New York Abortionist Set for Hearing November 28 in Manslaughter Case

By Cheryl Sullenger

Queens, NY –Jamie Morales was an apparently happy and healthy 30-year old woman when she walked into the Liberty Women’s Healthcare office in Flushing, New York, on July 9, 2016, for an elective second trimester abortion.

By evening, she was dead.

In a rare case of criminal prosecution of an abortionist for causing the death of a patient, Robert Rho, was arrested on October 11, 2016, after a Grand Jury issued an indictment against him for Second Degree Manslaughter (Reckless Homicide), a Class C Felony that carries a penalty of 3 1/2 to 15 years in prison.

Rho thought that the abortion on Morales went without complication until staff noticed she was bleeding heavily in the recovery room. Rho determined that she required a second abortion procedure, but even that did nothing to control the bleeding.

Morales continued to bleed and feel woozy, and even collapsed once at the clinic. Even though Rho had to she was too unstable to release, he discharged Morales to her sister, who put Morales in her car and began the trip to the sister’s home in the Bronx. Along the way Morales fell off the back seat and became non-responsive as the result of continued hemorrhaging.

Morales was transported by ambulance to a Bronx-area hospital where she was pronounced dead later that evening.

An autopsy revealed horrific internal injuries inflicted by Rho during one or both abortion procedures he conducted on her that day. Rho had lacerated her cervix, punctured her uterus and sliced her uterine artery. Any one of those injuries would cause heavy bleeding, but together, they proved catastrophic.

Had Rho not released Morales in her unstable condition, and instead called an ambulance, she might be alive today, and Rho would only be facing the possibility of a malpractice suit instead of jail time.

Soon after Morales’ death, Rho surrendered his medical license and closed his abortion facility.

However, at his arraignment on the day of his arrest, Rho pleaded not guilty and was released on $400,000 bail.

Since then his case has been postponed eleven times with no clear reason for the delay. Rho’s next court appearance appears on the Queens Supreme Court “Trials AM” calendar online for November 28, 2017, but there is some doubt that the case will be resolved even then.

“If anyone thinks we will forget about this case, they are mistaken,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Jamie Morales, her baby, and her family deserve justice, and we will never forget that. When that justice finally comes, we plan to make sure everyone hears about it as a reminder of the Abortion Cartel’s callous disregard for life.”

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  • lakewoodsteve

    Our Godless, Marxist inspired [one size fits all] socialist medical system produces over 250,000 iatrogenic [Doctor caused] DEATHs each & every year. [see Johns Hopkins study] NOT even counting 50+ million baby killings. Keeping Sin “Safe & Legal” equals. “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23

  • Momma Beth

    This is so terribly sad. As to this case being “…postponed eleven times for no clear reason for the delay.” I think we all know what entity controlled that.

  • dje3

    He voluntarily surrendered his license. I hope that the state considers that an admission of guilt by definition and admits it into evidence in the criminal trial.
    I also hope that he is not able to have a license in any nearby state.

    Actually, the state should be going after his license permanently as surrender allows him to avoid having it revoked. If it is NOT revoked he will be able to practice medicine in any other state without issues!

  • Wendy Allen

    He butchered her and pretended he didn’t. Denial doesn’t make it go away so she dies. He hoped they would never find out the truth? Do the abortionists decide to hurt certain people and not others? Do they hurt all? They turn off emotion to kill the baby and then also turn it off for the women? Women assume abortion is safe/no problems and can do it many times if they want. Who wants the abortions? The guys mostly or the women? The Pill may cause cancer later in life and clots and low the immune system. Condoms may break/leak. Abortions may kill the child/mom sometimes. Save sex for marriage only. Don’t use sex to try to get a guy. They guy may run if a women gets pregnant. They only wanted the free sex, not the baby. Having sex on the first/3rd date with strangers is not real only lust. Guys may think…no problem…there is always abortion. Abortion may hurt the women physically/emotionally for life.

  • Teresa

    He committed murder, fry his ass!!!

  • WentworthBarclay

    Robert Rho not only killed the mother but he also killed the child.

  • Catherine Mammana

    So much….for a “safe” and legal abortion, huh? It ain’t safe for anyone, and just because it’s legal doesn’t make it MORAL.