Operation Rescue to Miers: Give Us Reason to Trust You or Withdraw

Washington, DC — Operation Rescue is asking Harriet Miers to show reason why pro-life Americans should trust her to protect pre-born babies from abortion, or else withdraw her name from consideration to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Operation Rescue continues to be disappointed in lack of information and track record for Hariett Miers, President Bush’s pick to succeed Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court.

“At least nine of the last twelve Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have been pro-abortion. Five of the seven Justices who voted for Roe v. Wade were Republican appointees. Based on that track record, it is insulting, and frankly, irrational for President Bush to ask the pro-life community to simply trust him that Miers will be the kind of judge that will help end the national disgrace of abortion on demand,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There is too much at stake. We will not gamble the lives of innocent children on a ‘hope so’ nominee.”

“It is time for Ms. Miers to show good cause why she should receive the support of the pro-life community or withdraw her name from consideration to the Supreme Court of the United States,” said Newman. “In fact, Ms. Miers may best serve her country by withdrawing so that President Bush may nominate someone with a proven history who all conservatives can support with a clear conscience, and thereby fulfill his campaign promise to the American people.”

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  • If Miers won’t resign voluntarily, then the U.S. Senate must Vote Miers down!


  • Sandy

    i read that Miers acted pro-life when she was president of the women’s bar association…this seems to be a factual incident, as I have read it more than one place.

  • Daniel Scott

    Gary Bauer, president of American Values and a former Christian conservative candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, said he remained unconvinced about Miers, arguing that religious views do not predict legal decisions.

    “As of today, not one friend, associate, co-worker or White House official is able to produce one sentence she has written or spoken in criticism of Roe vs. Wade,” he wrote in an e-mail newsletter to supporters. “Her apparent silence is troubling — at least to me.”
    This is enough for me to be disappointed in this pick.

  • Mike

    Why are these people so hesitant to state their views? If they were dedicated to pro life they would say so right off the bat…

  • Frank

    Mike, they’re hesitant to state their views because if they were pro-life & said so, the liberal media would use all means, fair or foul, to keep them off the Court, tear them apart, and the liberals in the Senate would all vote against confirmation — which many won’t do otherwise, as it’s the President’s prerogative to appoint Supreme Court Justices.

    In my opinion pro-life Supreme Court Justice candidates today basically have two choices: 1) Say they’re pro-life & get a trial by character assasination, a la Robert Bork & Douglas Ginsberg; or 2) clam up & pull a John Roberts, therefore basically denying liberals & abortion supporters the ability to slam them.

    As I said, it’s the President’s prerogative to appoint Supreme Court Justices. Nobody in Congress really debates that. However, the problem is this: the SC is probably (key word) close, by votes, to overturning Roe. Liberals know that, & want to prevent it. So the question is: is it better for pro-life candidates to state their views, but which basically creates all kinds of impediments to actually getting on the Court? Or to basically take a “Judges are umpires” viewpoint at least in public? it seems to me that the goal, legally, is to overturn Roe. That has a much better chance of happening if Justices don’t say what they think — in public. Plus, let’s face it — I’m as pro-life as they come, but I think that a Judge who basically says what he or she will do with a case not even before him is doing a disservice. Judges are supposed to hear the evidence, then decide, not vice versa, even if they basically know internally what side they’re going to take going in. Yeah, I’m troubled by the total lack of all writings for the present candidate. But in this day of trial by media character assassination, the alternative may be worse. Time will tell if Miers is a good choice or not IMHO.

  • George

    President Bush said, Trust me, I know that she will vote twenty years from now, the way she would vote today. Well, twenty years ago, Miers was a Roman Catholic and sent money to Al Gore’s campaign. I don’t think that is a model of consistency.

    Pres. Bush’s crony choices haven’t had a good track record. Just look at “Brownie” at FEMA.

  • tim andries

    to George, I second that motion …”Brownie”. As far as her being Catholic and supporting Gore, she would be calssified as CINO-Catholic In Name Only.

    To Frank’s comments, I agree, Mr. Chief Justice Roberts avoided the bullet to get ON the bench, not get blown off. Also, since the Griswald v Conn. ( i think) case, there has been a noted departure from Roe v Wade. It does appear that overturning Roe v Wade has more possibility than Liberals know it.

  • rick ellis


    It ain’t about the court. The congress has the power to over turn roe.

    We are being misled down the road of continued failure.

    STOP IT!!

    Check out HR 552, and get your elected officials to do their job, and put this mess to an end !!!

  • rick,

    The reason we are in this situation is that Congress has failed for 32 years to do its job! Until our elected representatives do what’s right we have to fight every way we can, including getting highly qualified, truly conservative judges on the Supreme Court. In the long term we should fight for both things, not one or the other.

  • rick ellis

    The point being you never hear about the other.

    All you hear about is the court, when it is the congress who has the authority to pull the court back into the 4 conners of the constitution.

    I say again, wake up, and quit making the court more important than it should be.

    When you do, you are playing into the enemy’s trap!!!