KSBHA Launches Investigation into Abortion Death

OR holds Candlelight Prayer Vigil to remember unknown victim of abortion complications

Wichita, KS – Operation Rescue held a Candlelight Prayer Vigil at the site of an abortion related death to remember the victim and pray for justice. About 20 people prayed, sang hymns and read Bible passages outside Wesley Medical Center on Thursday evening, two weeks after a critically injured woman was transported there from George Tiller’s late term abortion mill Women’s Health Care Services, on January 13. The woman died from her injuries some days later.

Operation Rescue announced at the vigil that a complaint was filed against George Tiller regarding the abortion death with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. OR has received written confirmation from the KSBHA that the matter has been assigned to investigators. (View letter from KSBHA)

In other developments, a call to the Wichita Police Homicide Division confirmed that that the victim is currently in the custody of the County Coroner, which is conducting its own investigation. According to a detective who spoke with OR investigators, a preliminary report from the Coroner?s office indicates that there was no indication of criminal acts that would involve a homicide investigation. A full autopsy report is expected in 6-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, Troy Newman and other OR staff members who were eyewitnesses to the arrival of the injured woman by ambulance at Wesley Medical Center have been extensively interviewed by the Wichita Eagle, and television stations KWCH, KAKE, however none have run the story.

“We must not allow the story of this woman’s death to be swept under the rug. We thank the KSBHA for the rapid response and pray their investigation will bring some measure of justice for the deceased,” said Newman. “However, we continue to call for a suspension of Tiller’s license, in the interest of public safety, pending the investigation outcome.”

“Shockingly, Tiller’s abortion mill, where he performs dangerous second and third trimester abortions has less regulation than the vet clinic where I take my cat,” said OR sidewalk counselor Cheryl Sullenger. “Even fast food restaurants must submit to Health Department inspections. However, Tiller’s abortion mill, is exempt from these inspections at the danger of public safety, thanks to Gov. Sebelius, who vetoed the clinic regulation act. We call on the legislature and the governor of Kansas to pass legislation that would require Health Department inspections and other clinic regulations, and for legislation that would restrict dangerous second and third trimester abortions to hospitals. Perhaps if these laws were in place, there would not be a young woman lying on a slab at the morgue today.”

View Photos of Candlelight Prayer Vigil

View documentation of other abortion injuries at Tiller’s mill

  • David Grisham

    How sad. Murder never happens in a vacuum. There is always more than one victim. The blood of thousands of babies is on Mr. Tiller’s hands. So is the blood of this poor woman. So are the countless broken hearts left behind by this butchery. Even those that survive this horror, both mothers and fathers, are forever scarred.

  • JackO

    There are so many women who have been killed by “safe legal” abortions. Please review the “blackmun wall”


    The Blackmun Wall
    The Blackmun Wall is a listing of the women killed by legal abortions, along with information regarding the circumstances of their death. We named this project after Harry Blackmun. Justice Blackmun was the U.S. Supreme Court justice who wrote the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion and launched America’s Holocaust.

    The abortion picture painted by pro-choice advocates is that the US Supreme Court and Justice Harry Blackmun’s Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions turned abortionists into doctors. Abortion clinic operators like Planned Parenthood like to pretend that the decision written by Justice Blackmun made abortions safe and legal, but the truth is that making abortion legal never made abortion safe. Abortionists are the bottom-feeders of the medical profession and abortion procedures jeopardize the health of the mother in order to terminate pregnancy. ‘Safe legal abortions’ killed every one of the women on this site.

    As you review this list, please remember that the hundreds of pro-choice women listed here represents only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to abortion deaths. We have statistics from both state and federal reporting agencies documenting many more abortion-related deaths than are listed here. However, because we had no further details on them we were not able to include them. Additionally, our research clearly indicates that, for a variety of reasons, the overwhelming majority of abortion-related deaths remain undiscovered.

    Life Dynamics continues to investigate and catalogue the deaths of women that are due

  • meghan

    Ok guys……heres the low down. I know that you must not be to key with all the laws or you wouldnt get so many tickets and wouldnt get arressted so much. But there is a thing called slander. This is when you say false things about some one. Like a lie. Did you know its illegal to lie about people? Or do you just not care? Please get your stories straight and get all your information befor you go posting false stories that you like to make up.

  • K. McNutt

    Meghan (& others of like mindlessness),

    The contraction for “here is” is “here’s”, not “heres”.

    “to key” …in context, we’re assuming you meant “too keen”; why not say what you mean?

    Arrested is spelt arrested, not “arressted.”

    So much for spelling and grammar; now as to your content: Why not find, and post, some evidence that ORW (or anyone else) is lying BEFORE you make accusations? (You know, like ORW, for example, posted evidence in connection with this story?) Surely you wouldn’t want to SLANDER or LIE about ANYONE, or just make up stuff to hurt someome you don’t agree with…or would you…?!


  • km

    Oops, make that someone, not someome…can’t over-proofread these things, can we, Maghan?!

  • Jade

    You attack her grammar and spelling because you cant defend yourself against her accusations?

  • t. mcnutt


    Just logged on and read this. Kelly’s out just now, but I think I can pretty much answer your attack on her as she would in essence, if not verbatim; so, for what it may be worth to you NO, my sister corrected Meghan’s grammar and spelling, and challenged her UNSUPPORTED accusations, in her better interests, whether recognized as such by her (or anyone else) or not. Where’s YOUR evidence that anyone needs any defense against her UNSUBSTANTIATED accusations…or, for that matter, your own?
    Why do you ask? An attack at me because you lack a real defense againt our PROVEN claims? Say it isn’t so…and prove it. You’ll find it a great exercise in futility, since you do not seem to have discovered anything better to which to aspire…yet.

    At least we lifers admit mistakes, (when PROVEN, not just claimed out of maliciously parroted propaganda, etc., ad nauseam) and substantiate our claims, for or against others. Perhaps when you deathlovers surpass us in this regard (among others), we will be more inclined to listen to you. Somehow, though, we’re not holding our breath, much as you would like to obliviate everyone who is not a clone of yourself. Bummer, isn’t it?

    Once again, if you want to contribute anything of value to this board, GET FACTS, ENGAGE BRAIN, AND THEN POST. If all you want to contribute, however, is the ad hominem ad nauseam tripe above which the proabort crowd has yet to rise, even given 32+ years to do so, don’t post it here. There is a device designed to take the toxic sort of stuff you seem to enjoy depositing; it’s called a toilet. Use it for the purpose for which it was intended, instead of abusing this board against it’s expressed purpose…which is NOT to attack ORW and it’s supporters…come now, if you could read my post, then you can read that one…can’t you?! If you’re toilet isn’t working, I am sure you can find a plumber to assist you with that problem in your yellow pages.

    Your determination and persistence in blaming your own faults on us suggests to me that you’ve yet a way to go in owning your own bloodguiltiness in the death of your own child.
    Several of us have reached out to you to offer you support on your way to the deepest healing available to you in this, only to get patronized, apologized for, even slapped in return. The sooner you face this as a wrong, not a necessity, the better off you’ll be, and every other life you touch.

    The salient truth here, Jade, whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, is that you, as a woman, have been created with strong, natural instincts to protect your child(ren) from harm at all costs. When you repudiated your child by subjecting her to death by abortion, you also repudiated, and subjected to violence, a legitimate, vital part of your own womanhood. As tragic as your child’s condition was, you would have been truer to yourself to give her all the life you could, and not compounded natural grief with bloodguilt.

    I know that Pat has already clearly given you the cardinal steps to the fullest healing possible for you on earth; don’t blow her off. There may be a time to burn certain bridges behind you, but not while the person on that bridge is trying to throw a lifeline to you in very troubled waters. If a proven predator such as Tiller (face it, he thrives on the lifeblood of innocent children and if that is not the most egregious and essential predation there is, then the term is meaningless), however, happened to exploit for his own gain your own precarious gait across another bridge, robbed you, and threw you into the murkier, more troubled waters in which you now flounder…well, there’s a bridge worth burning.

    Wake up, Jade. We only rebuke people we care about. The side you’re presently allied with rebukes people they don’t care a whit about, for the sake of evading, and suppressing, the truth.

    They want you, and all of humanity, destroyed and damned. We want you, and all of humanity, ransomed, forgiven, healed, and restored by the love and power of the LIVING GOD. The question is, Jade, which do YOU want? Why? Should you opt for the latter, I’m sure that any of the ORW staff is fully capable of giving you any assistance you might need to that end.

    All the best…just remember, if it’s not good, it can’t be best; and if it’s based on evasion or suppression of truth (lies), it can’t be good. (ORW could have told you that…if you’d bothered to ask)

  • tmcnutt

    p.s. Jade, it’s “can’t”, not cant. How to remember the difference: can’t is the contraction for cannot, the apostrophe replaces the missing letters. “Cant” refers to 1.) insincere pious or moral talk. 2.) ephemeral or fashionable catchwords. 3.) language peculiar to a class, profession, sect, etc.; jargon…sadly, all 3 of which seem characteristic of your latest post, and some others.

    Hang in there, Jade; you’re spelling and grammar are better and we’re for you, and therefore we’re against the damning nonsense in which you seem caught up at present.

    all the best,

  • tm

    Oops, that’s “Your spelling and grammar, etc.”; You’re is a contraction for “you are”. Sorry! I’m still working on mine, too. I think I started out thinking to write, “you’re doing better” and then decided the other wording would be clearer but forgot to change the “you’re” to “your”.

    Pat’s the real stickler, but as long as she sees improvement — even self-correction counts — she’s pleasant enough.

  • Pat M.


    Not everyone who smiles in your face is your friend.

    We’re still praying for you and your family.

  • we dont lie, only the death people do. how can we stop tiller? or that poor lost supposed clergy guy across the street who does baptisms on the dead ones? he is so sick. so callous. so lost in blood for money.