NEW PHOTOS Show Ambulance at Abortion Clinic

Tiller patient later died of her injuries

Sidewalk counselor Judi W. (last name withheld for her protection) was at George Tiller’s late-term abortion mill, Women’s Health Care Services on Thursday, January 13, 2005, when emergency vehicles arrived to transport a woman injured during an abortion to the hospital. The woman later died. Judi snapped a number of pictures at the scene with a disposable camera provided by Operation Rescue.

Judi is an independent sidewalk counselor who conducts her own ministry faithfully every day at the abortion mill. We thank Judi for all she does to save the pre-born, and we thank her for helping us to document this tragedy.

Those photos are now available on our Photo Gallery.

View 911 Transcript

  • Paige

    How does anyone know if this woman died? I havent heard anythign about it? Do you have proof?

  • Rachael

    OR has included the official 911 transcript. A letter of complaint against George Tiller to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts has been submitted and an investigation is pending. Is that good enough?

  • Paige

    No it’s not really good enough. None of that says she died. All that tells me is that “somone” went by ambulance from Dr Tillers Clinic to the hospital. And all the letter tells me is that somone is unhappy with his medical services. It dosent tell me that anyone has died.

  • OR Staff

    We received word of the woman’s passing from two separate sources that spoke to us on condition of anonymity. Their information was detailed and reliable. A homicide detective (Det. Chisholm)with the Wichita Police Department informed us on January 28, that the woman had died and was at the coroner’s office where an investigation was proceeding, but the initial report indicated that her death was not from criminal activity. KAKE News ran a story on January 29 on the 6:00 News and confirmed the woman’s death, that an autopsy report should be out in 6-8 weeks, and that the KSHA launched an investigation into the death.

  • KP (pastor)

    Sad story if true. Would like to share as a discussion point – but I cannt validate the story in any neswpaper. As soon as you get more documentation or proof please post

  • jerry


    rather than focusing on this one isolated death from abortion, i suggest you go to the page on this site entitled “women killed by legal abortions” and see all the names there. it’s under the “abortion facts” link. all of those deaths are documented thoroughly.

    also, you can go to the life dynamics website for additional info on the hundreds of deaths from legal abortion since 1973.

  • Keep up the great work. The enemies of God,to include their governmental supporters(John 8:44)always work in secret (John 3:19). My wife and I are transitioning out of our “comfortable lifestyle” at end of this year into full time work in Pro-life movements .

    Major Ray Salas
    U.S. Marine Corps, Retired
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    We drive Truth Trucks for CBR

  • Is the family suing?

  • cathi Bie

    I do not think they should’ve given her a abortion,
    why couldn’t she just go full term
    and do adoption, even if its couldn’t be her decision,
    she didn’t choose to die, either.

    Seems to me, someone or maybe a judge
    could’ve ordered her to go full term,
    and the infant be adopted,
    and her not see it, or if the baby was seen by her,
    have it be in a photo,

    I don’t think its fair, that she had to die
    over something she couldn’t change,
    she was almost term,
    why do abortion that late??

    seems so stupid, there are so many
    people that can’t have any,
    and want them, even if they are
    from a handicapped mother,

    I would’ve loved to have taken her child,

    anyone would,