Man, Young Child Witness Loved One Taken from Planned Parenthood by Ambulance

Twenty-third Planned Parenthood medical emergency in five months makes defunding Planned Parenthood an urgent necessity.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Bremerton, WA – As a man and a very young girl paced in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Bremerton, Washington, two ambulances and a fire unit responded to a medical emergency that appeared to involve their loved one.

This represents the 23rd time an ambulance has been spotted outside a Planned Parenthood center this year.

Video of the incident was taken on June 7, 2017, by Laurie Coykendall, leader of the Bremerton area chapter of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, who provided it to Operation Rescue.

A fire unit was already on the scene when the first ambulance crew arrived and took a gurney into Planned Parenthood. A short time later, they came out with the empty gurney.

Soon, a second ambulance manned by paramedics arrived and entered Planned Parenthood. It is believed that the first ambulance was only equipped for “Basic Life Support.” The second ambulance of paramedics would have been equipped with “Advanced Life Support” capabilities, indicating the patient’s situation may have been more serious than expected.

When the emergency responders began to interact with the man and young girl, it became apparent that the woman involved in the medical emergency was somehow related to them.

The woman was taken out of the Planned Parenthood facility on a gurney completely covered with a sheet. The man and the little girl followed the ambulance in a private vehicle when it left Planned Parenthood.

“Twenty-three women in five months have walked into a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, only to be brought out on a gurney, while our tax money continues to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s life-destructive quackery,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “As the Senate considers legislation – possibly next week — to deny further funding to Planned Parenthood, I urge everyone to call their Senators today and let them know that Planned Parenthood must be defunded in the new health care bill. This is not negotiable.”

Contact your Senator now.

  • Carmen B

    I am a pro-life woman which may make my comments distasteful to many others. An abortion facility kills our babies and damages our future. Planned Parenthood makes most of their money by providing this despicable “service”. A woman can be cared for at a hospital, where they know that there are two lives involved. There are times that we lose those babies but never intentionally unless the actual life of the mother is at stake. I hope the Mom in this story was saved. I hope the young girl will still have a mother and that the man, probably the husband, will still have his wife. We must rethink this American Holocaust!

  • rocky63

    Well-spoken and very true and correct. I’m a mere man (many women today seem to think that makes me a “lower” level being). From your words, Carmen, I am sure you don’t think that way.

    You’re thinking clearly — abortion is a devilishly evil business and PP seems to have no idea of how evil it is — and they are.

    I agree with you totally.

  • Dudley DoRight.

    Call it what it is: MURDER.

  • Jango Wineheart

    Check for good news — 14 of 15 charges against the undercover videos of aborters trading in fetal baby parts have been tossed by a California court. Huge setback for Hispanic Leftist Atty General of California, and collusion with Sen. Kamala Bigmouth Harris

  • Babsan

    The DEMOCRATS beloved killing facility(reminds me of the NAZI days) where you are doing away with the unwanted.This will allow the MUSLIMS to have all their babies and eventually overtake America.The Crime Syndicate DEMOCRATS are an EVIL cabal

  • Lee Smith

    I would like every congress person that is for PPH to go and inspect the pregnancy centers that are truly for the women to help them carry their babies to term. They will be helped before and after the birth. No abortions.

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  • Carmen B

    How could I, one single person, force my views on anyone – I thought this was a site for discussion. I also do not support Planned Parenthood and do not want them funded by taxpayers (ie, “the government”). Thus far, we are in agreement.

  • Carmen B

    Thank you, Rocky- my views are not popular but am sure I am speaking the truth as sincerely and respectfully as I possibly can – here is my favorite saying from Winston Churchill:

    Winston Churchill described truth as
    “incontrovertible” and said, “Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” “Fog, for a time may conceal realities, but the realities remain.”

  • msueh

    My views will likely be even less tasteful to others. Very Pro LIFE and also pro death sentence when indicated by the crime. As a recently-retired firefighter-EMT, I find it extremely distasteful to think of cleaning up pp.’s screw-ups and, quite frankly, feel the recipient of such botches asked for her problem and therefore deserves her own death penalty.
    Forget the “her life is in danger, therefore she needs the abortion”; the BABY didn’t get the mother preggers. The BABY has committed no crime and does NOT deserve the death penalty.

  • Bennie Payne

    I think Planned Parenthood knows how evil it is especially the founder of Planned Parenthood. She is just money hungry and heartless towards women and children.