Mom Sues Planned Parenthood for the Botched Abortion Death of Tonya Reaves

Chicago, IL — CBS News in Chicago is reporting that the mother of Tonya Reaves has filed suit against Planned Parenthood of Illinois alleging that Reaves died during a second trimester abortion as a result of negligence.

The family is seeking at least $120,000 in the suit, including money to compensate Reaves’ one-year old son, Alvin.

Reaves mother, Dorsey Johns, alleges in her suit that Planned Parenthood “carelessly performed” the abortion on Reaves on July 20, 2012, then failed to properly monitor her afterwards. Johns is also suing Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where Reaves was taken 5 ½ hours after her abortion, for failing to immediately discover the uterine perforation inflicted by Planned Parenthood that caused her to bleed to death. Northwestern originally discovered that Reaves had suffered an incomplete abortion and treated her for that before further tests revealed the perforation.

“Lack of proper monitoring is a chronic problem in the abortion industry as a whole. Once abortion businesses get the money and kill the baby, they are essentially done with the woman. If she happens to have complications, they blame her,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “Planned Parenthood and its abortionist need to be held fully accountable for the death of Reaves, because if they hadn’t botched the abortion in the first place or if they had properly monitored her and immediately called 911, Reaves’ little boy would still have a mommy today.”

Operation Rescue earlier obtained a recording and computer aided dispatch transcript that Planned Parenthood never called 911 when Reaves’ condition deteriorated. The recording indicates on the same day that Tonya Reaves received her fatal abortion the Chicago Planned Parenthood office received explicit instructions from an emergency dispatcher to directly call 911 in the event of an emergency in order to prevent wasting precious time. Those instructions were ignored. The additional delay in not dialing 911 could have been a contributing factor in Reaves’ death.

  • julie

    And they say abortion is safe? If it’s safe then why did this girl die?

  • Sweet Marmot

    Planned Parenthood, your goose is cooked. The days when you could just screw women and blame them for the results are over. But maybe if you weren’t pressuring every woman who comes through the door to have an abortion, then there wouldn’t be any abortion for you to botch. Once the abortion is done, if you weren’t so busy pressuring the next girl to abort, you might notice the girl you aborted 2 or 3 hours ago is hemorhaging. If you weren’t resentful of the fact that the extra attention she requires is taking time away from selling an abortion to the new girls coming through the door, you might have used enough common sense to call 911 for her.
    But no, killing babies is soooooo much more important than saving their mothers, especially if those babies and mothers are black. Planned Parenthood, I hope you get sued for everything you’ve got.

  • nanette

    This is hurting my heart. what a horrible outcome! More Americans NEED to hear these outcomes. ABORTION is a LIE!!!Never the right choice!