New Billboard on I-35 Warns of Abortion Cost: One Dead, One Wounded

Oklahoma City, OK — Operation Rescue has been given a large billboard off the busy I-35 just south of Oklahoma City. The board, which has been donated for one year, is positioned along the main route taken by Texas women who travel frequently to Wichita for abortions at George Tiller’s late-term mill, Women’s Health Care Services.

“Recent changes in Texas laws restrict late-term abortions there, so we are seeing many, many women at Tiller’s mill coming from Texas,” said Operation Rescue sidewalk counselor Cheryl Sullenger. “This billboard will give the women something to think about on that long drive to Wichita. Abortion certainly kills the baby, but sometimes kills or maims the mother as well, and that is not to mention the emotional trauma abortion inflicts upon women. This is something few women consider in their haste to alleviate themselves of a ‘problem’ pregnancy.”

The need for such a billboard has become painfully clear. A Down syndrome teenager, Christin Gilbert, was transported from Texas to Wichita in January for a late-term abortion that killed her. Operation Rescue has also documented several other botched abortions at WHCS that have required emergency hospitalization to save the women’s lives. It is unclear if all maternal victims even survived.

“We thank God for this opportunity to speak to women along the I-35 and pray God will bless this effort with saved lives and restored families,” said OR President Troy Newman.

  • Sandy

    this billboard is wonderful!! I will pray it will be used by God to touch hearts of the moms, dads, grandparents, friends, and those who are aiding and abetting in abortion of precious babies. May God bless this mightily- and turn many away from travelling on to ‘WItchita’

  • shannon

    My husband is a truck-driver and called me immediately when he saw this TRUTH & POWER billboard. he did not know wichita is the abortion capital of the world-he does now-i explained about george tiller (KILLER). A huge thank-you to whomever donated the board and thank you operation rescue for your bravery for the pre-born babies!

  • Felicia

    Thank you for placing this board. I sure pray that this Billboard gets many people’s attention. I’m sure many that has seen this billboard have turned around and changed their minds.

  • Laura

    I am aware that my views will be entirely contrary to those expressed on this site, but may I say that I think this billboard is, quite simply, shocking. How insensitive to place a board like that in view of women who are already going through some of the most difficult emotional issues! Do you not consider, perhaps, that many of these women are ‘wounded’ before they take the agonising decision to have an abortion? that not having an abortion could in fact only deepen those wounds?

    In the tragic case of Christin Gilbert, whose story you shamelessly manipulate as a martyrdom to abortion in general, we see a girl with disabilities who was actually carrying her rapist’s baby. I find it hard to believe that you would advocate adding further weight to her trauma by forcing her to carry the child to term, and to live with the reminder of her horrific attack for the rest of her life.

    As a ‘pro-life’ group, a dubious term at best, do you not consider the quality of life for both the mother and the unwanted child? There are some dreadful cases of mothers naming babies they’ve been forced to have ‘Satan’, and maltreatment of the worst kind. The effects on the life of a woman who has been forced to have a child can be devastating, and the effects on the unwanted child just as traumatic.

    I ask you as Christians: do you really think God wants his children to be this miserable? to lead lives filled only with depression and angst? I’m no expert, but I thought that was more the devil’s field.

  • Rosey


    I find it shocking that you are so ignorant of the effects of abortion on women. Professionals have found it to be as traumatic for women as incest, a form of rape. As for Christin, it would have been better for her to have her baby and release him or her for adoption. She would certainly be alive today, and it would have been less emotionally traumatic for her, if she had survived Tiller’s butchery. But alas, Christin is dead. I don’t think she is better off.

    The only miserable person I see here is you. It must take some practice hardening your heart to be as cold and callous about dismembering preborn children as you have become.

  • Billie

    I agree. Abortion is the easy way out of a careless mistake. If women didn’t want to have to make this horrible decision then they need to abstain from sex until marriage. In Ms. Gilbert’s (or anyone elses) case there was no reason she couldn’t give the baby up for adoption.

  • Laura

    Would you call the rape of a disabled girl her ‘careless mistake’?

    The argument for abstinence is simply not viable in modern society. I am frequently perplexed by the fear of sex among young people, or in fact among anyone, expressed by much of American society, in particular the religious right; but that aside, whether or not you agree with sex outside of marriage, you cannot impose those views on everyone. In the same way, you cannot impose your views on abortion on everyone – you are entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine, but you simply cannot restrict the freedom of choice in this way.

  • Dear Laura,

    You shared, “The argument for abstinence is simply not viable in modern society.”

    My prayer for you is that you are able to overcome your hopelessness regarding human sexuality. It is possible–you just have to raise your standards and expectations.

    May God bless you beyond measure,

  • Laura


    Thank you for your concern and your kindness of tone, but I am slightly confused by your point.

    I have no ‘hopelessness regarding human sexuality’; I rejoice in it. My issue is with those who consider it to be somehow evil. It is entangled so instrinsically with human nature that it seems somehow strange to condemn it.

    That, however, is beside the point and off topic; my main problem is with the attempt to restrict the freedom of women’s choice. You are of course entitled to believe that abortion is wrong, and as a result of that to choose not to do it yourselves. But in the society at which history has culminated, freedom is considered paramount, and you cannot impinge on that freedom. That this site is permitted to exist, expressing opinions in contradiction to common law, is an example of freedom of speech. Simply that you are entitled to hold your opinions on abortion is an example of the freedoms enshrined in the American Constitution. Your right to abstain from sex; to choose not to have an abortion, are your rights and your freedoms, as well they should be.

    All I ask is that a woman’s right to choose; a woman’s freedom to choose; is respected and maintained.

    To Jennifer, a final note. While I thank you for your offer of prayers and humbly respect the tone in which they were offered, may I ask that you don’t pray for me – it would make me feel uncomfortable.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Laura,

    “All I ask is that a woman’s right to choose; a woman’s freedom to choose; is respected and maintained.”

    I’d like to pose this question to you: just because we *can* do something, does it mean that we *ought* to do it? In our society, personal freedoms are now valued far above morals; in truth, they are not the same.

    Think of a stoplight. Absolutely no one has any qualms about obeying that one simple, little light. Yet it is critical for saving lives. Why are people more inclined to obey a stoplight, than to consider that someone who isn’t yet born, is a person?

    To answer your answer your question and clarify my point about human sexuality: having sex–even for married couples–does not equal respect or rejoicing in human sexuality. When a person enters into sex purely for their own pleasure, that isn’t love–that is the use of another, which is the true opposite of love. There is certainly an entire world of pleasure that is available to us through sex. But it would be a tragedy of humanity if the spiritual aspect of sex wasn’t ever explored or achieved.

    There are many ideologies that attempt to elevate sex to the spiritually profound, but I have found that one particular holy mystic understood it better than anyone. John Paul II comprised the Theology of the Body ( to address human sexuality. If you’re into freedom–in a very radical way–then you have to check this out. Anything less is…well, less.

    Women DO deserve better than abortion: ask any woman who has had one. You can remove the child, but the woman forever remains a mother, and nothing will ever change that.

    I wish you forever well,

  • Billie

    You are right it wasn’t Ms. Gilberts careless mistake. But was it her unborns mistake? No, it wasn’t so why punish the unborn? And yes abstaining from sex until marriage is viable in a modern society. The bible doesn’t leave a loop hole for sex before marriage. No matter what decade, year, day etc. sex is for after marriage. I know first hand the consequences for not waiting spritiualy, emotionaly, and physicaly. i chose to have sex out of wedlock and became pregnant at 15. Abortion NEVER was an option for me. I chose to act irresponsibly and I chose to accept the responsibility that arose from my actions. My son is 7 now and I couldn’t imagine life without him. It hasn’t always been easy, but abortion would have made it even worse.
    God Bless.
    Billie Johnson