Missouri Abortion Mill Closes Unexpectedly

Springfield, MO — The only abortion mill in Springfield, Missouri, the Springfield Healthcare Center, closed unexpectedly Thursday after the board voted unanimously the day before to shut it down.

Clinic Administrator Michele Collins told the Associated Press that the decision had nothing to do with a pending lawsuit challenging a new Missouri law or finances.

Without elaborating, Collins stated, “It’s just so difficult to provide abortions for patients here when there’s zero support from the medical community.”

“I think this clinic is seeing the effects of a cultural shift that is taking place in our nation. America is becoming increasingly pro-life,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “I am sure we can expect other abortion mills in other communities to experience a similar lack of support for their grisly business, especially from health care professionals who take their Hippocratic Oath seriously.”

The mill was expected to close anyway because the abortionist, who lives in St. Louis, had no hospital privileges within 30 miles of Springfield, as a new state law mandates. The closest hospital that was available to him was 2 ½ hours away, creating a dangerous situation in the event of abortion complications. The clinic had sued the state to challenge the law. A federal judge had issued an in junction barring the law from going into effect, but now the suit is expected to be dropped.

“Women might as well have been playing Russian Roulette as have an abortion there,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “The world is a better place without this chop shop killing innocent babies and placing the lives of women at risk.”

“We believe the lack of availability to abortion in mid-Missouri will help women to consider other options and will ultimately save countless lives,” she said.

Read an Associated Press article about this story.

  • Tom

    Operation Rescue does tremendous work for the lives and voices of the unborn. Thank you.

  • Was their abortionist Robert Crist, by any chance?

  • Britton Jobe

    I have lived in Springfield for three and a half years and am saddened to see Springfield’s last remaining venue for reproductive choice to be shuttered.

    Rich women will still be able to obtain abortions in Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis, but poorer and rural women will resort to illicit and unsafe procedures.

  • Sandy

    Go babies!! Way to go, your prayers are being answered!!

  • Rosey


    With all due respect, that is such a load of horse-hockey. You act like abortions there were save in the first place when obviously they were not if the nearest emergency services were 2 1/2 hours away! But I guess for those of you who really love abortion it really doesn’t matter if women are maimed or killed in the process, as long as all babies possible continue to be chopped. Please don’t pretend to care about women then support the very butcher mills that kill their babies, destroy their relationships, and wreck their lives. The hypocrisy and hatred of women and children from you is too transparent.

  • Jeanne

    I’m super pro-life, but you guys have a misunderstanding of the medical field. If there was a complication, the hospitals in Springfield would have to take that patient, and provide the necessary medical care. It doesn’t matter if the operating physician has clinical/surgical priviledges.

  • Robert

    It’s not our misunderstanding of the medical field but your misunderstanding of the law.

  • Robert

    Britton Jobe,

    You think that women in Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis have more money than do women in Springfield?

    Springfield is ‘up and coming’- they are just 36 miles from Music industry of Branson which has brought alot of money to the local area.

    Home prices have skyrocketed in the Springfield area.

    1 out of every 3 jobs created in all of Missouri during 2004 was created in the Springfield metro area.

    Expansion Management magazine ranks Springfield No. 6 of 331 U.S. metros for business expansion. And among mid-sized metros, those with populations between 250,000 and one million, Springfield ranks even higher, coming in at number two.

    Not all that money must go to baby butchers!

  • Jeanne

    What do you mean my misunderstanding of the law? I’m pretty sure that my comment was straight-forward.

  • While this is fabulous news and reduces the state’s number of abortuaries to 4, the fact that this clinic remained open in what is arguably the most religious city in the Midwest (if you consider Missouri as part of the Midwest) as long as it did is a travesty.

    A search on Switchboard.com lists over 250 churches and a combined over 400 churches and religious organizations in the Springfield area. Over 200 churches are in Springfield proper. Just 10% of those churches could have picketed the clinic, brought public awareness to the clinic’s existence and pressured the city council to shut it down. If those 10% (20 churches) were not enough, then those 200+ could have banded together to shut it down.

    If that was not enough, the Christian schools of higher learning, Baptist Bible College, Central Bible College (my alma mater) and Evangel College could have added hundreds of their students on ministry to picket that clinic and pressured it to shut it down.

    If that still wasn’t enough, you have the headquarters of the Assemblies of God denomination to boot. Apparently, the AOG (my former denomination) doesn’t think twice about sending missionaries all over the world but conveniently overlooked a baby slaughterhouse here at home.

    So what did it take to close this clinic in a city of appr. 105,000? Good pro-life lawmakers in Jefferson City and a governor who was willing to act (notwithstanding his apparent support for embryonic stem cell research) to shut the industry down or at least make it difficult for them to operate. And without a doubt, cream of the crop pro-life organizations like Operation Rescue made a difference as well with its lobbying efforts and public awareness campaigns.

    But nary a Springfield church spoke out. If one did and I missed it, I shall be happy to revise my comments. However, at this point, it doesn’t appear that I am wrong.

    I only wish I was involved in the pro-life movement 23 years ago for the one year I attended Central Bible College. I don’t know if the clinic was around back then but if it was, knowing what I know now, I would have been there in protest in a heartbeat.

    My late pastor, Kenneth Bonner of Chicago, was a faithful pro-life advocate in the 90s and stated that abortion clinics were “open by permission of the church”. And considering this clinic operated in one of the most religious larger cities in America, he was right.

    It’s great to see this killing center out of business. But it was around too long. The blame for its existence as long as it was lies at the feet of the church. The indifference in our churches today and their unwillingness to get involved in life and marriage issues are why we are in the cultural morass that exists today. Had churches been doing their job and not worried about toeing the line for their denominations’ hierarchies, there would be no need for groups like Operation Rescue and American Life League.

    That all said, thank you Troy, Cheryl and others for doing your part in putting this “clinic” and all these abortuaries out of business.

  • Britton Jobe

    First, Springfield had as many as three abortion clinics as recently as 1990 when there was a shooting at the Central Women’s Health Center downtown.

    Second, the Springfield Healthcare Center (the abortion clinic in question) was regularly picketed but also counter-picketed by the local Planned Parenthood and their Missouri State University campus affiliate.

    Springfield is an extremely religious city of 160,000, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely anti-choice. Many churches are either neutral or pro-choice, especially in the section of midtown where the clinic operated.

    Both the northern and central parts of the city trend liberal. This election cycle, the congressional district outed an anti-choice Republican man for an unapologetically pro-choice feminist Democrat woman.

    Maybe since Springfield now has 160,000 as opposed to 105,000 when you lived here, it has turned considerably “bluer.”

  • Ashley Long

    Yayy! Can I hear “BIRTHDAYS” anyone? Yes, that’s right, hopefully BIRTHDAYS will result in this!! Since 1973, the song “Happy Birthday” has actually had meaning. lol

  • Robert

    Nedd, I agree with you.

    The church is silent (for the most part). It’s that way everywhere in the US. That’s why abortion is legal.

    Shame on the church.

    Whenever I am come through Springfield- I have gone to this specific abortuary each and every morning I have been in town- seeking prolifers- and NEVER saw one single person there. I went to the local CPC to get contact info for my next trip- leaving my own contact info- no calls…. I even searched for local prolifers names and email addresses to contact prior to my arrival to orchestrate something. None came.

    The last time through- I was joined by some other locals who I knew as activist from Portland and had just moved near there from and the sister of a friend from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust in So Cal who was attending Mo State Univ. there.

    The church of Jesus is the problem. We are excedingly wicked and complacent- some even apathetic.


    It is past time to bring back the bloodguilt outreaches. I searched for the link that Troy has of this outreach but could not find it. Here is another source.


    I like your website. I hope you arein contact with Pastor Wiley Drake who also combates the ACLU out in So Cal as well as Mrs Evelyn Bradley, http://www.tencommandments.org an elderly woman who’s son I went to HS with a number of decades ago…. we won’t say how many….. who comes out to minister at the abortuaries and ACLU protests with me. Contact me if you are not in contact with them. I will set you up.

    It is my opinion that many in the church has become feminized skirt wearers that will not take the fight to the world.


    Robert Ferguson

  • Robert

    Concerning the remarks by Britton Jobbe:

    Jobbe is right about the baby butcher and accomplice being shot it was in 1991- on my bride’s birthday.

    According to Pastor Michael Bray’s Capitol Area Christian News:

    “The injured from the 1991 shooting included the abortuary building owner, Don Catron, and abortion accomplice, Claudia Gilmore. Apparently there was plenty for citizens or relatives to be perturbed about. Both of the town’s abortionists had accidentally killed women while helping them destroy their preborn children.

    National attention was given to Springfield when a 17-year-old died after Abortionist Robert Crist killed her child in 1991. In 1988 Abortionist Scott Barrett Jr. accidently killed 23-year-old Stacy Ruckman and lost a $23 million wrongful death lawsuit to her family.

    7,000 citizens signed a petition in opposition to a new abortuary. A small group of false teachers and apostates of the Religious Coalition of Abortion Rights have spoken in support. A local United Methodist pastor along with a Presbyterian has weighed in with two heathen pastors and a rabbi.”

    Now 7000 is hardly an active church. As Nedd has so corectly stated- if only a tenth [700] of these SAME 7000 would have come to the abortuary- lives would have been saved.

    A meer [one] 1 % of these SAME aledgedly concerned citizens would have gotten 70 people who could have offered last min intervention. But where were they? I have never seen a one of them.

    I have to say that Jobbe is also right about the city being much more liberal than others here might desire- during a recent visit- I found a marquee on a local ‘church’ to read: “WE DON’T DO GUILT”.

    Well, just wait. Perhaps I am called to dealing with these types of churches:


    When I get there- we’ll see about that guilt- my Portland street preaching friend and I might do a James Bond thing…

    “Guilt… Blood Guilt”




    Of course, the marquee was at a Unitarian Universalist Church similar to the one we picketed in Escondido reported on here- where after a lezbo congregant got a standing ovation when she shared how she had come from a hug a tree rally where everyone stripped down and got naked- a San Bernadino/San Diego planned murderhood representative was invited to speak from their pulpit. The report follows:

  • John

    Abortion is the killing of an unborn baby. you guys rock.

  • tobra

    i think through the years abortion opponents have tried to use the free standing clinic as the primary example of the sin of abortion. the reason may be since this clinic is very obvious and easy to approach by antiabortionists. abortion oppentents may see the futility of using a free standing clinic to draw attention to abortion. many prodeath/prochoice/proreproductive freedom supporters have sound arguments when abortion is debated. and that is the problem, you do not debate child sacrifice you get rid of it.

  • Robert Berry

    The people who live in Springfield, MO sould be happy their abortuary closed down! I wish Planned Parenthood and The Feminist Womens Heath Center here in Chico, CA would do the same. We just aren’t so lucky here.