Operation Rescue Stands By Its Endorsement of Judge Moore for Senate; Calls for McConnell to Resign

Judge Roy Moore, pictured with Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.


Washington, D.C. – In light of the spurious, unproved allegations and attacks against Judge Roy Moore, who is a candidate in Alabama’s special senatorial election, Operation Rescue, an outspoken national pro-life group, stands firmly behind Judge Moore and reiterates its endorsement of him for the U.S. Senate.

“I know Judge Roy Moore to be a dedicated Christian and social conservative who will not compromise on the matters of life. He is staunchly pro-life, and a true defender of religious freedom. I urge all the good people of Alabama to cast their votes for Judge Roy Moore for Senate,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, in his August 9, 2017, endorsement of Judge Moore’s Senate Campaign.

Those words are as true today as when they were in August.

In this day when even an unfounded allegation of sexual misconduct can ruin careers, it is no accident that this particular allegation was brought against Judge Moore at this time. His defeat would further destabilize the U.S. Senate and keep it from accomplishing President Trump’s agenda, which is opposed by Democrats, Establishment Republicans, globalists, and pro-abortionists.

“The attacks on Judge Moore are nothing more than dirty politics by those who oppose his staunch conservative Christian values. I don’t believe them for one moment,” said Newman. “After forty years in public service, the fact that the unfounded allegations that are today splashed across headlines have arisen with less than a month to go before this important election is no co-incidence. Establishment Republicans, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, should be ashamed of themselves for jumping to rash conclusions when calling for Moore’s withdrawal from the race.”

On September 27, 2017, Operation Rescue called for the resignation of McConnell due to his failed leadership and inability to defund Planned Parenthood.

“If anyone should resign, it should be Mitch McConnell,” said Newman. “I double down on our call for Mitch McConnell to step aside after his shameful display of prejudging Judge Moore and for his failed leadership in the Senate.”

  • patcarlson1

    40 years ago?!? I don’t know if any of the allegations are true, but so what if they are? If true, they happened 40 years ago! I can’t believe how many conservatives are ready to throw this guy under the bus.

    The haters – primarily the media – have him. They have already poisoned him. I doubt he will be elected. Shame on conservatives (and the RINOs) for abandoning this man.

    Thank you, Operation Rescue West, for standing with him.

  • Jennifer Starkey


  • Sigroli

    Just wow.

  • marlene

    Judge Roy Moore is a good man, being slandered by the corrupt dems and RINOS for being an outsider, just like Trump. Romney is a RINO dirt bag swamp creature. We need more people like Trump and Moore in our government if we’re ever going to MAGA. What we don’t need, and shouldn’t do, is to re-elect these establishment parasites into any political position whatsoever. Perhaps we should throw some Glyphosate into the swamp to speed the process!

  • Jeannette Padilla

    Maybe he changed his old life to a new life sometime ago. A lot of people have. Don’t rush to judgement. Wait till the facts come out. You dont want to ruin a converts life. Remember you will be judged the way you judge!

  • Barbara Evans

    I don’t believe it but if it’s true it was 40 years ago, so who cares… How many of those men accusing him , have done the same thing they are accusing him of? It’s just that they didn’t get caught. Come on where were these supposed females 40 years ago? They were minding their own business and probably didn’t even know who Roy Moore was, and now someone has paid these women to bring false charges against him.. This is just not right

  • I have always believed in the American Justice System and even after the OJ trial still do. IF Judge Moore did these things, these women deserve their day in court. If he didn’t do anything then Judge Moore deserves his to clear his name to at least some degree. I believe in what Roy Moore wants to do and have in the past contributed to his campaign.

    I don’t think much of the people who are rushing to condemn him and will note Swamp Creature John McCain was one of the first RINO’s to denounce Judge Moore, that is another reason in my opinion to question these allegations, the timing of it this close to the elections is another reason to question them. This is a terrible crime if these allegations are not true and anyone involved in the perpetration of this should be severly punished for what they have done.

    Dear Lord,
    Please watch over this country and her people. Please watch over the people of Alabama and over Judge Roy Moore and strengthen him so that the right thing gets done according to thy will.