Meet Michigan Abortionist Theodore Roumell


By Cheryl Sullenger

Sterling Heights, MI – Meet Michigan abortionist Theodore Roumell. This photo, published on Facebook by pro-life activist Lynn Mills, shows Roumell reporting for work at his Lansing abortion business, which thankfully halted abortions and closed, at least for now, on July 30, 2016.

Roumell will turn 81-years old this month. He can no longer drive himself and relies on family workers to transport him to his abortion business, Womancare, Inc., in Sterling Heights, Michigan. He cannot walk without assistance from a walker.

Shockingly, Roumell continues to conduct both surgical and medication abortions.

“Is he can’t drive a car or walk across the room on his own, he shouldn’t be doing surgeries. That’s just common sense,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“He appears to be knocking at death’s door,” said Lynn Mills, who described Roumell as “ill” with some unknown ailment, most likely related to his advanced age.

Would you want this man conducting YOUR surgery? Women, beware!

Read more about Roumell’s background at

  • Diane Mcfarren-Myers

    Nobody should be conducting this surgery! Let him die, why do we care that aan 81 y.o. man can’t kill anymore children. I think it’s fantastic! As far as I’m concerned, he was more dangerous before! Hell awaits him.

  • Vivavox

    If this is the best they can do in doctor, on the bright side, maybe the business will close when he passes away.

  • Tommy Robert

    He will be answering for all those murdered infants soon enough. His judgement day will be a cause for rejoicing in heaven.

  • CrossHugger

    Probably cant get a drivers license but the politicians (both sides) allow this creep to murder babies.

  • Momma Beth

    My nearly 99 year old grandmother moves better than this man. Of course, she is not weighed down by the guilt of murdering innocent, helpless babies.

  • Jay Rodd

    Hey, guys! He’s still less helpless than the unborn. Me, I will pray that he sees the light before it gets totally dark for him.

  • Joey Johnson

    His LIFETIME IN HELL is fast approaching. May he……rest in fire.

  • In stead of trying to walk, he needs to try and get down on his knees to God and beg for forgiveness for murdering tiny babies. Gratefully, God is merciful and giving those that sin many chances to change, but his patience will eventually come to a halt…and what will be coming next will be beyond words. God said what is coming will be as it never was in the beginning. Daniel and Revelations will give you an idea of his wrath. I just pray people start listening and changing as what is coming is beyond horror.

  • Shira Levin

    Before he leaves this world Dr. Roumell needs to see the evil he’s doing as evil and repent. He needs Jesus in his life.

  • bobtherebuilder

    I’m thinking this old fart is probably NOT “weighed down” with ANY “guilt”!!

  • CM Kar

    Yes, he does. Amen.

  • Joe S Hill

    The Abortionists in this life,all have a scheduled appointment with destiny,as do all of us,along with all the unsaved and unrepented,who die in their sins-and when these Abortionists appear before Jesus Christ,their fate is sealed! Jesus,who will be given the absolute power from his Heavenly father to execute judgements and pardons,will also have the power to cast both body and soul into Hell-and these Abortionists,who have serious blood on their hands,will be without excuse! them,along with governors,presidents,politicians,lawyers,judges,and the many people,who supported these Abortion clinics and their murderous business,will face the ultimate judge-and if that isn’t mind blowing enough,then these same Abortionists will come face to face with all the little children that they’ve murdered,in their “legally” funded business! those,and the vermin,who sold all the baby body parts for business,will cringe in horror,when this same loving Jesus becomes their final judge,and casts all of them in a lake of fire,prepared for the devil and his angels! that is is true destiny of the lost,as well as every Abortionist in this life,who passes on,unrepented and unsaved!

    Jacob Kalo owns that. Roumell got disciplined before too.

  • Busdriver Bill

    The man has few, if any, redeeming features, but his age and the mentioned infirmities shouldn’t necessarily disqualify him from certain types of work. At almost 82, I can testify that as the body ages, it can become partially dysfunctional, while not necessarily inhibiting most of the rest. It is a frequent folly of the younger set to underestimate the abilities of us old farts.
    Again, I abhor this man”s profession and lack of morals nor conscience.

  • stephen1337

    I had the incredibly emotional experience of learning that the little one my eldest granddaughter is carrying is a boy, during a sonogram with many members of my family present. My heart is so full of love for the little guy that I could barely control it. Outside the sonogram facility, my focus was on these women’s right advocates who so cavalierly slaughter the unborn, and actually laugh about what they will do with the body parts they can peddle to the highest bidder…..!! I consider myself a Christian and have done many things I am proud of in my life but this abomination…..this word I also use in describing our so called “president”…….makes my blood boil. As a combat Marine, I consider myself as a warrior who is fed up with those haters who attack everything and their war is on the unborn for they see these little people as objects and not the people they are. I watched this baby moving his hands, even saw him smile…………through my tears. The unholy clinton clan, reid, pelosi, kerry….I am a former democrat , now an independent leaning toward conservatism, who is done with that disgraceful” party!!” What is it going to take for us to take back common sense, decency, integrity…humanity???? If there is a war coming, count on me to be up front because this move requires courage and a resolve to right this outrageous wrong…..the democrats are out of touch! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  • Tommy Robert

    Combat Marines rock! I’m with you.