KSBHA Closes Case Against Tiller in Abortion Death In Spite of Damning Evidence

Citizens vow to pursue the case using other legal remedies.

Wichita, KS — The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has notified Cheryl Sullenger that it has closed the case against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller in the abortion death of Christin A. Gilbert who died after a third-trimester abortion on January 13, 2005.

Sullenger had filed a complaint against Tiller with the KSBHA after witnessing Gilbert being rushed into the Wesley Medical Center ER, followed moments later by Tiller. That complaint launched an investigation that spanned 11 months before the Board decided at a closed-door meeting not to pursue charges against Tiller.

Gilbert’s autopsy report specifically indicated that she died from “complications to a therapeutic abortion.”

“According to documents we have acquired, Tiller killed Christin Gilbert,” said Sullenger. “We believe the autopsy and other documents prove that he violated the standard of care by misdiagnosing a life-threatening infection as dehydration, sending her to an unequipped hotel room instead of the hospital even though her condition was worsening, and by his staff evading important questions asked by emergency personnel that could have sped help sooner once an ambulance had been summoned.”

“I believe that every Kansan should be concerned about the Board being unwilling to do their job to police the medical profession and protect the health and safety of patients. Because they steadfastly refuse to do their jobs, all Kansans are at risk,” continued Sullenger. “This decision by the Board sends the strong message to other doctors that they will literally allow them get away with murder.”

“This only proves what we have suspected all along, that the KSBHA is in bed with the abortion industry,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Follow the money trail. Tiller gives huge campaign contributions to Gov. Sebelius, who in turn become beholden to the abortionist. Sebelius appoints Larry Buening as KSHBA executive director, who is now beholden to Sebelius. If the KSBHA disciplines Tiller for Gilbert’s death, then Sebelius looses Tiller’s future campaign money and maybe the next election, leaving Buening out of a job. This kind of cronyism and corruption is unacceptable to the honest people of Kansas.”

“The KSBHA may not care about the health and safety of women, but we certainly do,” said Newman. “We will be pursuing this case through other legal venues. We expect to be able to make an announcement about this very soon.”

Read letter from KSBHA to Sullenger dated Nov. 23,2005
Read Gilbert autopsy report
Listen to 911 call
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  • Matt O’Brien

    This is a national disgrace. Because of all the money George Tiller has donated he has apparently become above the law.

  • tobra

    doctors have alot of power in our nation. a doctor’s diagnosis can get a someone a large disability check, make an illegal abortion legal, help a jury consider punishment, keep a person incarcarated. the shedding of innocent blood causes many complications and having doctors like tiller will only increase as the depravity in our nation increases. those Christians that wished to not use force against the killer tillers of america and wish to share the Gospel to these baby killing doctors may just get the oportuntity to share the Gospel with marvin when he comes to marry their son.

  • Kansas law only allows an abortion after viability if it’s necessary for health reasons, which this one clearly wasn’t. If Cristin’s life was in danger, her parents surely would have taken her to a local hospital for induction or an emergency c-section. All the evidence is that this girl was perfectly healthy and her family just didn’t want her to have a live baby.

    I’m trying hard not to blame her family for this, but reading the autopsy report, how they only wanted “comfort care’ provided to an otherwise healthy daughter who was in a medical crisis, how her eyes were harvested, I wonder.

    And now the Board of Healing Arts buys whatever feeble excuse Tiller had for performing what was clearly an illegal third-trimester abortion. It’s sickening that nobody valued Cristin or her baby enough to let them live.

  • Robert

    Her family has GOT to be held accountable for this, as well as Tiller.

    Who travels from Texas to Wichita for a “medical emergency”? This was no ‘medical emergency’. This was a contract killing.

    Tiller’s people lie on the 911 tape about her GRAVELY ill condition saying she is awake and alert? Then the parents ask that ONLY ‘comfort care” be given to their daughter? Why not seek to aggressively treat the sepsis? Why right her off to die along with the grandchild? Where’s the love?

    The killers say that abortion is not about killing but all about choice. Yet they come up with this D&X PBA procedure to ENSURE death of the preborn. It’s not about choice but about death.
    Equally outrageous- – – if it is really all about choice- – – then were so then were are the prochoice maternity homes? Where are those ellusive planned parenthood maternity homes? The only choice they support is death.

    In this case of alledged ‘choice’ , the medical board, killer, politicians along with the parents even support the death of this daughter. The parents never even filed a complaint over her death. Apparently they got MORE what they bargained for and are glad to be rid of her and her baby?

  • tobra

    decent honest americans are decieved into thinking death is the right response, dying with dignity has many proponensts with born again believers. i live in texas and many texas citizens travel far for emergency treatment, the hurricane evacuees are a recent example, in fact parents could have authorized comfort care, in tragic circumstances while their child was in another state. doctors and nurse write down what they want to write and record, and it is not always a fair record.

    sometimes cancer patients travel, for instance going from amarillo to mexico, a further journey than texas to kansas for possible emergency life saving treatments. the young lady was loved and cared for i assume by her family for eighteen years. i babysat a moderate down sydrome child, it was extremely difficult. the grandparents of tiller’s victims, if they wanted to get rid of their grandchild by abortion are guilty of the babys’ death, but if they were decieved by medical professionals, their daughter needed an abortion for medical reasons, then the girl’s parents should not be considered guilty. please remember caring for down syndrome children is a hard task, and i doubt the parents suddenly used her pregnancy as an excuse to kill their daughter AND her child. the parents of underage compentant teenagers bringing their daughters in to abortion clinics are more obvious murderers than these parents, i don’t know the parents and it could be they are guilty of two murders, the facts just are not there for me to draw that conclusion.

  • I have a beautiful baby girl who happens to have down syndrome. My family loves her and at the support group that I attend all the mothers that attend with downs kids of older ages than my 2 year old are in love with their children and feel supported when they can talk about their concerns and triumphs of their very special child.
    What kind of relationship did Christins family havewith her? If it would have been our daughter with downs we would have chosen life for her baby. We picket abortion clinics weekly and have a deep respect for life.
    Who can we call to help make a difference?

  • Just because a child has Downs syndrome doesnt mean that they should be exterminated! What next? Should the elderly be next’because they are ill and have become a burden? This is one sick self absorbed society.We seem to care more about money,nice homes,good jobs, and fast,flashey cars than human life.God doesnt care about this material crap! He wants to see how we treat others.Thats whats important.You cant take your money to the afterlife.

  • Also,To all moms that have children with special needs I commend all of you for parenting.God knows you are all extra special people.