Newman to Join #OperationRNC in Cleveland to Demand the GOP Stays Pro-Life


Cleveland, OH – In advance of the Republican National Convention, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman will join pro-life leaders with Created Equal, the Christian Defense Coalition, and others in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 16-17 for the kick-off of #OperationRNC, a campaign to ensure that the GOP platform remains strongly pro-life.

“Once again, there is a movement within the GOP to not only gut the pro-life planks from the party platform, but silence the voices of pro-lifers who are demanding an end to abortion,” said Newman. “Softening its position on abortion would spell disaster for the Republican Party and for the future of our nation. I cannot support a party that will not defend the innocent, and I know I am not alone.”

“The eyes of the world will be focused on Cleveland, OH this summer as the GOP nominates their candidate for the President of the United States. Decisions will be made at the convention that will influence our nation for a generation. A coalition of pro-life groups and activists is forming to take advantage of this historic opportunity to collectively raise our voice for the pre-born. We demand the Republican Party continue to defend the preborn, but we are also calling our nation to repent for 43 years of unabated child killing,” said Mark Harrington, National Director of Created Equal.

The pro-life groups also plan to gather as a public witness in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, which will be held July 18-21.

With so much at stake during this presidential election, Newman is calling on pro-lifers nationwide to join #OperationRNC in Cleveland during the convention to ensure the GOP stays pro-life.

“This is your opportunity to make history,” said Newman. “Please join me in Cleveland on June 16-17 and again for the RNC National Convention on July 18-21, where will call on the GOP decision-makers to stand strong for Life!”

Visit this link for more information on OperationRNC.

Note: OperationRNC is a not supported or sponsored by any candidate, candidate committee, or political party and is solely intended to defend the sanctity of human life.

  • I am very afraid that Trump’s current “pro-life” position is just a façade to appease pro-life conservatives in the Republican party. For this reason, I may vote for the Constitution Party candidate. I would be interested in hearing other opinions on this.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS

    it is more likely that with the advances in technology and the number of grandchildren he has, the age of his youngest son that Trump has seen sonogram pictures and videos that take away the lies of the left.

    The new technology lets you see that it is a baby not a blob of tissue, the advances in neo-natal care also aid the side of LIFE or limiting gestation to early first term.


    Fred Sokol
    Rocky River, Ohio
    Dear Fellow American Pro lifers,
    Will well meaning pro lifers NOT FOCUS on the 2016 Democrat Party Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 25 to July 28 and their support of abortion of unborn babies in the United States?
    Yet rather, JUST FOCUS on the Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, Ohio July 18 to July 21st because Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican Party Nominee? Any chance of that happening?
    As for me, I live in Cleveland, Ohio area and I don’t just say I am pro life and I don’t just oppose abortion at Cleveland Preterm 12000 Shaker Boulevard [the biggest abortion mill in the State of Ohio] just from July 18 to July 21 but on a weekly basis two days a week throughout the year four hours a day.
    So if and when you find yourself in the Cleveland, Ohio area write me at and stand and pray with me to end abortion at Cleveland Preterm and to save the unborn babies life.
    For when the Republican National Presidential Convention in Cleveland, Ohio July 18 to July 21 is taking place I will be at Cleveland Preterm standing for life and against abortion.
    Finally know abortion has been legal in America for the last 43 years. My question to you the American People, have the elected officials we have put into office promising to end abortion if elected ever ended abortion in America? No they have not.
    It is up to us the American People to stand at the abortion mill to end abortion and nowhere else.
    Thank You and God Bless Everyone.
    Respectfully, Fred Sokol

  • Clara

    You may be right, but Hilary has no desire to appease any pro-lifers, and is rabidly pro-abortion. While it would be great to see a Constitution Party candidate win, that won’t happen, and all votes for such third party candidates will only mean a strengthening of Hilary’s campaign. As long as Hilary is so bad, the RINO’s will be able to act with impunity, riding the “Anybody But Hilary” wave.