life library is complete without some of Paul’s books like “The Rescuers”; “Blood Upon the Rose”; and “THe Unholy Sacrifices of the New Age.” Every pro-lifer should check out his books still available on eBay and at

    Above all, Paul was a true Christian brother. His religion was not head knowledge and doctrine. He was not legalistic. There was no ounce of pride or rebellion in his motivations. He had the spirit of God in his heart and practiced the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He was joyful and merciful, loving, humble, and kind — all while warring fiercely against the powers of darkness.

    And there was one other thing about Paul that contantly amazed me: he and I almost always agreed about everything — from church issues to pro-life controversys to legal tactics. He was a true brother. I can’t wait to see him again.

    Donald “the Dingo” McKinney

  • Paul DeParrie was the first friend I made in Christian activism. He gave me a ride back to my car after the Mothers Day March for Life in Portland, Oregon in 1987 or 1988 (my first activist event). He coached me on how to speak to the media prior to my very first interview later that year. His “Life Advocate” magazine was the inspiration for my abandonment of my contracting business in favor of full-time ministry. I always counted Paul as one of my heroes and remained a supporter and admirer throughout the years. He was a stalwart man of God and will be greatly missed. Scott Lively, Abiding Truth Ministries:

  • Jeanne Bair

    I really appreciate all of the nice remarks about my father and my hero. My family is devastated by the loss on this earth however we are comforted in the knowledge that we will meet again! I miss you, Pops.

  • Cat Grayson

    Though I had been a Life Advocate subscriber for four years previously, I met Paul as a 19-year-old, bumming a ride from Advocates to the Summer of Mercy. Before I graduated and left home two years prior to that historic summer of ’91, my dad had given me Ancient Empires of the New Age. I respected Paul’s honest and persuasive style.

    My first impresssion of Paul was the humor, his sparkle-eyed wit. He was a wicked punster. A real punding awaited any pundit punprepared for punishment. (Sorry, Paul!) Yet, his wit did not aimlessly exist for its own sake, but to convey truth. Like all visionaries, his was the God-given gift of the goad. As saith the Preacher in Ecclesiastes, “The words of the wise are as goads.” The “Porcupine” challenged you to think outside the political box and focus on the babies. His “quills”–not only his writings on paper, but his life as a living epistle–pierced the darkness.

    After marrying Al, a fellow rescuer I met in jail, I sent some cartoons in to LA in 1993, and Paul published them. After awhile, he asked if I would like to be “promoted” to Staff Artist. I replied, yes, but I demand double my current salary. (My artwork was always gratis, that was the joke.) He was a wonderful editor for six years and a gracious, true friend. He and Bonnie always rejoiced with us when Al and I sent baby announcements of a new arrow added to our quiver (which now numbers seven). I am sad he did not get to meet our seventh, but he will when we see him someday beside the river of life in the city wherein is no night.

    A memorable column he wrote centered around a story maybe some of you have heard, about a little girl who saves starfish by throwing them back into the sea. A grown-up comes by and tries to discourage her, saying her efforts can’t possibly matter. The little girl’s reply? “It matters to this one.” To speak of the influence of Paul deParrie’s life’s work on all of us, especially yours truly, I couldn’t have said it better. “It matters to this one.”

  • Cathy Ramey

    Paul was a great brother and friend to me. He was a terrific Christian man, but also thoroughly human. He struggled each and every day to labor in love, persevere in hope and endure until the end. He was a fine example as he sought to imitate Christ. Paul and I debated, agreed and disagreed often, and whenever we parted company on an issue, I always knew that Paul, being a man of prayer, would always let God have the last word.
    Everyone always made a big deal about the fact that he wore all black–black t-shirts, black jeans, black shoes, black beret, and yes, black suspenders. There was a time when i took it upon myself to suggest that Paul add a little color to his wardrobe. I urged him to buy a few pastel shirts as I was convinced they would bring out the blue in his eyes and the rose in his cheeks. I pressed him on this unmercifully one day until he finally told me that he preferred black, not because he loved the color but because it simplified his wardrobe. He had to spend less money on coordinating colors and whatnot, and the money saved could be put to better purpose.
    Paul was humble that way.
    I will miss Paul greatly, but I am comforted that Paul is singing praise to God with that great throng on high. And as I praise God again and again for friends like Paul, I know that I am still able to join him in at least that one very important eternally valued activity.
    Cathy Ramey

  • Carolee Carrara

    Dearest Paul,

    I sit here crying, as I read the letters written about and to you. It hurts to realize that such a strong warrior for life is not here on this earth. You are greatly missed dear brother. Even though I hadn’t seen you for years, I never forgot your amazing efforts – out there on the picket lines – and brilliant writings on behalf of the unborn. You were an inspiration to me – and still are.

    Dearest Bonnie, I am praying for you and family, and want to thank you for all that you given too, and the hard work you do in this great mission from God.

    I’m 63 years now and continue doing concerts and “singing out for life” here in the Northwest, doing the Lord’s work as He directs, through the gifts He has given me. May the Lord bless and keep you, until we meet again in reunion with our dearest brother Paul and our mighty God!

    Carolee Carrara (note: name change 12 years ago)

  • Kimberly Bush

    I had no idea that Paul passed away in 2006. I am finding out for the first time. I am completely and utterly in shock. Paul made so many personal sacrifices for the babies. I remember him telling me about how he would be physically attacked for holding up his abortion signs. But he continued to do it anyway. How brave. Paul is the reason that I am involved in the pro life movement, cause I had no idea that late term abortion was being done in our country and that it was perfectly legal. The only reason I found out that it was happening is because of Paul. One day I saw him holding one of his abortion signs and I stopped to talk to him. This is when I found out about the evil practices that were really happening in the abortion industry. Anyway, I am so sorry to hear of his passing. Paul, you will be missed, Kim Bush