New Documents Verify Abortion Death

Crack Operation Rescue investigators continue to uncover key evidence in late-term abortion tragedy

WICHITA, KS — Operation Rescue investigators have obtained public documents that confirm the abortion death that occurred on January 13, 2005, when a 19-year old “developmentally disabled” Texas woman was rushed by ambulance from a late-term abortion mill owned by George Tiller to the Emergency Room of Wesley Medical Center where she died later that day.

The records obtained by Operation Rescue include the woman’s identity, however, Operation Rescue has decided to withhold her name at this time.

The records include a subpoena and supporting documents from Tarrant County, Texas, requesting medical records from Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, KS, in the investigation of felony sexual assault that is being investigated by a Texas Grand Jury.

According to a court order signed by Elizabeth Berry, Presiding Judge of the Criminal District Court #3 of Tarrant County, Texas, the following records were subpoenaed from Wesley Medical Center:

“Any and all records and/or documents pertaining to [name of victim], W/F, DOB 5/30/85, who was pronounced dead at Wesley Medical Center on January 13, 2005, including but not limited to medical and patient billing records, and the name of the physician who treated [name of victim] and/or pronounced her dead.”

Operation Rescue was the first to break the story of the woman’s death, and also filed the complaint with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts that launched their investigation into Tiller and his part in her fatal abortion.

From their investigation, Operation Rescue believes that the woman in question was sexual abused in the Ft. Worth, Texas, area, and when her pregnancy was discovered in the advanced stages, she was transported to Wichita, Kansas, for an abortion. But something went wrong, and a 911 call was placed by Tiller employee Marguerite Reed who was evasive with the dispatcher and placed him on hold for 45 critical seconds while she inquired about how much she should tell him. Upon arrival, the ambulance crew determined that the victim’s condition warranted emergency transport with all haste to Wesley’s Emergency Room, where died later that day. OR staffers photographed the ambulance and George Tiller’s arrival at the ER.

“A woman was abused. And now she is dead and her baby is dead. How many more must be injured or die before Tiller is held responsible for the human tragedy he has caused?” said OR president Troy Newman. “We call on the State of Kansas to pass a tough Clinic Regulations Act and suspend Tiller’s license until and independent probe can be launched into this tragic death and the injuries of four other women in the past year.”

  • kokoro90

    I wonder what Jade has to say to this evidence. Will she still uphold her high opinion of Tiller the Killer?

  • The real Jade(D)


    All this tells me is that a very unfortunate thing happened, a develpomentally challenged woman was sexually assaulted. It does not state her cause of death. Its possible she had heart failure or kidney failure while she was there. Get a life people…

  • kokoro90

    Jade (D)
    The real truth about George Tiller is that he is a hitman, a professional killer hired to murder unborn babies who have absolutely no defense. Now this disabled young woman died. If it turns out that she died at his hands, they will hopefully permanently revoke his license. Even Pro-Death people like you would probably concerned if the hitman takes out the mother of his victim as collateral damage.
    The one who should get a life is you, Jade. Don’t keep jading yourself trying to justify your warped viewpoint on life.

  • jt


    If the woman who died following Tiller’s “expert medical care” did have heart or kidney failure while under Tiller’s calloused, cruel excuse for “care”, it would not exonerate Tiller in her death. Part of providing responsible medical care (should that line of work ever become of interest to Tiller & co.)involves making sure that you diagnose preexisting conditions, and not prescribe/ administer “treatment” that is contraindicated by those conditions. Many women have died because their abortionists either failed to diagnose, or refused to respect, such pre-existing conditions…and more than one of those abortionists has been, shall we say, “relieved of his/her [medical]’duties'” as a result of those deaths…

    This episode reminds me, though, of a story I read several years ago about a doctor who delivered two little babies on the same day, many years ago in Austria. The parents of the first baby were saddened to learn that their little girl was born with Downs’ Syndrome, then referred to as “mongoloidism”. The parents of the other baby were delighted that their baby was a strapping, healthy little boy with a strong cry and no defects. The young obstetrician who delivered both babies followed their lives with interest over the next 4-5 decades. The little girl grew up to be the caretaker to successfully nurse her aged mother through a long, lingering illness, though her name is forgotten by posterity. The little boy died in a bunker in East Berlin; his name, Adolf Hitler, writ large in infamy and blood, in the annals of time.

    As eager as you are, Jaded, to urge others to “get a life”, it may be remarked that you are much more likely to need one, and to get it from the likes of the little girl, who Tiller has lately likely murdered, than from the likes of the killer you defend, whose views and practices are uncannily like those of Hitler.

    Wake up.

    If you can read this, you received life support from someone. Promote life support for others.

  • page turner

    To “jag”,

    I have been reading most of the posts on this site for several months now, including yours and those posted in response to them.

    Multiplying repetitions of this mantra of yours (if most regular posters to this board had but a dollar for each time you’ve repeated this defense of the murder(er) of your son, especially to yourself, we could afford longer vacations, at least)will not alter the fact that Tiller is a greedy, sadistic, brutal murderer who exploits women in crisis in order to fatten his bank account and torture innocent babies to death.
    Additionally, he is obviously not above falsifying or suppressing records and other evidence in order to continue putting more innocent children and their mothers at risk.

    The charm he exudes, by your account, in doing so does not change the villainy of what he does! While some men are as brutal in their manner of obtaining their objectives as the objectives themselves, smiling wiles in having their way with women, even if that way is morally bankrupt and potentially hurtful to the women involved, are not exactly anomalous among the male sex.

    You have, if I remember correctly, been asked to post a list of the risks of abortion you were allegedly given by Tiller.

    You were also asked whether or not you or Tiller bothered to salvage any DNA samples of your murdered son for the purpose of positively identifying his father/your alleged attacker, with a view towards possibly curtailing his career of raping women. Since both questions are legitimate, and very germaine to Tiller’s own sympathies, where are the answers? They aren’t inappropriately personal ones, since nobody would know your real identity from reading this board and you have already told the world that you were raped.

    I must concur with the view that your repeated defenses of Tiller are not doing you, or any prospective victims of his, any good. Wake up!

    It’s not OK to murder children, or knowingly put their moms in harm’s way, just because one has a “nice, professional, polite, etc.” way of doing it. Did it ever occur to you that just maybe, his pleasant demeanor indicated a totally seared conscience, or that it might change drastically if he were on the table undergoing the procedure, instead of the one standing over the victim, perpetrating the violence? Any sentient humane being would feel anything but calm & pleasant under those circumstances! A demeanor appropriate to a doctor trying to save innocent life on someone deliberately and heinously taking it is a more accurate of psychosis, not medical professionalism, on his/her part.

    Keep on with your journey, but it’s high time you put Tiller and his goons behind you, and left them there for good.

  • sarah

    I hope and pray that the women who made the 911 call, Ms. Reed will be brought up on charges as well. She may well have contributed to this poor woman’s death by worrying more about how much info to give the dispatcher rather than the life of the woman who died.
    How on earth these people ever are able to even look at themselves in the mirror again is totally beyond my comprehension.
    If they are beyond the point of redemption and have had their conscience’s seared I guess that would explain their ability to wake and live each day.