Lives Saved As Truth Truck Exposes The Shocking Reality Of Abortion

Council Bluffs, IA — On loan to Rescue The Heartland, the Truth Truck visited the Planned Parenthood abortion chamber in Council Bluffs, IA. on Saturday morning, April 21st. Parked for hours in a private lot directly across from the killing center, it provided an excellent view of the grim reality of abortion to all those entering the facility as well as those driving or walking by. Regularly, clinic employees and clients alike could be seen staring at the billboard-sized picture of an aborted child that faced the “clinic.” Similar pictures adorn all three sides of the truck and were visible for at least a block away.

At this particular death camp, access is difficult and saves are rare. But on this morning two babies lives were confirmed saved! According to a local sidewalk counselor, there has never been 2 saves in one day at this location before. Prolifers present were convinced that the Truth Truck played a significant role in these miracles. Larry Donlan of Rescue The Heartland said it was “in answer to the countless prayers and sacrifices of the dedicated Christians who witness regularly at this death camp.”

The Truth Truck is on loan to Rescue The Heartland by Operation Rescue of Wichita, KS. For the next month it will be touring the Omaha-Council Bluffs area, visiting abortion clinics as well as the neighborhoods of abortion providers. It will be returned in time for the national prayer event, “Pray in May” being held in Wichita and scheduled for May 17-20th.


  • 4life

    I love the truth trucks! They speak volumes.

  • All_Life_IS_Precious

    I wish you could send it to the LINCOLN NEBRASKA Facility. They do at least 20 abortions EVERY FRIDAY. Unfortunately, there’s no place to park it as the abortuary got away with building in a **residential** neighborhood.

  • Mike

    God only knows what goes on inside that dismal looking mill….(God and the people who do the killing…)

    These places always look like evil that lurks within them.

    I’m pleased to see the truth trucks confronting the women who enter that place, and to read of the successes of saving the lives of the innocent.

    God help Carhart when he meets his maker.

  • 4life

    I’ll tell you that I am a woman, and my gut tells me that Carhart is a pervert. A very creepy looking one at that. No way would I ever let him touch me with my clothing on ,let alone off!! He could scare the dead. Look at that face!

  • Jamie

    I believe that there should be more funding in this organization to bring in more truth trucks…and to be quite honest– I would love it if one of these trucks came to Anthony Wayne High School just to help end liberal ignorance for good.

  • Janie

    I don’t recall Jesus ever doing anything like this. I understand protesting the nurse who is involved with the abortions, but harassing the entire neighborhood? How is this following Jesus’ teachings?

  • mark

    I firmly belive abortion is on the same level as murder, however I would never submit a child to watch a murder die in the electric chair or by leathal injection and I am firmly against the “Truth Truck” driving around neighborhoods while children are out and able to view it. Sin is sin and God will take care of sinners, it is not up to you to do Gods work, let Him take care of it. you completly ignore other sins and only choose to combat this one sin. A better way to spend your time is go out and spread the gosple to people. Cant do it from inside a truck nor hiding behind a cardboard sign. You must go out and speak to people, face to face.