Operation Rescue Condemns Police Brutality Against Peaceful Pro-Life Teens At DNC

Two girls, ages 15 and 17, were attacked and arrested without warning by police while peacefully exercising their First Amendment Rights outside Sen. Obama’s hotel

Denver, CO – Two young girls were brutally attacked by police Wednesday evening without warning as they were chalking the sidewalk with pro-life messages outside the Westin Hotel, where Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama is staying. The girls were knocked to the ground, kneed in the back, handcuffed, and painfully dragged away.

Arrested were Jayne White, 17, and Julia Giacopuzzi, age 15, who were participating in a peaceful demonstration that was part of A Prayer For Change events.

Also arrested was Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition.

Click below to view video of the arrests:

According to Rev. Mahoney, the group had received permission to sidewalk chalk from Denver City Attorney David Fine and Denver Deputy Chief Police John Lamb and had been “sidewalk chalking” for six days prior to the arrests without incident.

They were later released and are now consulting attorneys in anticipation of possible legal action against the city.

“I am shocked at how cowardly these police officers behaved by attacking little girls without warning or provocation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Operation Rescue condemns this act of violence against peaceful demonstrators. There was absolutely no reason for it. Police officers are expected to control themselves better than that, and if they can’t they should not be in law enforcement. We call for immediate disciplinary action against the officers involved in the brutality incident involving Miss White and Miss Giacopuzzi.”

“Operation Rescue spent the week participating in A Prayer For Change with Rev. Mahoney and these young people, who have conducted themselves peacefully and appropriately at all times,” said Newman.

Rev. Pat Mahoney is available for comment at 540-538-4741.

UPDATE: Operation Rescue has been informed that the police determined that the demonstrators did nothing wrong and that an Internal Affairs investigation has been opened to look into why this incident occurred.

  • Sharon G.

    I hope these girls win college scholarships out of this, courtesy of the city of Denver. Some men and women should not be cops.

  • Pam

    There should be no problem winning a lawsuit against the city in this case. We have to take legal action when outrages like this occur or it doesn’t stop, it only escalates.

  • Firstly, I extend my prayers to the two girls after this disturbing ordeal.
    Will keep this intention in my prayers.

  • Justin Thyme

    And they wonder why they are called pigs? Never, never, never help the police. They will turn on you in a New York minute.

  • That thin mountain air must be getting to those cops. What in the world is happening?

  • kathleen Tyree

    Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.


  • It is written in the bible that there will be a day when evil is good and good is evil

    and all things are relevent.. We must pray and rejoice in the Lord Jesus always rejoice

  • Gail Armstrong

    I would tell Justin to rethink his statements about the Police., as in every area of society there are the good and the bad. The same officers you are lumping into the group of horrible Cops could very well save your life, or the life of someone you love someday.

    I am very disapointed in the Officer’s behavior, it is such an injustice to law inforcement in general.

  • Storm troopers are still alive and well in the city of Denver.

  • Sharon G.

    Oops, Eileen. The Bible (and ‘Bible’ is always capitalized) says,

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

    Nothing about “…all things are relevent” (sic).

    There is a time to pray and rejoice and then there is a time to act. May we all have the kind of courage as these two warriors for Christ who give a voice for the Unborn.

  • tobra

    I hope and pray the young ladies will be pain free soon, the police are learned in hurting people in public on video and getting away with it.

    I also hope this is a another wake up call to American Christians. Standing by while young girls are being hurt is not Christlike, it’s way past time to rescue the innocent from bullies. I strongly suggest secession because police brutality only gets worse and civil judgements are a joke.

    Please think this through, the Bible says: Fear them not, why did not someone come rescue these girls? I believe it’s because the folks standing there were too scared of the police to do so. Today the cops moderately beat girls, tomorrow the cops rape and kill them.

  • It’s sad to see that other teens my own age are being arrested for “sidewalk chalking”. Especially if they had already gotten permission.

    I don’t think anyone should let police scare them away from standing up for unborn babies. Seeing this makes me want to go protest right now.

    My prayers are wih these two girls and their families.

  • Sarah

    so…..if you’re an abortionist, you can drive your car over people and thats just fine and dandy. But if you are pro-life you better not EVEN THINK of drawing on the sidewalk with a piece of chalk or you will be beaten up and arrested. AWESOME. This is the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA. Thanks to those cops in Denver…you’re doing such an AWESOME job of protecting the public from dangerous teen sidewalk chalkers…I’ll bet Denver’s a little safer tonight with those houligans off the street. gimme a break.

  • Victoria DeLacy

    I’ve been arrested for demonstrating with Life & Liberty Ministries before and in the final analysis a case like that is usually resolved through tossing it out and failing to prosecute or with a judgment against the state in light of our First Amendment Constitutional rights having been violated. There are some very fine legal groups such as the American Family Association that defended me who will take on such cases for ittle or no charge. Fear not. We are on the Lord’s side and can win against that modern day Goliath – onward Christian soldiers. Like our friend Mark Crutcher says on LifeTalk, “We’re there to win, because winning is how the killing stops”:)!

  • Sharon G.

    Could it be that the arresting officer was Islamic, too?

  • Chris

    I don’t think it is fair to call police officers pigs. I know several officers who happen to be prolife. They have a tough job and it is completely unfair to lump all officers together. They face many dangers and am thankful for their service. Maybe the officer was an Obama supporter who got out of control. Call the chief in Denver as I did. Please don’t name call though because it only harms the prolife movement.

  • One can turn the other cheek, at the same time injustice cannot be tolerated in the public sphere. I wish these ladies well in a highly publicized lawsuit. These abortoholics only understand in this language.

  • What an outrage!! These wicked police officers who committed this CRIME should be fired. They need to stop sinning and call on Jesus to escape hell! They obviously have a personal problem and a personal agenda to show such disregard for American citizens they are supposed to SERVE AND PROTECT and not persecute. I preach the gospel on the streets alot calling men to stop their lying ,drunkeness, abortion, fornication and homosexuallity and all sin and call on Jesus to escape hell and go to heaven, and I have to deal with the police on a regular basis. Not all cops are bad but it seems alot have a disregard for our rights. I’m currently in a law suit against a city for violating my rights. So God bless you, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and stand up for the unborn no matter what. Amen.

  • Julia Giacopuzzi

    thanks for putting up mine and jayne’s story… and thank you guys for the prayers!

  • Stephanie

    These young ladies need to sue the city. This is the only language these thugs understand. If not, then the tyranny will continue. Next time they could cause permanent injury and/or death.