OR Calls For Morrison Resignation Amid Sex/Abortion Corruption Scandal

Planned Parenthood grand jury to convene today as revelations surface of AG’s efforts to use his mistress to protect them

Topeka, KS — Kansas was rocked Sunday morning as sordid details of a sex scandal involving Attorney General Paul Morrison surfaced, and how he attempted to use that illicit sexual relationship to impede a political rival’s ongoing criminal investigations against a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and late-term abortionist George R. Tiller.

In investigative report published in the Topeka Capital-Journal details a two-year sexual relationship between Morrison and Linda Carter, a former administrator in the Johnson County District Attorney’s office where Morrison worked prior to taking office as Attorney General in January. Morrison allegedly attempted to coerce Carter into spying on District Attorney Phill Kline’s abortion investigations, and asked her to share with him sensitive information about the cases.

According to the article, “Carter said in a signed statement that Morrison pressured her to make use of her position in the D.A.’s office to influence pending litigation involving Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline.”

“This is not just about sex and abortion. This is about corruption manifested in the perverted use of sex and power for political advantage,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Morrison’s obsessive desire to derail Kline’s investigations through the sleaziest of means indicates not only critically impaired judgment, but conduct that is absolutely unethical, immoral, and intolerable for a state’s ‘Top Cop.’ The integrity of the office has been destroyed.”

“Operation Rescue has long questioned Morrison’s ability uphold Kansas abortion laws, and has in the past called for him to step down. Now, in light of this new sex and abortion corruption scandal, we renew our demand for his immediate resignation,” said Newman.

Morrison refused to file charges against Planned Parenthood in June. Kline, later filed 107 criminal charges against the abortion clinic, including 23 felony counts. A citizen-called grand jury is scheduled to begin further investigations into Planned Parenthood’s alleged criminal activity today.

To further illustrate Morrison’s fixation over shielding Planned Parenthood, Morrison joined on their side in a sealed Mandamus action before the Kansas Supreme Court. The abortion clinic’s suit against Kline involves abortion records, which are the basis for the current criminal charges. Kline moved to unseal the case on Thursday.

During the campaign last year, another woman came forward and told reporters how Morrison attempted to initiate a similar sexual relationship with her. Her rebuffs resulted in her being forced from her job.

“We have to wonder, given Morrison’s pattern of sexual indiscretions, if there isn’t a receipt at these abortion clinics with his name on it that he didn’t want discovered by political rivals. That would certainly explain his willingness to go to any lengths to derail the investigations,” Newman said.

Read the Topeka Capital-Journal article.

  • Steven

    What a bombshell! The story in the newspaper was very long. I think we can glean from this that Morrison had an extramarital affair, which he admitted to. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with all of the other allegations. If he indeed had sex in a public office during business hours (or anytime), as was suggested, that should be grounds for dismissal. That is not ‘business-like’ conduct, at least not for the business tax payers are paying him to do.

    However, it would be hard to prove unless there was a security camera rolling. I certainly agree that such conduct needs to be fully investigated, and his resignation from public service would be a noble thing for him to do.

    I am concerned, however, that most of the population will look the other way. We live in a sick culture, where promiscuity is considered common place and acceptable to many people, and integrity in public office is not as highly esteemed as it should be.

  • Steven

    We must also remember to pray for this man. He admits his personal life is a mess, and with these ungodly actions plastered all over the media, perhaps he would be open to repentance and the cleansing of the Holy Spirit that only Christ can give.

  • Jason


    Just how much corruption can the state of Kansas manage to squeeze into their borders?

    Between Kathleen Sebellius, Paul Morrison, Nola Foulston, Kristin Neuhaus, Julie Burkhart, Peggy Jarman, the KBHA, and Tiller himself, when you finally think you’ve found the end of the rope you discover it just keeps going!

    I don’t even live within 1,000 miles of Kansas and I know who these people are simply because the corruption and fame is so astounding.

    I think the only way we’re going to be able to put Tiller behind bars and start weeding out these people is if we have a FEDERAL investigation and prosecution.

    The local and state government of Kansas has undoubtedly proven themselves far too corrupt and incompetent to handle this matter on their own. Its time for the feds to get involved.

  • Mary

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  • John Francis Borra

    And can you believe that Paul Morrison and his wife once led marriage preparation classes at their church? One wonders how many marriages they’ve sown with the seeds of destruction.

    But what are we to expect? Evil begets evil. The pother spread by Sebelius, Tiller, Foulston and the rest of Kansas’ culture of death darkens everything it overshadows, including the state’s judicial system.

    Thanks to an electorate who couldn’t care less, Kansas has become the sleaze capital of America.

    And to think, I used to tell jokes about Arkansas! The joke’s on us, fellow Kansans!

  • tobra

    Linda Carter could do much better than some atty. general in KS. Mrs. Carter was a beautiful miss america and miss world. Mrs. Carter’s assets also kept Wonder Woman on the television. Mrs. Carter’s romantic role in Hawkeye was really neat. Mrs. Carter was excellent in a Law & Order episode.
    i really think she could do better than this KS clown.

    Merry Christmas,

  • Vanessa

    Uh, Tobra — different Linda Carter.

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  • John Francis Borra

    And, besides, Wonder Woman woulda beaten the poop outta any guy who woulda tried THAT on her!

  • Mike

    In time, more of Morrison’s connections to Tiller and the rest of the abortion cartel in Kansas will be revealed.
    This is just the beginning of a long chain of links between all of them. They’re all in this together.

    Oh what a tangled web.

  • Heywood Jalisson

    We really need to picket his office!

    I think an investigation will show that he committed perjury in the Kelly Summerlin case – the first woman he sexually harassed.

    Also, what about trying to get him excommunicated (i.e., not allowed to take communion)?

    Paul, it’s time to think about selling shoes.

  • Fred

    We cannot WASTE more precious time and $$$$$ on this nonsense and lack of integrity. Morrison should get out… quickly…. so the Kansas government can move forward with peace and justice!

  • Steven

    We must not make this matter either too emotional or too complicated. Very simply put:
    1.) The Attorney General is a legal position
    2.) Laws ultimately have a moral base (e.g. no coveting)
    3.) Hence morally unacceptable actions are contradictory to the role he is supposed to be serving.

    Even if he is not convicted of anything, which may be the case, he still confessed to an affair. He should resign based on that fact alone. What kind of leaders do we want our children to look up to? Someone who cannot respect his body, Ms. Carter’s body, nor the marriage covenant?

  • Stephanie

    Kansas is the “heart(land)” of America. And scripture states that the heart is deceitfully wicked, and who can know it? The wickedness involving Kansas politicians is just asymptomatic of a larger problem, this nation’s wicked heart.

  • is she the wonder woman linda carter?