Major Pro-Life Groups Call for a National Strike and Protests to End Abortion

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Protest ABQ is joined by national Pro-Life organizations, including Operation Rescue, Created Equal, and Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust in declaring a national call to action: a National Strike and Protests on January 22-23, 2015.

national strike logoAmerica has endured 41 years of legalized abortion, now is the time to stand together in solidarity as a people of conscience to end the killing of children in the womb, says Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, founder of Protest ABQ in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The use of strikes in various venues have been and continue to be effective in producing change. This one-of-a-kind call for two days of national strike and protests has the potential of sending a resounding message to the leaders of this nation that the American people want abortion to end.

The yearly anniversary of Roe vs. Wade continues to be a day of mourning across the pro-life community. Each year thousands gather in Washington D.C. to protest against this evil.

However, to step up our call to end abortion, we are encouraging all like-minded people throughout the country not to go to work or spend money on Thursday, January 22nd and Friday, January 23rd, 2015, but instead to join together for prayer, fasting and PROTEST in their localities.

All participants must commit to following the model of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in their protests.
“Even if we were to be beaten, screamed at, or abused, we will not respond in kind,” stated Fr. Imbarrato.

Protests will be held in front of state capitol buildings, busy intersections, and abortion facilities. No place is off limits and no one who profits from, supports, or condones pre-born child killing is immune from these protests.

Together, we are calling on national religious and pro-life leaders to join us and encourage all like-minded people to participate in a national strike.

Fr. Imbaratto stated, “Let January 22, 2015, be the start of the national strike, which shuts this country down so that our government and the American people understand the urgency of ending legalized pre-born child-killing. It is time that the successful strategies of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Polish Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa and Fr.Jerzy Popieluszko be implemented in the United States to end this injustice!”

We will not condone violence of any kind by anyone in this National Strike. Indeed, we are protesting the use of violence — against children in the womb. We will peacefully and prayerfully protest this violence.

“We encourage men and women of conscience across America to join us for this first-ever National Strike and Protest against abortion by standing publicly and peacefully against child-killing on January 22-23, 2015,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Let’s send a powerful message to America that we must stop abortion now!”

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  • KC

    The only problem I have with this is the silence part. Silence is implied consent. It is because of years of silent protests that abortion continues. How can anyone who loves Christ keep silent in the face of 56 million plus needless deaths? As a Christian Abortion Abolitionist, I support any attempt to end abortion now!

  • Cheryl Sullenger

    Perhaps you misunderstand. It is not a silent protest, but a peaceful one and we are just encouraging people not to return “evil for evil” so to speak, if someone wants to attack or scream at us during the event.

  • KC

    He mentions silent protests in the video, and what he is talking about is economic warfare to force the immediate abolition of abortion (child sacrifice). This is the next to last point in our strategy to abolish human abortion. I am afraid that pride will get in the way, and people will not work together, but I will do my best to reason with the abolitionist crowd, and get them to participate.

  • Sharon Diehl

    I’ll be there to counter-protest you ridiculous lunkheads.

  • Vivavox

    Getting warmed up for a pro-death counter-protest through childish name calling?

  • Maris Bentley

    Yes, how ridiculous of you pro-unborn baby people. Don’t you know how important the right to murder unwanted children is to the lives of selfish adults?


    Now when a woman aborts, it may not be just one baby that is killed. Fraternal twins are a result of two eggs being fertilized but identical twins, those amazing beings who later can finish each other’s sentences, are formed from the division of the zygote.

    A woman may feel as though the babe in-utero should not be allowed to change her body, her lifestyle, her relationships, the future plans she made for herself (a totally sociopathic idea) but the children of her baby are also deprived of life. She can in no way blame them for exerting any power over her. Does the law allow a “woman’s right” to extend to her grandchildren as well? It seems that more than the “pound of flesh” is being demanded by her. She kills, along with the child within her, countless innocent descendants. This is how extinction works.

    In 40 years, 57 million Americans are known to have been killed by abortion. If we consider, that most of them would have had more than one child, then we can allow ourselves to perceive how quickly eradication of the American people might occur. By 2030, the largest demographic – Baby Boomers – will have died off. Then there will be no overpopulation. In fact America and Africa have only 85 people per square mile. My own country has been largely taken over by immigrants, who understand that you perpetuate the race by having babies. Look at what has happened to Japan, where most of the residents are old people. Their economy has taken a nose dive. (See the video ‘Demographic Winter’, in which renowned economists explain, what happens to economies as a result of depopulation).

    When will the world wake up and stop believing what the eugenicists, Big Pharma, big abortion providers, politicians and the media have been telling them? Do your own research folks.

  • so walk off the job….gotcha.