Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Seriously Botches Abortion That Fiancé Tried to Prevent

By Cheryl Sullenger

New York City, NY – Pro-life activist Michael Sweeney stood outside of the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood abortion facility on May 24, 2017, attempting to offer help to women seeking abortions as he so often does.

But what started as a routine shift at the abortion facility would soon change into an intense effort to save a baby, and later the life of its mother.

One man emerged from the towering Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the heart of Lower Manhattan to speak with Michael. He had just dropped off his fiancée for an abortion. At one point, Michael persuaded the man to go back inside Planned Parenthood to speak to his fiancée about possibly leaving without the abortion.

However, the security guard posted in the building entryway must have seen him speaking to Michael. Not only was the man was barred from seeing the woman, he was not even allowed to reenter Planned Parenthood’s waiting room. Frustrated and upset, he returned to speak further with Michael.

As they waited on the sidewalk, Michael put the man on the telephone with the Sisters of Life, who explained more about the abortion and about what options were available. After about an hour, Michael’s shift was over and he had to leave his new friend to wait for his fiancée alone.

Meanwhile, the man resumed his conversation on his own phone with the Sisters for Life as long minutes of waiting turned into hours. As he was on the phone with one of the nuns about three hours after Michael left, he saw an ambulance pull up.

He hoped the ambulance was not for his fiancée. What were the odds of that? But soon, the paramedics emerged and his worst fears were realized. The woman in the care of paramedics was indeed his loved one.

She was rushed to NYU Langdon Medical Center several blocks away where she underwent emergency surgery for two and a half hours. One of the Sisters for Life visited the hospital and spoke to a nurse, who confirmed the woman was in surgery. The nun left a prayer card for the nurse to give to the patient.

While the extent of her injuries remains unknown, they were obviously severe considering the length of the surgery she endured to repair the damage from the botched abortion. When Michael followed up with his new friend to see how he and his fiancée were doing, he was told the woman was recovering slowly.

This was certainly not the first time an ambulance has visited Planned Parenthood’s flagship Margaret Sanger abortion facility in New York. Operation Rescue has verified that this was the fifth documented medical emergency at the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood this year alone, making this Planned Parenthood abortion office one of the most dangerous in the country.

What might have been if that security guard had allowed the man Michael Sweeney befriended back into Planned Parenthood to speak with his loved one? Perhaps a life would have been saved and a woman spared the traumatic injury of a bungled abortion.

It was obvious that it is Planned Parenthood’s policy to keep companions from interacting with abortion patients once they have been seen so the women will not change their minds at the last minute.

“Planned Parenthood is only about one choice and that is abortion,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “If they were really interested in the woman’s well-being, they would not prevent family members from seeing or communicating their loved ones. This is a tragedy that could well have been avoided if Planned Parenthood had treated this couple with dignity instead of like a dollar bill.”

  • Rick D.

    The next to the last paragraph of this article explains it all!! It’s all about the bucks. As the saying goes: “Money talks and B.S. walks”.

  • Bill W

    How can anyone murder their baby? We have become so inured to evil with liberalism!

  • Chris Brooks

    My prayers go out to this guy, his fiance, and the baby. I hope this opens their eyes.

    It’s hypocritical liberals want all symbols of the Confederacy taking down due to it being “hate”, but yet they say nothing about Planned Parenthood’s murder center being named after the founder, a known racist that attended Klan rallies and wrote how much she hated minorities and immigrants.

  • Terry

    Just the name Margaret Sanger should tell you this is not a good thing going on here . I would almost be willing to bet these young girls don’t know who she was or what she stood for . In case you don’t know , Population control and the dark races go first then the poor . Just how evil can you be , this is what the Democratic Party stands for .

  • Momma Beth

    Planned Parenthood blocked him from re entering the building and seeing his fiancée…that right there screams that it’s all about CHOICE to me.

    /sarc (for the sarcasm impaired)

  • ConservativeSenior

    Baby killers.

  • Corinne

    Their hypocrisy is mind boggling. Are they that delusional or just ignorant? I don’t know what to make of it. It almost seems like a disorder. They are in complete denial.

  • Elizabeth Neely

    hate is love, life is death, patriotism is terrorism…. death is life we live in a seriously messed up society.

  • Marty Koval

    Many liberals believe murdering babies is ok, but executing murderers for killing innocent people is inhumane. Their warped and twisting thinking makes them believe a murderer of people to be more valuable than an innocent baby. Do you see the hypocrisy of their thought process?

  • Original Anna

    The finance will probably not be able to have a baby if and when the male decides to still marry her. You can only damage the making a baby parts so much and they won’t work. Women are never told that damage can be done to the point they won’t be able to have a baby when they want to. Margaret Sander, the founder didn’t encourage abortion for white people, her object was to wipe out the black race and in NY City abortions are now outnumbering the birth numbers of blacks. Once the whites saw the blacks getting the abortions they decided to do it so in a way Sander got what she really deserved, the opposite of her dreams.

  • Vivavox

    It is doubly bad when the patient wants her loved one in with her and Planned Parenthood won’t allow it. Who knows she may have been asking for her fiancee too.

  • ccalreds

    I am at a lost for words. Their minds are worped.

  • Victoria Smith

    I pray the nation’s eyes would be opened to this holocaust.

  • Bennie Payne

    In some states if you are involved in a fatality wreck and a pregnant woman and her unborn baby is killed it is TWO counts of murder or manslaughter. The liberals also say that if you kill a baby whale they are going to tar and feather you but who cares about the baby.

  • Bennie Payne

    This goes against the democrats saying a few years ago. They said that they wanted abortion to be “safe”,”legal”, and “rare”. Now all they want is for abortion to be “legal” period drop the safe and rare parts.

  • American Me

    When will women realize that Planned Parenthood is not a womens health center but a Butcher Shop of Murder for hire.How many women Have to die or require emergency surgery before the message gets across.
    I hope President Trump can cut off any and all taxpayer money going to these hell holes.This has to be stopped.

  • Paul Francis

    Perhaps readers here might consider to include in their daily prayers recitation of Psalm 5 that both those in the baby-butchering business as well as politicians who enable them close their doors, are removed from office, respectively.

  • Jango Wineheart

    NYC abortion rate for black women, when its now-Mayor was the city’s “Public Advocate” a decade or so ago, was 79% (!) for black women, and 49% for white women. A pro-life group then rented a billboard above Houston Street easily seen by folks in Greenwich Village and NYU and Little Italy. Bill de Blasio, phony Catholic and married to a black bi-sexual woman, forced the removal of the sign as “too disturbing” for the public to see, esp, since it demonstrated how RACIALLY it keeps the number of black births down….. like the KKK spent years praying would happen! Imagine how high the black abortion rate is in NYC today……

  • Gen11American

    Margaret Sanger was smart enough to realize that when a society dies from the top and breeds like rats from the bottom, eventually a nation will falter.
    That is especially true in a Constitutional Republic like ours. As Founding Father John Adams stated, it takes an educated and religious populous to maintain a Republic form of government. That’s why the Democrats have been flooding in poorly educated non-Christians for decades, trying to institute Socialism in US! Americans need to bombard Congress with demands that all immigration by uneducated, poorly skilled, non-Christian, non-English speaking immigrants be halted, that all illegal immigration end, that criminal aliens are deported, and that no further amnesties be granted to illegals! That includes DACAs who will be taking jobs from Americans!

  • Carol

    Wow. That man should have called the police when the security guard would not let him back in to speak to his fiancee. I hope he sues Planned Parenthood.