New Video Urges “Tiller The Killer” Be Brought To Justice

Wichita, KS — A fast-paced video has been produced for Operation Rescue and is now available for viewing on that exposes the abortion philosophy and acts of late-term abortionist George R. Tiller, and encourages viewers to visit, a web site calling for reinstatement of criminal charges against the infamous abortionist.

“This video is designed to reach young adult viewers, who tend to be more pro-life, and who may not take the time from their busy schedules to read long articles about the subject,” said Operation Rescue missionary Keith Mason. “We hope to reach thousands of people with this message through YouTube, and encourage them to visit and contact the legislators about this horrific injustice.”

Click below to view the 6 min. 18 sec. video. (Warning, contains graphic content.)

  • marceille

    while i appreciate the content of this video, the editing is problematic. the flashing can be dangerous to many people including epileptics. i know you do not want to harm a viewer so you may want to put a warning on the video that is does contain flashing images.

  • Jeff

    The clip is very effetive. I hope that O.R. will publish more such videos. I think that short videos that deal with one fact at a time have the best impact.

    Suggested future topics:

    Tiller Clinic grossing at leat 300 million dollars
    Corrupt campaign donations
    Tiller Drug Use
    Crematoriam on site
    Luthra Tivis Allegations- could be several
    Paul Morrison Campaign
    Specific Late Term Abortions
    Funerals at Clinic

    I think the short videos should be targeted to skeptics because most people just can’t believe that such things could happen in Kansas


  • 4life

    Tiller the Killer.Please Kansas take back your state.This man is mocking you!He is a criminal and he must be stopped!

  • Jeff

    The problem is that the horrors of the Tiller Clinic are so enormous that it is very hard for the average person to believe that something so terrible could occur without someone stopping it. You have to remember that there is almost a complete media blackout on the Tiller case in Kansas. Most Kansans have heard of Tiller but they have no idea of the specifics of his conduct. That is why one has to proceed fact by fact and triple prove each fact. It is like a political campaign where one starts by tracking simple name recognition and then you proceed to educate voters on positions, character and qualifications. In Kansas Tiller has vague name recognition, but most people just do not know the specifics- and the specifics are so horrible they are very hard to believe. It is going to take a lot of carefully crafted, even handed, hard-fact-based, triple proved, non-sensational, rational mailings and media to get the word out. And everything has to be done with a great sympathy for the unconvinced and people who are new to the issue.

  • Reese

    Jim is so right about the media blackout- the major newspaper Kansas City Star is completely one-sided on the whole issue. Right now they’re doing everything they can to bash Kline. Kansans can’t do it alone under our pro-abortion governor (who, by the way, claims herself a “Catholic”)- we need the rest of the nation to pray and intervene!

  • Bill

    Jeff, those are excellent points. Furthermore, prolifers from other states need to realize the horrors of the Tiller abortion business. I am from out of state. When I talk about the Tiller case with fellow prolifers, I get one of a couple of reactions. 1. “It’s nice that you keep us up to date about things happening across the country.” 2. “But don’t they have Kansas Right to Life out there?” Tiller’s abortuary is killing babies from all over the country. No matter where one is in the United States, someone in their community may go to Tiller’s abortion mill for a late term abortion. The life of an innocent baby from any state may be ended in Wichita, Kansas. Morrison’s failure to reinstate these charges affects the entire country, not just Kansas.

  • 4life

    I imagine the cover ups are tremendous.In my state there was an abortionist that practiced for 20 years.Did he abide by the laws-NOPE.It took our state a while,but he finally got his walking papers.

  • Julie

    There are no words for how much my heart aches for those baby’s I will never be able to grasp how anyone could do such a thing its just so awfull I wish I could come to some of the events in KS I just don’t have the money but I will set aside time to pray in my home and tell as many people as I can to do so also on the 17-20 . I know people who don’t have the internet or any way to see this is there any way to get a dvd copy of this I truly believe it needs to be seen by as many people as possible and it could be shown at a church and ask them to fast and pray periodicly the dvd would be very effective for personal and group gatherings to really show people what is going on and get them to do something about it.

  • robyn

    I live in Australia but I am keeping track of the Tiller case regularly via the internet. Abortions performed in America affect not only the whole nation but the whole world. I pray for the babies murdered by this man and others like him. I have been e-mailing relevant Kansas authorities regarding this issue. Please continue to create video clips such as this one to educate people who are unaware of such horrors being committed daily. We need to allow others a chance to stand up and say “ABORTION MUST STOP”.

  • SouthernProLifer

    The video clip and clip ideas are awesome! I wonder though, could some attention be given to the wayward clergy that so blatantly support Tiller? People may reconsider where they put their tithes and offerings when they know that those who receive them are funneling it toward causes like ProKanDo, or using it to fund their own personal activism junkets, etc. I am a United Methodist but thankfully my conference isn’t connected to the Kansas Conference, where George Gardner once was. However, if my Episcopalian brethren realized what some of their priests were doing there, they may reconsider where they put their money as well.

  • Eva

    i really think that tiller is a murderer is not right what hes doing first of all if u dont wanna get pregnant dont open your legs and if u get pregnant just have it and give it to adoption but dont kill it that is relly wrong those people dont have a heart they should pay for what they do and tiller deserves something bad i dont wanna say but u know what im talking about till is a ass hole.

  • Gemini

    Tiller needs to STOP!!! You are killing a child, not a fetus. You are a MURDERER! The problem is not the woman or the fetus, IT IS TILLER!

  • Merl


  • The sad part of this story is, if this so called Doctor, and I use the term loosely, would do the same thing to a dog or a cat, or any other animal, ( he would be behind bars ). May God have mercy on us for allowing such horrible things as this to be practiced in any state! This reminds me of Adolf Hitler’s belief! Praise almighty God that someone stopped him or the majority of our nation would have never been born! After watching this video, I can’t say that I have any faith in our society as a whole any longer! I am only glad my hope comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, my Redeemer and Lord! I pray God will have mercy on this wicked generation. Repent for the day of our Lord draweth nigh.