Late-term Abortion Facility Turns Over Records as New Undercover Recordings Expose Additional Crimes

By Cheryl Sullenger

Albuquerque, NM – In a new development, a spokesman for New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas, James Hallinan, confirmed last week that Southwestern Women’s Services and the University of New Mexico have submitted a “voluminous” amount of records in response to the ongoing investigation into allegations of illegal trafficking in aborted baby remains and other crimes.

“While we can confirm there is an ongoing investigation and both UNM and SWWO have responded to our demands by producing a voluminous amount of records, we cannot comment further on the investigation,” Hallinan said in an email to the Albuquerque Journal.

The Attorney General’s investigation and “aggressive” request for documents, which was first made public during a meeting between national pro-life leaders and Deputy Attorney General Tania Maestas in April.

The investigation was prompted by a complaint filed by Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico, and later criminal referrals from the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. Representatives from Operation Rescue, Priests for Life, the Survivors, and Abortion Free New Mexico attended the meeting. Also present was Cathern Glenn Foster, who has since become President and CEO of Americans United for Life.

However, there is some question about whether the “voluminous” records represent full compliance.

Southwestern Women’s Options and UNM previously submitted documents to the House Select Panel during its investigation into the practice of procuring aborted baby remains for “research.” It is believed that neither entity fully complied with the Select Panel’s subpoenas.

According to Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who chaired the investigatory panel, UNM was especially uncooperative. UNM officials never showed up to the any of the several meetings with investigators, which were arranged at UNM’s request.

“We can only hope that this new state criminal investigation will be finally result in justice. Southwestern Women’s Options and UNM must be held accountable for their actions that are suspected of violating a ban on the use of fetal tissue for experimentation, as well as a woman’s informed consent,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Since Balderas is a Democrat who was very slow to act on these serious allegations, there is no guarantee there will be a prosecution. We hope Attorney General Balderas will chose to put aside partisan politics and his personal bias favoring abortion, and just enforce the law as written as he was elected to do.”

This development comes in the wake of new investigative reports from Abortion Free New Mexico that reveal disturbing behavior by Southwestern Women’s Options.

An undercover recording revealed how tax money completely pays for abortions for any reason – even through the third trimester of pregnancy — on women who can qualify for Medicaid. A caller identifying herself as 30-weeks pregnant, was told that Medicaid would pick up the full cost for her elective late-term abortion.

While that might not be a crime, failure to report child sex abuse is.

A second undercover recording featured a caller posing as a minor girl who was 26-weeks pregnant by an older family member. Instead of being told to contact the authorities, the incest victim was told to call New Mexico Medicaid, which would pay the full costs of her $7,500 for the abortion. The caller was never notified that the abortion facility would be required to report suspected child sex abuse.

“This latest undercover call continues to rip the veil off the abortion industry and show our nation what even most ‘prochoice’ people oppose: late term abortion of healthy babies, paid for by taxpayers, and conducted by an industry which provides cover for sexual predators,” said Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, who has been working with Abortion Free New Mexico on their investigative efforts. “What we need to know to end abortion is found in the abortion industry itself. We just need to continue exposing it, and we will.”

  • American Me

    Remove all federal funding from all Abortion Facilities.Taxpayer funds must not be used to fund abortion.Why should I pay for an Abortion because someone is too Lazy or too Stupid to use Birth Control.Pay for your own Abortion or better yet stop using Abortion as Birth Control.How do these women look at themselves in the mirror after Murdering their own baby?Are American Women now so hard hearted that they just don’t care about life anymore and just kill their babies strictly for convenience sake?I hope not.But Murder for hire must be stopped.STOP MURDERING BABIES!!!!!

  • Bob Taylor

    There is only one thing needed to change the abortion laws. Legislation allowing the fetus to be a dependent on federal tax forms. That would ensure the fetus was considered a viable person before actual birth and abortion would be classed as murder just as it is for a “child after birth”. People the first job in this fight is with the federal legislature to allow the “dependent tax credit” for a fetus and when in the fetus’ life it takes place. The state would then have no problem when considering the abortion as murder. I know there are a multitude of other factors (health, rape, incest, and etc;) but those can be worked out after or during the legislative law writing.

  • jonunr

    Bob, rape and incest are NO grounds for abortion. God allowed conception in those cases, and it was not so that the mother could decide to murder it. ‘the infant is innocent, it is evil to murder it for the crime of it’s father and mother. As regards health the doctor should do everything humanly possible to save both the child and the mother. Life is that sacred.

  • Rick D.

    In a report today on P.P., it stated that 328,348 abortions were performed in the FY ’15-’16. That computes to 27,362/mo., 6,314/wk., 902/day, 37.6/hr., and 1 every 1.6 seconds. I’m sure those are statistics that P.P. is proud of!! And, to think that taxpayer money is being used for this enterprise. Sad!

  • Boyd

    Liberal judges like William Orrick have taken actions to support the illegal actions of Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. These liberal judges want taxpayers to continue to fund abortions and the murder of these innocent children. But the Hyde Amendment is still law and states that no tax dollars or taxpayers can fund the act of abortion. President Trump ended Obama’s actions of having taxpayers fund abortions in other nations already. Trump has ended Obama’s action of having taxpayers fund abortions in Obamacare. Money is still given unto Planned Parenthood in which they use this money to kill many children by abortion and many children are killed after their birth in Planned Parenthood. the Hyde Amendment states that Planned Parenthood shouldn’t receive taxpayer’s money, because they use this money to commit abortions. Planned Parenthood and liberal judges justify these illegal actions. Democrats and Republicans won’t work with Trump to end the funding of Planned Parenthood. Both Democrats and Republicans want to please people to remain in office and to benefit themselves. The amount of abortions will grow until the actions of these congressmen change.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I wish that when you who desides to have an abortion would think about if your mother had done this your sorry ass would not be here.

  • Tinman Jones

    My first college baseball coach is the head coach at UNM. I wish he’d leave that joint. I hope he receives no favors from people on that campus that support murder. Romans 12:12 for the days ahead!

  • Tinman Jones

    A bumper sticker I saw once read, “Aren’t you glad your mom chose life?” Romans 12:12!

  • dje3

    How can a 15 minute procedure plus one hour of paperwork with a 10 minute consult cost $7500?

    What planet do these people live on? Then they sell the body parts illegally?
    Apparently this is nothing but narco-paths (narcissistic sociopaths) at work!

    The attorney general of that state should be under state house investigation if he does not prosecute with full force of law!