La Quinta Inns Send Abortionist Tiller Packing

Corporate office orders Tiller to stop using hotel as a hospital

WICHITA, KS — Operation Rescue has been informed by La Quinta Inns that the corporate offices sent an investigator to Wichita and discovered that nurses in the employment of late-term abortionist George Tiller were in fact renting rooms in order to provide medical care to abortion patients undergoing multiple-day procedures at Women?s Health Care Services. La Quinta Inn representative Teresa Ferguson informed OR that Tiller was called by the La Quinta corporate office and told to immediately stop the practice, which they had determined to be an illegal one.

Ferguson also informed Operation Rescue that Tiller was told he could no longer use the La Quinta Inn name to promote his abortion business and ordered Tiller to strip the La Quinta name from all of his literature and website.

Operation Rescue investigators will monitor the situation to insure the local hotel is in compliance with corporate wishes.

“Thanks to hundreds of men and women of conscience who called and brought Tiller’s association with the La Quinta to the attention of the corporate office, an end has been put to this apparently illegal arrangement,” said OR president Troy Newman. “We are thankful that the La Quinta Corporation has done the right thing and sent Tiller packing.”

This news comes just days after Operation Rescue broke the story that one of Tiller’s patients died from abortion complications. Because of details that have come to OR concerning woman’s death, Operation Rescue believes that she may very well have been a guest at the La Quinta.

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  • steven

    What an awesome story! I would be interested in 2 questions 1.)Are they still giving discounts to Tiller patients? 2.) Did they fire the local manager?

  • OR Staff


    The discount situation is an interesting conundrum. The La Quinta Inn offers medical discounts nationwide for anyone who asks for them, pretty much without question. Those same medical discounts are available to Tiller’s patients as they are to everyone else because they really have no way of knowing who his patients are, unless the women identify themselves. We were assured that there is no special arrangement with Tiller’s abortion business for special discounts. Apparently their legal advisors indicated to them if they stopped providing discounts to Tiller patients, (they looked into this option) they would also have to stop the discounts nationwide, which, understandably, they did not want to do because of the families that their discounts help elsewhere. They fear a discrimination suit.

    The local manager has not been fired, but there was an investigation and the steps we mentioned have been taken.

  • I am glad to hear that this has been resolved. They cannot ask people what the medical situation is, but they are at least not actively participating in abortion! My husband travels with his job, and frequently stays with La Quinta (it’s one of his favorites), but he was ready to cash in all of his points and get certificates for something else if this was true (and not resolved properly).

    I’m also glad it was not a national thing, but the decision of a local manager. Thanks for the update! (I’ve passed the information on to my DH.)

  • Jade

    I guess Im not hurting Dr Tiller by saying this since its public knowledge now, But the La Quinta was WELL aware of what was going on. It was only a year ago that I was there, And trust me they knew what was gong on. Alos the hotel was not just for the late term abortions it was for the first and second trimester abortions. Alot of ppl traveled out of state for their abortions and had to stay there. La Quinta was well aware of what was going on.

  • Kendra


    I would be interested to know exactly when you were at La Quinta. The reason is that I know the current manager at that La Quinta is not the same one mentioned in an article on another website about this same issue. So, I’m wondering if Jason might have been unaware until recently. The policy/agreement having been established before he became manager and the past manager taking measures to hide things? Just some thoughts.

  • John

    Keep us informed on who participates in the killing of the innocents!

    May the guilty, seek forgiveness, by the blood of the Lamb!

    Stay in the battle until He comes…..

  • Jade

    I was there a year ago january and the manager was a man, Im not sure of his name. But im telling you theres no way hes unaware. Ive ben there and the things they see and hear, Trust me they know!

  • Robert

    Good Job ORW and their extended activist arm around the nation!

    Another business not willing to be known as actively participating with the killing.

    It was a matter of time before a patient died. It could have been in their hotel. But we don’t know yet if any of his decisions — other than the decision to proceed with the inherantly dangerous procedure — cost her life.

    It’s too bad that their descision came after the death, it’s like placing a signal and crosswalk where a pedestrian got ran over on a busy highway- I suspect there will be more deaths, inside and outside of this killing center. However, they have placed a light at the location in an effort to defend themselves should the next death come in one of their beds.

    We need to coninue to brain storm a way in which they can legally refuse service all together, if for no other reason than to protect themselves from future lawsuits.

    Tiller specialize in very late abortions, so it’s like playing Russian Roulette with patients to do that- especially outside of a hospital. [IMPORTANT to keep the preasure on Wesley, lest Tiller and his minons donate a new wing to get an area to commit abortions at their facility]

  • t mcnutt

    To ORW, YOU GO! GOOD WORK, AND GREAT STUFF! Whether LaQuinta has seen the light or merely felt the heat, you guys are to be commended for all that you’ve done, are doing, and will do yet! Keep it up, and keep the rest of us posted!

    To Robert,
    Your post ROCKS, especially the last sentence. You make such good points and keen observations, all of which need to be given due consideration by La Quinta, Wesley, any prospective quarry of Tiller’s, ORW, etc.
    A few spelling and grammar corrections (I’m getting notorious for this, I think, on this board; it runs in the family) are relevant: inherently , not “inherantly”; decision is correct, not “descision”; continue, not “coninue”; specializes, not “specialize”; pressure, not “preasure”; and, minions, not “minons”, for future reference.
    Another suggestion: If you have MS Word, it helps to write your post as a word document, because there is an automatic spelling and grammar check with this application that would help correct many of these errors, then post your comments.
    It isn’t infallible, but it is worth the effort. Though my tendency is to let my corrections fall on the just and unjust alike (at least in terms of content), I think you have so many good things to say, they deserve to be said as clearly as possible.

    I hope this helps, and look forward to more from you in the future!

  • JG

    Back last week from New Mexico where I avoided a La Quinta that would have been convenient. Glad this has been resolved as they have a good service.

  • Linda Allard

    Please keep me informed as to what is going on. We are all in this fight together. Praise God for ORW. You are covered with prayer by many intercessory prayer warriors.

    God bless and keep you all.

    His servant for live,

    Linda Allard

  • Mary

    Good work ORW! Please post an e-mail address to send thank yous to La Quinta

  • Jessica,

    You’re right, OR must be lying about what they say. Afterall, they’re a bunch of right-wing, conservative, Christians trying to take down an innocent abortion doctor.

    Oh, wait a second, they’re trying to tell people the truth about abortion, and more specifically late term abortions and “Dr” Tiller’s involvement in this brutal, barbaric murder of innocent human beings who’s only crime is that they were there in the first place.

    So who are we to believe? The murderer, or the ones exposing what the murderer is doing?

    As for your 2 year old, I for one find it encouraging that you have to explain why someone would want to kill their child is such a horrible manner. The reason you want OR and other organizations to change their tactics is because those tactics are working.

    Try to explain abortion to your child without embarassment. Try to tell him why mommies want their children dead without feeling regret or remorse. That sinking feeling you have in heart is not your anger, Jessica, it’s the Holy Spirit convicting you because you know that abortion is murder and you know that any excuses you make to support it are flimsy and weak.

    If your 2 year old knows it’s a baby, what does that tell you?

    I pray that your heart be broken by the tragedy of abortion, and that the Holy Spirit will work on you night and day until the scales fall from your eyes. That the images of aborted children haunt you in sleep until your pride is broken and you can come to a place of repentance for your complacency. Then, you will join us in this fight.

  • Jessica


    I understand your point…but you failed to see mine. Regardless of the intent…I as a parent should be able to choose WHEN I address these issues with my child. This is not a matter of pride it’s a matter of parenting and my right to CHOOSE what I expose him to. I don’t think he’s old enough. period.

    At some point of course I will tell him about ALL of the horrors of the world…but not at 2 years old. He’s innocent, young, and I firmly believe information like that could be damaging. That is my right as a parent.

    And if you want to speak of OR tactics ask yourself why my last post has been pulled. Did I say something SO horrible? Did I undermine their cause? Or did I simply speak my opinion and my problem with their organization?

    Odds are you will never read this…the book burners will get to it first. Suppression…very Orwellian…very sad.

  • Maxine

    You are right about the pictures of these murdered babies being horrible, however, it is the result of killing a child that should be safely nestled in it mother’s womb. I would think that it would be the killing of children that you would find most offensive. And as for an answer for your toddler, when asked about the baby’s ouchie, a simple yes would have been sufficient. And you know what I find most remarkable, is that even a young child acknowledges a unborn baby when they see one. That in itself would negate “its just tissue debate.” Could it be that what is really bothering you is that abortion is truly horrible and ugly.


  • Jessica


    I can’t be any more clear:

    My problem is my right to choose what I feel is right for my child.
    And I did not say in my post that I elaborated. Of course I simply said yes.
    Do you believe that it is okay for another to determine when out children see these things? Honestly, do you believe that? What about other forms of violence or pornography? Where is the line drawn?
    I never said it was “just a tissue debate” so why did you throw that at me?
    Care to address that fact that my posts are getting pulled? Nobody seems to want to tackle that one.

  • Maxine

    As you probably already know we have less contol in regards to what our children are exposed to, and this problem is growing more concerning each year with the demoralization of our nation. As a mother I share the same concerns about what my children are seeing, porn, violence, ect., however, just as you sometimes need to switch the channel on your T.V., there will be times that you may have to take a different route to your destination. For example if you know that there is a prolife rally taking place and most certainly there will be signs that you do not want your young son exposed to don’t go there. I would not take my children to an area of town that there may be billboards advertising sexual activity,ect. Now in a case of the unexpected, this cannot be avoided, it is impossible to control everything that your son may see in his young life, but you should as much as you can. Now on the issue of abortion, it hurts me to see these photo’s, and none of us enjoy looking at this material, and I might add that you never get used to it, but what hurts me more, is knowing that little babies are dying a violent death everyday. And I might add that it is necessary that people know and see the truth of how abortion effects the unborn child, not to mention how it leaves the mother feeling empty and guilty. I must apologize, if you felt that I was throwing the tissue statement at you for debate. I was not. I simply was making an observation.


  • Jessica

    I apologize for my shortness maxine. My posts are constantly getting pulled and I am agitated. I will admit…I am a fence sitter on the issue. I have always considered myself “pro-choice”. But I’ve realized lately that I’ve never really given much thought to what that means. I’ve never considered it a tissue debate…I believe life begins at conception. I would NEVER choose an abortion…NEVER…I’d sooner die. But that’s me, and I have a hard time judging how other people should choose for themselves. In all honestly when I saw the images of the babies it affected me deeply. It incited an anger in me that I did not know was there. I have visited this site and others a lot lately. I want to understand…give it a lot of thought. I think about it often.

    But maybe it’s the pro-life movement I have a problem with. I was raised a very tolerant person in a very liberal environment. Anything that appears to be self-rightous or judgemental will automatically turn me off. Even this organization feels the need to pull my posts when I say something that makes them nervous.

    I do feel that the images objectify the aborted baby…and I feel it is wrong to put them in public view.

    But I will have to admit…they do haunt my dreams
    Gary. Maybe I did need to see them…but my son didn’t.

  • Robin P.


    Just a word about children seeing the graphic images of aborted babies: I firmly believe that how a child responds to these images depends a great deal on how his/her parent or guardian handles them. Children, especially very small ones, sense these things on an affective level, so many things we want to teach them at that age are “better felt than telt”. It sounds to me, personally, that the sense you are passing on to your son is basically a healthy sense of revulsion towards what the picture represents.

    I believe that young children respond to seeing these pictures for the first time in several ways.
    First, there is a sense of horror, and that is as it should be; they recognize that something unspeakably wrong has happened to a BABY (not a “clump of cells”, a “parasitical product of conception”, etc.). They want an explanation (corpses have always tended to elicit that response since Cain killed Abel); I heard one mother, viewing one of these images with her young children in a hardware store, simply tell them, “Some mommies do very bad things to their babies. It is very wrong, and very sad.”
    Age appropriate, simple, and to the point; also assuring to the children that such a fate would not likely befall them, which is another natural human response to viewing the corpse of an obvious victim of lethal violence. Once those issues are addressed, the child’s natural sympathies will turn to the matter of helping “it” not to happen to other children…Having confronted the evil, the child will naturally feel safer with a parent who is fighting it than one who is indifferent/ambilvalent to it, or in sympathy with it. Wouldn’t you?! So we hope you come on over and join us soon! There are many children in this movement who stand alongside their parents holding these pictures…

    As optimal as it may seem, the simple fact is that we cannot control when our children will encounter many things in life for the first time, from first giggles, first cold, first mosquito bites to first bullies to first love; we can only pray for them, teach them the best we know, and be there for them when these things do happen, and pray that God will cover our blind spots.

    Remember, children not only can survive and be bettered by these pictures, depending greatly on how you handle the matter; but NO child survives, and none is bettered by, BEING “those pictures”.
    (I’m not the first one to point that out here, and something tells me I won’t be the last; it probably keeps coming up because it is the crux of this whole matter, at least for those who really care about children.)

  • Jessica


    I understand your comments and your opinion…mine just happens to be that my son is too young to see images like these. I feel like my rights have been stripped in this matter. OR decided that it was time for my child to see an image of death…and I had no choice or control over the matter. I do not believe it is in good judgement to allow very young children to be subjected to this. I don’t agree with parents who choose to use their children when confronting this issue. That is their choice, I just happen to think it’s wrong. I know as a parent I cannot control everything my son comes in contact with. I know I can not blind him from every horror in this world, but this seems unecessary to me. I feel it would be in better taste for groups who oppose abortion to have brochures or something with these images. People should be able to choose if they want to see it, and if they want their families to see it. I strongly oppose the war…but I would not show my little boy images of dead soldiers. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t even involve him in any conversation I was having about the matter because it is not appropriate. These images, in my eyes, are not appropriate for young kids…and they should not be held on high in public view.

  • Thanks for your stand. We cannot condone the taking away of human life in the pretext of freedom of choice. It is a crime whether it is legal or not.
    God Bless America and honor those who honor God.

  • Thanks for your stand. We cannot condone the taking away of human life in the pretext of freedom of choice. It is a crime whether it is legal or not.
    God Bless America and honor those who honor God.

  • lovelife

    I feel that every living person has a right to voice their opinion. I do not believe in abortion and I know I could never make that choice. That is my opinion. I know I would not want my children to see graphic, violent pictures, I dont allow them to watch this on television so why would i want them to see these photos elsewhere? I do believe in consideration and I value the opinions of others whether I agree with them or not. I feel that maybe there is a lack of consideration for the good people who do not want to view these graphic photos. Maybe there is a better way of “voicing” our opinions? Maybe it would be best if these photos or pictures were not shown, I think that if we can change certain things that offend other people, that we might be able to get them to see that we are doint good work and are not trying to offend the people who do not believe in what we do. I have read many posts and have seen many stories about people getting offended by these photos, and they usually have very negative things to say about us. I can understand. If we didnt show them then they really wouldnt have anything to complain about, and we might be viewed as better people for taking into consideration that some are offended by the things we do. I realize that there will be prolife friends who do not feel the same and feel as though we are getting a valid point across by showing these. I just wish that we could be more positive, I agree that maybe the graphic pictures can be shown in closed pamphlets so the younger people do not have to see these images. I also understand that people say “then go the other way if you dont want to see them”, I dont feel that is fair. Also, I will never tell another parent how to raise their children, no one should “step in” unless of course if the child is being abused. Once again that is only my opinion. I hope that made sense and I did not offend anyone… :)

    Change can benefit us all at times and opening up your mind to new ideas can really get people who didnt see before, see now. God Bless!

  • Maxine

    I understand how you feel about people that come across as judgemental or self rightous. God declares in His word(the scriptures) that He hates sin but loves the sinner.
    About the photos of aborted babies, I know that these pictures are hard to look at, but I honestly believe that Operation Rescue and the Truth Truck is simply trying to help people realize the truth about abortion. There are times when I am trying to make a point to my children or correct them, and I try softer ways and somtimes,and only then,that I am direct and confrontational, laying the consequences before them, that they understand the dangers of their behavior and realize they have the potential to hurt themselves and others.
    In regards to the pictures of murdered babies,I believe that you were in the RIGHT place at the wrong time.(In respect to your son)
    I noticed that you mentioned that you were opposed to the war. Could it be, it is because of the loss of innocnet lives. Innocent little babies are dying everyday. To believe that killing children is wrong is not imposing on anyones rights. Abortion should have never been legalized It should never be an individuals legal choice to kill. Just as slavery was immoral, so is the killing of babies. Just as Hitler’s killing spree was evil, so is the killing of an unborn child. No one should have that right. Legal does not equal moral. The women in Iraq are voting for the very first time, and are happy that they can. Our soliders are doing a fantastic job in Iraq and when one enters the military they know that it is inevitable that they may have to go to war. Most of them are happy to do so. The core of the Iraqi people are grateful to America for liberating their country.
    And you know Jessica, I have talked with many women who have made the choice to have an abortion and there was much pressure from others that influenced their decision. They state that they were afraid of losing their boyfriend or as one young lady shared with me right before her aborion, her mother told her not to come home pregnant. Many women are motivated by fear. The counselors that you see outside an abortion clinic are simply trying to help those women who in their heart want someone to reach out to them, but are afraid. The agunish on their faces that you see before they enter that clinic is not because of those opposed to abortion, it is the grief they feel in what they are about to do. I can not see where these women have a choice at all. It is something that they will regret for the rest of their lives. The message to them is one of love and acceptance. We just want to help them. And whether they kill their baby with or without an audience, the pain remains the same.
    I sense that you are a caring person and you are in my prayers.

  • mcnutt

    I very seriously doubt that ORW’s decision to show the American public what really goes on inside American death camps was calculated to show your son, particularly, an image of death, nor intended, esp., to deprive you of a “right” that you obviously think should override the first amendment to the Constitution, informed consent for women re: induced abortion, or full information of the voting American public as to what “reproductive choice” is really all about: the brutal, systematic, premeditated, and deliberate murder of innocent little boys and girls. You have been given good advice as to how to spare your child any undue stress that seeing these photos may create: your apparent choice to ignore that counsel and cling to your own convenience suggests that you are really more concerned with using your son as a kind of “human shield” for your efforts to get ORW and other truth-tellers to suppress this information.

    to “lovelife”,

    Your remark, “no one should “step in” unless of course if the child is being abused.”…Hello?! 4,000 children a day ARE subjected to the ultimate in child abuse, death by multiple injury, in America’s abortion mills. Additionally, brutal abuse of post-natal children has skyrocketed — risen at least 800% — since Roe v. Wade, despite proabort propaganda claiming that legalizing induced abortion would virtually eliminate that phenomenon, since then “all born children would be wanted, therefore loved, etc.” Devaluing preborn life has devalued all life; the whole concept of “reproductive choice” has given people a false sense of autonomy in that they tend to assume that if they are using the pill, condoms, etc., then they can have sex without procreation. This mindset makes any children they do conceive (surprise, surprise!) less wanted, and more likely to be made into grist for the abortionist’s mill. It is also documented that people who are willing to welcome any children they make, whether they “planned” to make them at the time or not, are much less likely to abuse their children because the child is more likely to be respected and treated as the separate individual that (s)he is, not just as an appendage, an extension of the parent’s own will, as tends to be the case when people are encouraged and conditioned to kill any children they did not “plan”.

    The deductive talents of a Sherlock Holmes are hardly necessary to see that a child is much more likely to be welcomed, cared for and loved (even ‘lady mcdeath’ clinton said recently this was what we all could agree we want for all born children…obviously responding to the latest election results, posturing for her next power grab in 2008)if his/her advent (beginning at fertilization: yes, egg + sperm = new individual from day 1) is viewed as a blessing from God rather than an inconvenient accident, a “fetal mistake”: a mostly developed brain stem will suffice. Ironic, isn’t it?!

    One contributing factor to this epidemic of lethal child abuse is the dehumanization of preborn children (who, upon investigation, do bear an eerie resemblance to born babies, do they not?!), aided by the use of terms such as “mass of cells”, “parasite”, “useless eaters”, “not fully human” — the same sort of demeaning, pejorative terms used to pave the way for the mass slaughter of millions of Eastern Europeans by the Nazis. Of course, this genocidal rhetoric is given the lie by these photos; and I find your willingness to further this holocaust because you don’t want to be bothered with looking at “ugly pictures” appalling. We should refrain from proven efforts to save as many children as possible from death by dismemberment (the usual method), because it doesn’t happen to be YOUR child who is the victim? How cold and insular can you get?!!
    “Maybe it would be better if these photos were not shown”…better FOR WHOM? Certainly not better for the children unjustly targeted for death…how many more of them do you want murdered so you can live in your little fantasy world “where life is beautiful all the time…” ?
    How many of their moms do you want exploited, lied to, injured, maimed, raped of their womanhood, even killed for your convenience? For that is the cost of your choice to look the other way…a price you would not want to pay yourself. Had the media shown these images to the American public a long time ago, instead of pointing their cameras the other way virtually everytime they are confronted with them, millions of innocent children and their mothers would be alive today.

    Finally, TO ALL YOU WHO ARE NOT AFRAID TO SHOW AMERICA HER WORST TERRORIST THREAT/ENEMY, AND HER SIN: A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT !!! Gloria Feldt, newly past president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in her speech at the proabort “March for Women’s Li(v)es” last April, “WE LOSE EVERY TIME THE OTHER SIDE PUTS THE WORD ‘CHOICE’ NEXT TO A PHOTO OF A MUTILATED FETUS”. This may not be her exact wording, but it’s close enough to count. You get the picture! She wants the graphic evidence of PP’s holocaust suppressed just as PP’s precursor, the Third Reich, wanted all evidence, especially graphic, of their “work camp” atrocities suppressed…the better to continue it unhindered and unpunished, my dear…!
    [For anyone not already aware of the other connections between the Third Reich and the Family Planning juggernaut worldwide, please see]

    This is a war, not a parlor game. The lifeblood of the little boys and girls who are God’s blessing on America is coursing down her drains. Especially among those committed to peaceful activism, THESE PICTURES ARE THE LOUDEST VOICE THESE CHILDREN HAVE. ROLL ON, TRUTH TRUCKS, AND HANG IN THERE, ‘SIGNPOSTS’!

    One thing, though, in the posts answered by this one, that I agree with: yes, if one is showing these pictures publicly, one certainly should have some sort of brochure or pamphlet handy to answer the questions as to what exactly was done to the subjects of the images, the authenticity of the images, the ages of the victims shown, etc., that so often arise in the minds of people viewing them, esp. for the first time…or who simply want to be more informed about induced abortion. But I think most folks who put these images on public display already know that, and keep such literature handy…so, your point would be…????????????

    just thinking…

  • Jessica

    Mc Nutt

    I am a calm, understanding person…but you just pissed me off. At least I can be glad you didn’t bore us all with one of your self-righteous, boring little grammar lessons. Thanks for sparing us that. You are the epitomy of a judgmental Christian fundamentalist. I can tell you are a militant…in all aspects. I hear Al Qaeda is seeking members…check it out. You have the AUDACITY to suggest that I would use my son as a “human shield”. How about OR members using their small kids like props for their protests. “oh look at the cute little girl next to the MANGLED BABY…”

    I am simply stating, much like you in the abortion issue, that the law concerning graphic material needs to be changed. Now don’t start your extremist rant here, I’m not for abolishing the first amendment…but showing images like these in public view should be illegal. That’s my OPINION.

    I heard and respect all counsel given in this matter. I didn’t ignore it…I simply didn’t agree with it. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it…and it doesn’t make me a godless heathen either.

    Being sarcastic does not make you appear to be intelligent…grow up kiddo.

  • jerry


    speaking of rants, you can rant with the best of them. at least mcnutt makes sense…

    you claim pictures should be illegal, but not the slaughter that makes them necessary. apparently, killing babies is ok in your world, but looking at the pictures of that should be ILLEGAL. what a strange sense of priorities.

    do you monitor what your child views on tv and the internet? if so, that is good, but even if you do, there’s no doubt that your child is still being exposed to foul language, graphic violence, extreme sexual inuendo and acts, and that’s just during the “family hour” or on commercials.

    by the way, since al queda is seeking members, it would appear that those who do the bloody work pictured on the trucks you’re so offended by would be good candidates. they don’t respect innocent life, either. i think mcnutt is focused on living a good Christian life, raising his kids, and trying to help stop the travesty of abortion. he’d make a lousy al queda convert.

    since you’ve stated that you haven’t paid much attention to the what prolifers have been saying for 32 years, and that you are “on the fence” on baby killing, perhaps you should consider learning more about the issue, and then getting off on one side or the other.

    and having done so, you might find that mcnutt isn’t so off the mark after all….

  • Jessica


    Mc Nutt insulted me as a parent and as a person. He took everything I said out of context, much like you did. I was addressing the method used to protest the act of abortion. In regards to the showing of these images, my opinion of abortion is irrelevant. Yes you can attack me for being confused on the subject. You can all call me stupid, immoral, whatever you want. The fact is, before I saw OR protesting I was sure of my stance: “Not my choice…but not my right to choose for another”. But seeing those images really made me think…it made me think in a way I had not before. That doesn’t mean I appreciate my son seeing them. I am now in this position where I think about what I saw every day. Your argument makes perfect sense to me actually. A life is a life and how can one possibly choose to end it. That realization keeps me searching for an answer.

    I visit this and several other sites to learn. I was raised Catholic…but in a VERY liberal family. Democrat all the way. I remember my parents chatting with friends about how the church’s stance on abortion was wrong. Woman’s body…woman’s choice. Now I am older…perhaps a little wiser…and I’m questioning it. I post for the purpose of debate, I am an inquisitive person and I don’t do well with faith because I always need an explanition. So please try to understand me. I am on a journey that I did not plan to take. I need an explanation…about what I’ve seen in those images. I don’t expect to get it from you or anyone else on here…but the opinions and beliefs of others are what help to mold our own when we can find common ground.

    Maybe I’m angry I saw those images because they’ve burned in my heart. I see them EVERY DAY. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried privately after my son has been hurt or very sick. I can’t stand to see him hurt. Now I’ve seen a child dead…and my head and my heart can’t process it.

    So if I’ve offended anybody or inconvenienced anyone I’m terribly sorry. I am trying to make sense of this.

  • Maxine

    In regards to comments made to Jessica:

    I am asking that individuals that are posting comments to Jessica do so without being sarcastic or hostile. It is possible to have discussion or debate without being insulting to the other party involved. She has made her stand very clear, she is looking for answers. As one whom loves God and is a lover of the unborn and life, it is a wonderful opportunity to share valuable information with someone who is earnestly seeking the truth. Please be a good example of our Lord’s love for all people.


  • arx axiom

    To Jessica,

    “Yes you can attack me for being confused on the subject. You can all call me stupid, immoral, whatever you want”…as though prolifers indulge in epithet-slinging because we prefer it to reasoned apologia…careful, isn’t that a bit of (gasp!) mudslinging of yours, in itself…???Actually, a very relevant aspect of suppressing these images was shown to be, then referenced as cold and insular, but you were not called stupid, immoral, even ‘confused’, etc., as you have falsely charged…and offering you the best clarification one could at the time is not an attack…IF, as Maxine and Robin seem to believe, you are honestly looking for ANSWERS. Giving answers to someone who appears to be looking for them is not the same as attacking him/her for being “confused”. The way to do that is to say something like, “you are evil for being confused, you should not be confused,” etc…WITHOUT offering any clear elucidation on the matter that is the professed source of the confusion. But you have been given the clearest elucidation IN ABUNDANCE, and have chosen -again – to react to it, bereft of any substantive refutation of it’s content, with the gratuitously vitriolic/ patronizing ad hominem attacks on those who made them…the very thing of which you FALSELY accuse us.
    The epithet-hurling (“self-righteous, boring, judgmental, extremist”, and the pejorative spin on a person of a particular religious persuasion, but with no real case against the tenets of faith thus referenced -“fundamentalist”-) mudfest was your way of attacking a person who dared to shed light on your professed “confusion”, a practice so important to you that, given no real reason for it, you had to invent one. GET REAL; what on earth do tm’s spelling & grammar comments, given freely, matter-of-factly, sincerely, with malice toward none but propaganda, TO OTHERS, have to do with the content of truth trucks? NOTHING. That was your real beef; but since you couldn’t REFUTE the message, you “decided” to attempt to belittle, intimidate, and humiliate the messenger.
    There is, for the record, a significant qualitative difference between refuting a message and “simply disagreeing” with it; the former demands something in the way of intelligence, integrity, and work; the latter can be accomplished merely by parroting proabort playbook propaganda platitudes, as you have done.)
    With all due respect, Maxine, these tactics are NOT typical of an honest, open-minded truth-seeker. They want answers, not pretexts to attack people who disagree with them. In this regard, I don’t see the essential difference between the last 3 posts addressed to Jessica and the way Jesus dealt with her counterparts as He encountered them during His earthly ministry that you seem to. These tactics ARE typical, though, of a person so steeped in wickedness that his/her own guilt accuses, torments him/her, so (s)he will invariably seek to project it onto others, especially others who bring the [innocent blood]guilt to light.

    Oh, by the way, Jessica, I know the McNutt family about as well as anyone; and I can assure you that, for all their faults – which are quite real to them and equally imagined by you – less interested, less qualified, less sympathetic candidates for Al Quaeda membership could not be found anywhere else than among that entire clan. More pejorative playbook poop…come, Jessica, whom are you trying to kid? It’s not as though we haven’t all read and heard it all before, from the same sources, ad nauseam.
    As to OR children showing a clear contrast between live children and dead ones…why do you want that contrast suppressed? Blurring that distinction can only lead to more murdered children, as proven by the past 32 years of proabort propaganda; and, yes, if you are genuinely concerned about preventing little children from being lethally tortured, why attack that contrast being shown? It is arguably a more compassionate way to teach a child to respond to a holocaust than to teach him/her to look the other way, and ignore/belittle/demean/attack, those who are trying to stop it. Unfortunately, those were the only real options forced upon the American public by Supreme Court INjustice Blackmun (& cohorts & sympathizers before and since) in 1973.

    Should you own a sufficient aversion to murdered innocents to compel you to actively oppose it in some way, I can assure you that noone in this movement will force you, or your son, to hold one of these images against your will…they will, however, expect that you refrain from trying to impose your aspersions on their freedom and choice to do so themselves, and give their children that same option & encouragement.

    If these responses do you any actual undue injustice, they aren’t intended to…but if you’d posted some evidence to that effect, not just claims, they probably wouldn’t have been posted.

    A thousand special thanks, t., for posting the Gloria Feldt quote. It puts so many things into proper perspective, as PP quotes typically do not. I tried to find it last week on the web and could not; perhaps PPFA has purged their website of all “Glo-worm” slime since she is no longer their big limburger; or perhaps the proabort march was too humiliated by the November elections; or, perhaps, they realized just what a shot in the arm that remark could be if it chanced to fall upon the wrong “ears”, so to speak…or a combination of those things…NEhoo, for the benefit of all real-truth seekers and truth givers everywhere, I’ll take the liberty of reiterating it: Gloria Feldt, newly past president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in her speech at the proabort “March for Women’s Li(v)es” last April, “WE LOSE EVERY TIME THE OTHER SIDE PUTS THE WORD ‘CHOICE’ NEXT TO A PHOTO OF A MUTILATED FETUS”. (words to that effect, if not precisely those).

    Think it through…and in earth’s darkest place, LET THERE BE LIGHT.

    L’CHAIM, & peace to all people of goodwill!

  • Jessica


    to you to question…is to attack
    to debate…is to attack
    you’ve even misquoted me by replacing “call” with “attack” in reference to my feeling confused.
    So you tell me who is being attacked here?
    I did “react” however to being personally “attacked” by McNutt and Jerry in the previous posts. Was is right? Of course not…but perhaps a defense mechanisim. By the way, I am not some clever girl sent here to infiltrate your organization and harm it. Like I said previously…I am learning…and I am growing. My use of the word “militant” is further proved by your post. Is it really so hard for you all to believe that someone may want to change their mind?? And according to you I have to agree with ALL of OR’s doctrine? I know many good, christian, ACTIVE pro-lifers who are just as appaled as me by these images. Although the conversation keeps straying to my being a pro-abort…a title you’ve bestowed upon me which I do not deserve. If to question is to harm…and if to question makes me a “pro-abort” then you are all sadly mistaken. Like I said in my previous post…my beliefs have been challenged…I have realized I was wrong. This seems to be something that this organization could give a less than a damn about. With you or against you?? You’re RIGHT about everything…and if I question that I’m wrong?? Wouldn’t you call that militant?? This is not a black and white world…and you are black and white people. You have no concept of how to deal with one who is reaching out. Rather…the men on this post, obviously. Robin, Maxine…you are both kind and I appreciate your counsel on these matters. God keep you both. I’m just so sorry that you are among men with no compassion, patience or tolerance. In my husband’s language: Jesu Pidiae. Jesus saves.

  • jerry


    you seem to have selective amnesia regarding what you have said in previous posts, because if you scroll up, you’ll see that you have been rather mean-spirited with some of your comments.
    yet you portray yourself as someone who is simply seeking the truth. i can appreciate someone coming to a more reasoned point of view on an issue – that shows growth – but speaking for myself, i did not attack you in any way. the closest i came was by saying that you were also guilty of ‘ranting’. and i challenged you to do more research on the issue. that’s it.

    so i must confess it’s a bit difficult to understand how you can square that with accusing me of being ‘without compassion’ because i’m male. i mean – scroll up and read your post from 2-3-05 – and compare the language you used to language i used in my post. you claimed in that post that another long time prolifer should join a terrorist organization! do you considerate that to be a display of compassion? i don’t.

    i am a very compassionate person and that’s why i’m prolife. i care about women, and yes, even men, who’ve been wounded by abortion. of course i care about the babies as well.

    it’s fine that you are “seeking”. but i would urge you to do some quiet research on the side, and THEN weighing in with more thoughts and opinions. because there is more to understanding this issue than whether photos of abortion’s victims should be public or not.

  • Maxine

    To Arx:
    I refuse to be drawn in by arguments of such hostile tones regarding God, Lover of all Life and Creator. I just recently signed up as a member of Operation Rescue. I am a mother of five children ranging in age 21 to 2. My youngest daughter, Grace was born with Downs Syndrome and is very precious to me. From this experience I have learned much from her. Two of the most important lessons are, 1. Not to put God or people in a box or catergories, and, 2. That God is merciful and loving, as he has done much for Grace, even saving her life as her initial diagnosis was one of certain death. None of us really knows exactly how Jesus would have handled different situations. We know what God’s word says in certain matters and we are to obey Him. It is not for us to judge who are the real truth seekers and who are not. In doing so we are capable of leaving many people out of God’s salvation plan. It is the Lord that said that He would seperate the Wheat from the Tares. For one to know what is in a persons heart is for God to know and judge. We are simply commissioned to reach out to all and to let God sort them out. God’s love, compassion and mercy is the glue that holds it all together. Please let Him handle matters of the heart.

  • Jessica


    I do not have amnesia…I clearly stated in my last post that I know I reacted. I also said I was wrong. How can you leave a post stating the opposite when you can clearly read that I addressed that? Also I did not accuse you of not being compassionate “simply because you are male”. It just happens to be that the people that are “attacking” me are male. I know my Al Queda comment was childish and rude…and I was being defensive. McNutt did insult me, though…you can see that very clearly in his post. He accused me of using my son as a “human shield”. I try every minute of every day to be the best parent I possibly can. I don’t appreciate someone insulting me in that way when I simply stated that I don’t agree with my son seeing images like that. Of course I understand there is more at stake than the photos you use. If my posting has inconvenienced you in any way

  • Jessica

    sorry…I am truly sorry

  • Maxine

    Just a short note to remind you that God loves you very much and has sent His son, Jesus as a reconciler, so that we might be restored unto him.
    So that YOU could have eternal life and live in His peace and be full of His wisdom. I am praying for you.

  • jerry


    apologize for not reading all of your posts in context, and recognizing the softnening of your expressions.

    i too, like maxine, wish for you and your son the very best, and am also sorry if i have hurt you in any way. it’s just that we, as prolifers, experience a great deal of criticism of our methods and views, and i guess it tends to make us a little defensive, when all we’re really trying to do is to help women and children, and to change the culture from one of death to one of life.

    God bless.

  • Robin, Arx, McNutt & friends

    “Yes you can attack me for being confused…”–your words, not mine, not Jerry’s, etc. — yours.
    Also, since it is clear that you have no personal acquaintanceship with those you attack the most viciously, what makes you so certain that we are all male, and why is it so important to you to mention gender — yet another nongermane aspect for you to denigrate? Yes, of course we have heard of people changing their minds; we have heard of people deliberating various points of view in doing so; what struck us as false to this process is the repudiation of certain points of view given which you didn’t agree with from the beginning, and the dragging in of so many other irrelevant, unsubstantiated, matters. You were already told what provoked our comments and that if we were unduly harsh or anything else, we didn’t mean to be. We defend ourselves when attacked, like most people. You constructed a paper caricature, like a pinata, and just started whacking away at it, rather than seriously interacting with the ideas offered to you in response to your apparent quest for the truth on “the other side”.

    To Maxine,
    Since you believe that we cannot tell for certain who is and who is not a seeker after truth, how can you say for certain that Jessica is, and that anyone is therefore wrong to suggest otherwise? “By their fruits ye shall know them”; and certain statements of Jessica’s are typical of a very different agenda from the one she claims and the one you defend; we responded to her remarks as they were posted, in order, and in kind.

    We haven’t asked you to be less or other than who you are; so we don’t feel obliged to ask you for permission to express who we are, or to let your definition of “Jesus/love” condemn us for our views, or how we express them.

    To ORW and any other truthtruckers who read this: KEEP IT UP. The Feldt quote is so typical of those who want the truth suppressed that unrighteousness may flourish, unaccounted for to anyone (they think). Someone in an earlier post mentioned something about “methods used to protest abortion”, or similar wording, in reference, probably, to the graphic images. The suppression of such images is certainly a “method used to protect abortion”. We read last week that Planned Parenthood is now on a fresh crusade against CPC’s, claiming that it is coercive to show a pregnant woman the ultrasound of her womb!
    This is not true on the face of it, since she is not coerced into the CPC, and is presumably free to turn her face away from the screen if she does not want to see it…then, when she leaves, can still go and kill her baby if she wants to and can afford it, just as would be the case if it were illegal to do so.

    But it is typical of those who fight informed consent tooth and nail, and then call themselves champions of “choice”. Abortion mills are notorious for refusing to allow the women to see the ultrasound screens. One reason is that if a woman sees the screen, there is a strong chance that she will see HER BABY, bond to him/her, and, naturally, choose life…but another one, less mentioned, is the chance that she will see…nothing. Several mills (since Roe)have been proven to have been giving false pregnancy test results, knowingly, in order to sell abortions to women who weren’t even pregnant. Seems that refusing to allow a woman to see the ultrasound screen, whatever is, or is not, on it, is coercive…

    In any case, KEEP TRUTHTRUCKING.

    Slan, everybody!

  • Maxine

    To Robin, Arx, McNutt & Friends:

    First of all, I would like to start by saying, it is not important what I believe, however, it is God’s word, that we are to obey and live by.
    As for Jessica, and other individuals that have posted comments contrary to what the scriptures teach us about living and how we are to treat others, it is the love of God that draws men and women to God and into understanding His wisdom and plan of salvation.
    Now what comes first, the CHICKEN or the EGG? Unless a man or womans heart is changed, you can not change their mind. It is more important that Jessica receive Christ first, and then her ideas will begin to line up with the word of God.
    It is impossible for you to know Jessica’s heart, because you do not know Jessica. You can not judge her fruit, because all you have to go by is a handful of postings. I never stated that I was certain of anything, in regards to Jessica’s truth seeking. I would never imply that, because according to His word, He teaches us that only He can know the heart of man. In order to know the fruit of anyone, you would have to follow them through a season of their life. This is confirmed in the New Testament when Jesus spoke the parable of the fig tree.
    I want to make something very clear, I do not have an agenda, I do not need one. God’s word clearly states, “Thou Shall not Kill.” God does not need defending and I did not post to Jessica, in His defense. He is GOD! I simply found Jessica among many other post, and I care about her soul and her eternal future.
    As far as condeming you for your views or how you choose to express them, I do not believe that I have done that. I simply suggested that we have compassion and extend God’s mercy through our postings in the hope that we could reach out to one woman and show her the love of God, that she may find Christ. For we have all sinned and disappointed the Father.
    Now take King David for example. Here is a man whom sinned greatly in his lifetime, he committed adultry, had a man killed, took his wife and as a result of that, his child died. Now as I recall, God did not count him out completely, but refered to him as a man after God’s own heart. God was with David through all the seasons of his life, as He is with us. It takes relationship, whether it be aquaintance or friendship to know the fruit of man or woman. We never know who we are really talking to and what God has planned for them. Please, lets keep it kind.

  • Jessica

    McNutt, et al

    “the dragging in of so many other irrelevant, unsubstantiated, matters”

    such as grammar? (sorry…I’m a sarcastic girl by nature!)

    And I do not have an “agenda”. Rather a nagging issue that is burning at me: “I was wrong”. Through debate and such I have realized that I WAS indeed wrong about my stance…in respect to abortion. I have maintained and will continue to maintain that I don’t agree with using grusome images in public places to further a cause. We will never agree on that…and that is okay. I don’t REALLY expect this organization to stop using those tactics. This is a forum…and I’m only voicing my opinion. Like I said previously…my questions are not intended to “attack”. I ask question and pose debates because I am seeking information. That is how some learn. I can read articles all day…and believe me I have…but to get the opinions and knowledge of others is an excellent tool as well. I have been as clear as I can about what I’ve realized…but I feel that you all will continue not to trust me anyhow. That is okay…it is obviously in your nature to be pessimistic about situations such as these. God Bless you all…and for what it’s worth you’ve taught me a lot.


    I am so impressed by you. Not only because you defended me…but because you seem to be one of the most kind, caring, and ACCEPTING people I’ve come across. Your way of thinking is so beautiful to me. Thank you for all of the knowledge you have given me. I would love to correspond with you further…I don’t think I can leave my email address in this post…but if you are interested post back and let me know. I can ask the webmaster if she or he can send it to you. God Bless you.

  • jerry


    i think most of us have noticed the alteration in tone from you, and appreciate the same. i referenced that in my previous post, and even apologized, which you apparently missed.

    that said, those of us who are veteran prolifers have, over the years, certainly seen a lot of clever tactics used in trying to throw us off the track, including some that resembled your initial posts. and so, cynicism tends to go with the territory. but we always welcome new converts to the cause, and we hope you will continue to learn and grow, and consider getting involved in your local community someway, through right to life efforts, crisis pregnancy outreach, or post-abortion ministry.

  • Jessica


    the previous post was not intended for you in any way. I read what you wrote and I really appreciate it. I’m sorry I didn’t address that in my post. God bless.

  • jerry


    God bless you, too, and thank you for demonstrating a true open mind and ultimately, a tender heart.

  • Maxine


    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I am very interested in corresponding with you.
    God Bless,

  • linda medfor