Ohio Abortion Clinic Closed For Over A Dozen Health Violations

Cleveland, Ohio — The Ohio Department of Health has ordered that a late-term abortion clinic close due to “over a dozen code violations.” The Center for Women’s Health in Cleveland was informed that its license would not be renewed after inspectors discovered that the clinic was not meeting even the most rudimentary of standards, such as taking a patient’s temperature and blood pressure before risky late-term abortion surgeries.

Abortionist Martin Ruddock, who ran the abortion mill that would do abortions — including partial-birth abortions — through the second trimester of pregnancy, did not believe his clinic should have been subject to the state laws that regulate ambulatory surgical care facilities, even though his ads described his clinic as such.

Ruddock did not have an emergency transfer agreement with a local hospital, and endangered one woman with abortion complications when he had difficulty finding a hospital to admit her.

Ruddock’s clinic is one of nearly a dozen abortion mills to close across the country since June. Most were closed by various state authorities, which had uncovered violations that included the delivery and alleged murder of a live baby, workers aborting women without medical licenses, and the misuse of the hazardous abortion drug RU 486, among other charges.

“The closure of Ruddock’s clinic shows that the implementation of standards are effective at stopping abortion until it can be banned nationally. Standards are useful tools that are putting abortionist clinics out of business in droves,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “As a result, our land is not only a safer place for women, but also for the child in the womb.”

“Arrogant abortionists, such as Ruddock, will never adhere to the laws because they somehow think they are exempt from the same rules everyone else must follow. Their unwillingness or inability to follow the law has become their undoing,” said Newman.

Abortion mills have been closed for unsafe conditions in Ohio, Alabama, Florida, and California.

However, in Kansas, the Board of Healing Arts continues to ignore the death of a teenager last year during a botched third-trimester abortion, which included the documented misuse of RU 486. A similar misuse of RU 486 led to the closure of an Alabama abortion clinic earlier this year. The Kansas Board also refuses to deal with the filthy, roach-infested conditions that have been uncovered at two Kansas abortion mills.

“Although the trend is toward states clamping down on their outlaw abortionists, we still have some work to do in others,” said Newman.

  • Frog

    Great news!

  • I have always been pro-life and I just never had a clue of what went on in these places. The filth, the law breaking,and botched procedures. Thanks for opening my eyes op-rescue!!!!

  • See ya Mr. Ruddock!!

  • I live in Ohio,and this guys add is still in the phone book[yellow pages] Even though I know he is closed,I had to know what he had done.I checked it out,and it looks like a 30 year old woman was experiencing complications from her second trimester abortion.Check out his 911 call.At one point he says he cannot stop the bleeding,and he wants her out of his clinic.Funny,his advertisment boasts a kind and caring doctor with 20 years of experience.Doesnt sound so caring to me.The good news is,I hear that a shrine will be built in honor of all of the unborn children that lost their lives there.A pro-life organization bought the property.

  • Robert


    I live in Toledo, Ohio. Cleveland area abortionist Martin Ruddock travels here for Thursday evening/early Friday abortions at the Center for Choice II. Is his clinic still closed in Cleveland? He must be gettin paid well to travel all the way here to Toledo weekly to end the lives of unborn children in the greater Toledo area. I see that this article was printed on Sept. 11, 2006.

  • Karolyn

    Hello, Dr. Marty Ruddock is one of the best doctors in the state of Ohio and performs procedures without complications, whom ever decided to speak degradingly about him, has absolutely no right. He is the most respectable, honest, trusting doctor I have ever met!!!!

  • Robert

    Karolyn, I hope that your eyes will be open and that your heart changes over the intentional killing of unborn children in the womb. Are you over Ruddock’s shoulder as he rips, tears and sucks apart the bodies of little innocent unborn children? He may be making a fortune and piling it in the bank at the cause of these women who submit to him while they are on their backs and legs in the air, however, uhauls do not go on to eternity that we all must face. I hope, that as many other abortionists have done, Ruddock will turn and walk away from this. I wonder if he ever sees his daughter in any of these faces of the babies that are torn apart?

  • heather

    Karolyn, he’s a murderer.

  • Karolyn, spoken like a true-feminazi.
    The global declining female population has you to thank!