KS Legislator Resigns Committee In Protest Of Abortion Cover-Up

Resignation exposes how House leadership blocked subpoenas of Tiller documents

Topeka, KS — A member of the powerful Kansas House State and Federal Affairs Committee has resigned his committee position in protest of political corruption and stonewalling surrounding allegations that late-term abortionist George R. Tiller is committing post-viability abortions in violation of Kansas law.

“Our judicial system is covering up crimes,” said Rep. Ben Hodge. “Our attorney general is ignoring crimes, and I think it is our job to expose crimes.”

Rep. Hodge and other committee members had pushed for Speaker Melvin Neufeld to issue subpoenas for the sealed documentation gathered during the three-year investigation into Tiller’s abortion business by former Attorney General Phill Kline. That investigation resulted in the filing of 30 criminal charges against Tiller all related to the commission of illegal late-term abortions, but the charges were dismissed the following day on jurisdictional grounds even though two judges ruled there is probable cause to believe Tiller committed the crimes.

Speaker Neufeld refused to issue the subpoenas.

Rep. Hodge believed that the legislature should have had access to the documents to determine if the law was being followed. Committee Chair Arlen Siegfreid had supported the subpoenas, then in a surprising move, withdrew his support at the eleventh hour.

Operation Rescue worked behind the scenes to encourage legislators to intervene on behalf of the babies that are thought to be illegally aborted at Tiller’s late-term abortion mill in Wichita.

“This resignation sends a dramatic message that the few principled people left in our government are fed up with the web of corruption that covers for abortionist Tiller and the rest of the abortion cartel at the cost of innocent lives,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We applaud Rep. Hodge, who placed principle over politics, and is willing to sacrifice political advancement to let the public know that he will not stand idly by while the laws of Kansas are ignored.”

“Yesterday was a black, black day in Kansas,” Newman continued. “Speaker Neufeld and other leaders have failed to do all he could to bring Tiller to justice. He has betrayed the pro-life caucus in the House and the voter base that has elected him. But worse, he has betrayed the lives of innocent children that should have the protection of law, but don’t. That blood is on his hands.”

  • pmcnutt

    Hodge is definitely to be commended to and by us, and blessed by God, for his principled and sacrificial stand! But something is seriously wrong with the overall picture…it’s not the principled statesmen, but the corrupt demagogues who should be resigning.

    Blessings on you, Hodge, for putting first things first.

  • Anne Werth

    kansas State representative Ben Hodge is absolutely correct in saying that the Kansas Judicial system is covering up crimes – not only in the Tiller case, but also in the way that Governor Sebilius allows her SRS/CPS to remove children from their homes – illegally – and she turns her head the other way and acts like she doesn’t want to be involved. Not only does SRS/CPS violate State laws, but also federal laws and the constitution of the united states. SRS/CPS defrauds the Government in receiving funds for foster care thru the Families safe Act.
    I know personally of a case where the Governor has been contacted about a child that was illegally taken by law enforcement and her SRS/CPS system and put into foster care, drugged and abused and the Governor didn’t do a thing to stop it. I can’t believe that she puts out a commercial saying that Kansas is a great place to raise children. Shame on Kansas!
    You go Bill!

  • anne (above listed) srs has been holding my children hostage for 7 months. there is no substatiated report of abuse, no police report, and oodles of exculpatory evidence. governor sebelius and attorney general morrison refuse to take curative action and in fact, the governor has assigned a state level employee (directly under the highest levels of authority) to now, illegally, take my child into the foster care system (at a profit of an estimated $440,000.00 in federal funds for the state) this violates current court orders, state law, federal law, the father’s rights. . . all for money. in my opinion, i know who the real predators are.