Mississippi physician has Alabama license suspended after abortion death

Associated Press – JACKSON, Miss. – A Jackson abortion clinic physician had his medical license suspended in Alabama after one of his patients who had an abortion died last year, officials said.

The Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners concluded Dr. Malachy Dehenre, 53, practiced medicine in a way as to “endanger the health of patients” and committed “repeated malpractice.”

Dehenre could not be reached for comment.

The board, which investigates complaints against doctors, passed its findings on to the Alabama Medical Licensure Commission, which suspended Dehenre on July 28.

Part of the Alabama investigation looked into an abortion that Dehenre performed in 2003 at the New Woman Medical Center in Jackson. During the March 20, 2003, procedure, the woman “began hemorrhaging uncontrollably” and was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She underwent a second surgery.

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  • jerry

    wait a minute…. i thought abortion was supposed to be “safe, legal and rare”….

    these type of stories are far too common, and shamelessly covered up by people like sam donaldson and other so-called “journalists”….

  • Brad Emerson

    So much for the lie perpetuated by the Pro Death crowd that “legal abortion is necessary to save the life of women who would otherwise die in the alleys of America.”

    The women are not dying in the alleys, they are dying inside of the abortionist’s clinic.

    Wake up America, we have now killed over 40,000,000 children. In addition to the dead children, countless mothers have died under this modern day policy of genocide.

    Death is not the answer. The answer is life. Life for all, mother and baby.


  • lime5savannah

    Hey, ya’ll!

    “The enormous amount of medical malpractice [the common euphemism for abortion] that exists and flourishes, almost unchecked, in the city of New York, is a theme for most serious consideration. Thousands of human beings are thus murdered before they have seen the light of this world, and thousands upon thousands more of adults are irremediably robbed in constitution, health and happiness.” (“The Evil of the Age,” The New York Times–late 1800’s, before new management morphed it into the left-wing propaganda machine it is now. )

    “The Civilization of today is opposed to babies, and its basest product is the abortionist. He is the human hyena, and the living, quivering flesh of foolish or unfortunate womanhood is the grave from which he tears his prey. He lives upon the crushed and mangled bodies of tender, breathless infants.” — (“Hellish Earl”, The National Police Gazette, late 1800’s)

    “An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it.” – (Planned Barrenhood, a.k.a. Planned “Parenthood”, in a brochure on birth control in the mid-1960’s. Funny how their tune has changed since Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton has channeled millions of dollars into their coffers from legalized baby-killing. This is an amazingly factual statement for those masters at propaganda…so accurate, that PPs refusal to repeat it since 1973 is the only thing about it that has changed since it was published.


    For anyone interested, here are the details of one of the abortion deaths which have led to M. deHenre’s licensing strictures, as related to yours truly by local prolifers who regularly counsel/picket at the deathcamp where it occurred: Last November, a woman died from hemmorrhagic shock, resulting from a uterine perforation, within 10 hours of the “safe and legal” abortion during which her uterus was perforated. (Uterine perforation is one of the most common abortion complications, since most induced abortions involve some sort of sharp instrument and/or powerful suction device weilded BLINDLY inside a rather cramped area). About 6 hours after the abortion, her temperature plummeted to 94 degrees. Her concerned husband called the killing center to ask them about this and was told that it was nothing to worry about…(the stock, and often false, answer typically given by killing staffers re: post-abortion complaints; a real health care professional would, of course, a.) recognized that a body temperature of 94, unless deliberately induced by a real doctor for legitimate reasons, indicates that the patient is at death’s door and knocking, and, b.) would say so…) Fortunately, he did not heed the proabort’s badvice and called an ambulance; unfortunately, it was too late, and this young mother of 4 other children died in the ambulance en route to the E.R. (How’s that, again, about professed proabort “concern” about children already born ???!!! A prolifer who dissuades a mother who has other, already born children, does THEM a service by saving possibly her life; definitely some aspect of her health. Induced abortion is intensely emotionally traumatic for any woman, and i have yet to hear or read of any post-abortive woman whose maternal abilities were improved by killing one of her children. All the testimony and evidence i’ve read points the other way…)

    Let this serve as a reminder to all prolifers out there who may read this: make sure that you know the name of the nearest emergency room WITH A TRAUMA UNIT, and that you instruct the women staggering out post-abort and their companions to go there AT ONCE, to get examined.

    And, that you let her and/or her companion know that if her E.R. examination reveals any injury resulting from the abortion, she does have a right to legal recourse. The consent and liability release forms women are made to sign are typically tools of the trade to intimidate her into believing that she cannot sue them for anything they do to her; they have virtually no real value in malpractice cases but it is still a good idea to advise women entering abortion mills NOT to sign any waiver of her rights, statement of indemnification of the “clinic” personnel (all of whom can be enjoined in an abortion malpractice lawsuit, if they were there at the time of her injury). ABORTION MAY BE LEGAL, BUT FRAUD, INJURY, AND MALPRACTICE ARE NOT; CONSENT DOES NOT EXCUSE MALPRACTICE; LEGAL ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE AT 1-800-U CAN SUE OR 1-888-9 WOMENS.(E.R. workers, incidentally, see botched LEGAL abortion victims all the time; and if she tells them what has just happened to her, they will know what to look for where, and she can thus make shorter work for them and, therefore, a better chance of recovery for herself)
    In addition to this, we warmly invite anyone who still buys the “safe and legal” lie to go to lifedynamics.com, access the Blackmun Wall, and READ ALL OF IT.